The Golden State of Ideal Orgs?

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Sam Urai, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. Sam Urai Member

    Writing in the Village Voice, Tony Ortega recently published a copy of a flyer that came from the San Fernando Valley "Org." It had the title, "The Golden State of Ideal Orgs" and featured representations of various Ideal Orgs throughout California:


    The moment I saw this flyer, I immediately knew something was up. There was a picture of the Orange County Org (Santa Ana, to be more specific). Like a lot of us So Cal folks, I had been following the progress of this org. While the picture in the flyer showed a gleaming, beautiful building, the real Org is a dilapidated mess. In fact, there was an entire thread on here previously that featured pictures from Diablo that showed what a wreck this building is, with broken windows, boarded up doors and a collapsed fire escape!

    Here's the picture from the flyer:


    For comparison, here's a picture I copied from Google Street View:


    Here's a link to Diablo's original thread :

    And here's some of the close ups he took that show the Org's real condition:




    So I was like, "wait, wut?" I mean, here they had a picture that clearly didn't match the reality, lol, I know, right?

    Then I had a conversation with a friend who mentioned to me that the Scilons were doing work on the Valley Ideal Org. I remembered, