The Green Brief #15 (July 01)

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  1. NiteOwl Member

    I'm NiteOwl AKA Josh Shahryar - on twitter - and I've been immersed in tweets from Iran for the past several hours. I have tried to be extremely careful in choosing my tweet sources. What I have compiled below is what I can confirm through my reliable twitter sources. Remember, this is all from tweets. (My work is released under Creative Commons (CC). So use it freely)

    These are the important happenings that I can positively confirm from Tuesday, July 01 in Iran.

    In Dutch:

    In French:

    In German:

    In Greek:

    In Hebrew (Summary):

    In Italian:

    In Portuguese:

    In Russian:

    In Spanish:

    In Swedish:


    1. There have been unconfirmed reports of a protest in Tehran today. There were reports of clashes in Rasht that could be partially confirmed. Clashes broke out when police tried to disperse people who were mourning dead protesters. A doctor and two nurses were badly beaten in Loghman Hospital in Tehran after they tried to stop security forces from arresting an injured protester from the facility. A tweet source talked to a Basiji in Tehran today. According to the source, the Basiji claimed that he was working for Islam, but hoped that he wouldn’t be forced to quell protests again.

    2. Protests are being planned for tomorrow - although none could be fully confirmed. A number of Iranian women who’ve formed a quasi-group called Mourning Mothers have announced that they will gather at Laleh Park on Saturday to mourn the dead. Reports from Tehran suggest that shops are being closed earlier than usual. Several sources claimed that the city is in a virtual state of an unofficial curfew.

    Political Statements

    3. Mousavi today released his 9th statement since the elections. He said that, “No opportunity to illuminate the extent of this lie and its historic repercussions should be lost and that the liars and cheats are only sheltering behind the law to impose their intentions.” He added that it was his and “all Iranians’ revolutionary responsibility to not let the blood of thousands of martyrs to have been in vain.” He continued to say, “It’s our historic mission to continue our protest and not abandon the cause of regaining people's rights.” He questioned the government’s legitimacy and said that he no longer believed the government to be lawful – a sentiment already recognized by the majority of Iranians. He called upon the Government’s Elite to help expose the election fraud by releasing evidence and documents currently in their possession.

    4. Khatami criticized the government in a new, harsher tone that suggested outright contempt today. He called the elections a “coup d’état against democracy.” He asked, “How can the Iranian people calm down when their votes were stolen? When their blood is and has been shed? When they are being hauled away and arrested en masse? When the government and media blatantly ignore them?” He asked, “How is a National reconciliation even remotely possible in a country that is turning into a police state?” He went on to say that what’s happening now in Iran “is a direct violation of the very rights people are promised in the constitution.” He accused the media of attempting to provoke further unrest and violence and denounced the governments’ attempts at censorship. He predicted that Regime’s establishment would fail if this were to continue.

    5. Khatami later met with several families of loved ones arrested during in the violence the past two weeks. He yet again asked for the release of those detained for protesting, including all political and media personalities. He slammed the Ministry of Interior for professing “obliviousness” over the fate of many of the detained.

    6. A video of Ayatollah Hadi Ghaffari, another prominent Shi’ite cleric has surfaced in which he directly accuses Khamenei of sinning against the people by ordering arrests and killings. This is the second high-ranking cleric in two days who has been reported to criticize the government so harshly. Ayatollah Taheri, the former Imam of Isfahan’s Friday prayers’s mosque, criticized the government’s actions yesterday.


    7. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly said today that there was as much truth to electoral fraud in Iran as there was for the Holocaust. (Ahmadinejad is a Holocaust denier.) Ahmadinejad reportedly cancelled his trip to Libya to attend an African summit today as well. The media reported that Ahmadinejad was too busy at work and there were ‘other priorities’ for him to get to. This comes at a time when some reformists abroad are secretly planning on creating a shadow government for Iran – according to unconfirmed reports.

    8. The Imam's Way Faction (a group of MP’s) of parliament, which is slightly pro-reform, asked the families of detainees to send them documented information about their arrested family members. More high-profile Iranians were arrested today. Among the arrested were: Saeedeh Kordinejad and Zoia Hasani -members of Mosharekat Party, Vahid Amoozadeh-Khalili - the son of another pro-reform personality and Omid Mosleh - a prominent film critic. Mosleh was later released. Mohammad Mostafayee, a prominent lawyer who had been arrested two days ago, was also released on bail today.

    Arrests, Releases and Investigations

    9. Vahid Amoozadeh-Khalili’s detention could only be confirmed today, although he had been missing for two days. A high-ranking official in the Police Department confirmed that 1,032 people had been arrested since the start of the protests. According to independent sources, the numbers are likely much higher. There was partial confirmation of the release of 4 other British Embassy's local staffers from Iranian detention. One still remains under arrest. The government had previously claimed that some of the 9 staffers arrested were guilty of taking part in orchestrating the current unrest in Iran. This comes when the EU has threatened to pull out all its diplomatic missions from Iran if the staffers were not released.

    10. The Iranian government claimed that the murder of Neda Agha-Soltan was in no way, shape, or form related to the recent ‘riots’. Iran’s Chief of Police announced today that one of the key eye-witnesses of Neda’s death, Arash Hejazi, is actually wanted by Interpol for unspecified crimes. The government had earlier claimed that the bullet that killed Neda was not shot by any weapon currently in use by Iranian Security Forces.

    (Continued below)
  2. NiteOwl Member

    11. Mohmmad Ghouchani, the detained editor-in-chief of Etemade Melli, has denied reports published in IRG’s main media outlet Javan Daily that he confessed committing crimes and breaking the law in organizing protests. He also rejected Javan’s claim that he had been secretly trained in an Arab country to carry out subversion tactics. He claimed to not even own a passport.

    Media in Iran and Miscellaneous

    12. Etemade Melli will be published again starting tomorrow after being banned for a day by the government for reportedly attempting to publish Karoubi’s statements yesterday. Reports suggest that the government is now heavily censoring Etemade Melli as well as other newspapers in order to stop any such statements from getting out to the public. A reporter of government-owned Press TV has also quit his job over perceived bias in the station’s reporting of the events after the election.

    13. Today, reporters accompanying the governor of Fars province and the Friday prayers’ Imam of Shiraz stumbled upon four unopened ballot boxes from the elections in Shiraz’s main library. Per electoral rules in Iran, all ballot boxes were supposed to be shipped to Tehran. According to reports, the governor promptly declared the contents of the boxes ‘national documents’ and asked the reporters not to report the incident.

    (Here are some pictures of the boxes as they can be clearly seen sealed. The last picture shows the Imam voting on Election Day, wearing a different robe. We cannot fully authenticate the pictures as no dates can be seen in the pictures.):
    پایگاه مستقل خبر رسانی عبرت

    14. Chants of Allah o Akbar continued to rattle Tehran and other cities of Iran at dusk. A report published by the Guardian reports through a protester's friend that the protester was arrested, beaten and raped. Here's the full story on The Guardian's website: Iran protester was arrested, beaten and raped, friend says | World news |

    Read this if you want to help or get help!


    A. We currently are trying to get the Brief out in as many languages as possible. If you can translate the brief for us in a language other than English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Greek, please let us know. It comes out every day so it'll be an every day thing so it's for the long haul. But if you can even do a summary, it will be great! Email me on if you're interested.

    B. You could retweet this link and let more people know about what’s going in Iran.

    C. The government in Iran is still increasing internet filtering and throttling in an attempt to silence their people. Anonymous info shows that many in Iran are looking for proxy and Tor information in Tehran and all around the country. Please donate your bandwidth to help bring down the Iran Curtain. Here are links on how to help and get help on this:


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor and the Iranian Election - Bring down the Iran Curtain | Ian's Brain


    Tor Browser Bundle

    Tor: ?????? Tor

    Help us set up more bridges on Tor here: Torrents list � Rivolta in Iran
  3. skollie-IRAN Member

    Thank you Night Owl.
  4. Midgetqueen Member

    Thanks as always NiteOwl! <3
  5. Thanks

    Thank you again for this and all updates. We crave news from inside Iran, and you provide it.

    I continue to collect and post news links anout Iran from the world media at Iran News

  6. tcmora1953 Member

    Thanks for Your Hard Work

    Your report is the one thing I look forward to each day, even if it's bad news. Keeps Iran in my thoughts and prayers. I imagine it is hard to assimilate all you hear and be able to succinctly put it down in words. God Bless You.
  7. Thank you again NiteOwl and team.

    Cross posted at various forums. :)
  8. Thanks again for the nice job u fellows are doing. After lets do a job on Corruption in Brazil.
  9. Vee Member

    Thank you :)
  10. Thank you nite owl and team. I am an American who stands with the Iranian people in their fight for freedom. I look forward to reading this each day and I am learning a lot.

    Thanks againww
  11. appreciate it!

    the cracks are slowly getting larger!
  12. Wrong date on report

    It says July 30. That's not correct.
  13. Lara Member

    ^ Huh?

    And thank you Josh :)
  14. Sammi-J Member

    Thank you NiteOwl, much. Its all very important but the thing that just bit my butt now is about poor Neda, can't they just pick one damn thing and stick with it? That poor dear woman, it really burns me is all. :mad:
  15. Strike


    I want to thank you for your tremendous effort. I am truly speechless, but thank you so very much for your continued effort!

    No news on the strike today?

    Friend of Iran
  16. JEMichaelson Member

    Thank you for your hard work. Please continue to bring us information we can rely on. As an American, I want to be one of the many who are pressuring the Iranian government through the accountability of knowing people worldwide are paying attention to their actions on a daily basis.
  17. Visionary Member

    Wow, if he actually said that...that is a really dumb thing to say.
    That's bound to piss people off and make them feel like he thinks they're idiots.
  18. Visionary Member

    Guess that's just some more of those unsubstantiated allegations. ;)
    Nope, no hints of fraud here.
  19. JudyBee_FL Member

    Thank you so much for you concise, informed overview of each day of the struggles in Iran. You are making a huge difference to all of us to want to stay informed in our support of the Iranian people.
  20. NUR Member


    Dear Josh,

    It occurs to me, when this is all over you will have had enough material from the Green Briefs for a full length book on the Iranian Green Revolution. I am serious. If you ever consider it, let me know. I've done this sort of thing before.
  21. I wish people would dump the green. Freedom needs no color and what Iran really needs to secure liberty is a Persian Renaissance and de-arabisation. The religion of Zarathustra and Mazda Ahura is lightyears ahead of Islam. When will the REAL Persia awaken?
  22. I hope...I sincerely hope, that I meet whoever did this in a dark alley someday.

    Justice will be done.
  23. DeiBellum Member

    Regarding Pictures

    All the photos have been through Adobe Photoshop.

    The first photo, the single ballot box, was taken on April 10th 2008.
    The second photo with the four ballot boxes was taken on April 17 2007
    The third Photo of the Imam walking past the ballot boxes was taken in 2003 and photoshopped.
    The last photo with the Imam holding the ballot was edited in Photoshop 7 with no date on when it was taken.
  24. I know man thats fucking horrible. And if its happened once its happened more. The monsters meed to be put down.
  25. ah hah! proof at last!

    "7. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly said today that there was as much truth to electoral fraud in Iran as there was for the Holocaust. "

    So... Ahmadinejad admits to election fraud? Can't seem to read it any other way...

  26. NUR Member

    Islam in Iran has never been about an Arab thing. The Sufis and assorted mystical and esoteric expressions of Islam amongst Iranians has always been a sort of national resistance (shu'ubiye) to any exclusively Arab cultural imperialism or hegemony. In fact one could argue that Iranians eventually colonized Islam with their own ideas and culture, rather than the other way around; a necessary Iranian colonization of Islamic civilization without which Islam would probably never have survived.

    Scholars like Henry Corbin have spoken of Iranian Islam (en islam iranien); and Iranian Islam is already Zoroastrianism in a transparent Islamo-Semitic attire. As such the Mazda-Yasna never left Iran for it to be brought back. It just adapted itself to its outward circumstances and is still there. Look up and research the life and works of an Iranian spiritual figure known as Suhrawardi who conjoined the names of Abraham and Zarathushtra with Hermes Trismegistus and Plato.

    The mullahs need to be uprooted from Iran altogether with their ahrimanic/satanic pseudo-gospel and prison. Once that is done, the Xvarnah (the Light of Glory) will be plainly seen by all once more shedding its splendor over the Holy Mountain of Damavand.

    Green BTW is a holy color in Zoroastrianism as well and is one of the colors sacred to the Fravashis (i.e. the Holy Immortals of Ahuramazda).

    I also recommend this book by the aforementioned Henry Corbin for anyone interested:

    [ame=""]SPIRITUAL BODY AND CELESTIAL EARTH: From Mazdean Iran to Shi'ite Iran[/ame]
  27. Visionary Member

    From reading the article, it was apparently at least done repeatedly to this one guy AND most of his cell mates.
  28. Visionary Member

    Ummm? Where did you read that? Just curious.
  29. Thanks for your report. God bless you. I am going to a Hunger Strike tomorrow for our cause. It would last for 3 days. Thanks again.
  30. re holocaust and election fraud comment

    He's correct, actually. They are both true. Though I'm sure that's not what he meant to convey.
  31. DeiBellum Member

    It is in the EXIF data on the pictures.

    For example, I also know the first photo was taken with a Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
  32. Thanks NiteOwl.
  33. comment on nedas killer

    ya neda wasnt shot by police she was shot by basiji militia who is part of iranian goverment we are college students we never shot a gun in our life hitting someone in the heart takes precision skill if ahmadinegad wants to know who killed neda perhaps he should look in mirror
  34. Guess we can say that certain parties on both sides are really cranking out the propaganda. (Which is why I'm skeptical of the hanging business.) Can you kindly post the details from the EXIF data here?
  35. DeiBellum Member

    Anyone that is running any operating system can view the data. Just look up the properties of the photos.
  36. First, Nite Owl thank you once again for a very informative brief. I am very grateful for all your hard work.

    Amadoo doo is a bigger fool than I thought , to compare election fraud to the fraud of the holocaust just shows how crazy, unstable and unable to govern the country of Iran is. We all know there was a holocaust ( well any sane person) ie he is admitting there was voter fraud.

    Thank you, Dictator for finally admitting the truth, there was voter fraud.

    If you lose you password is their a way to retrieve it?
  37. Thank you for these updates

    I am an American who is deeply concerned for the people of Iran. As one other poster said, I too am grateful for these updates, even if the news doesn't sound good. It does pull together the events. So thank you very much.
  38. skollie-IRAN Member

    Properties do not give the exif data.

    If you're using firefox you need to download the Exif Viewer.

    Once installed, right click, then select View image Exif Data.
  39. thank you

    every single day I retweet and post on face book your report. so very little is coming in and it's I'm sure, a labour of love. Thank you

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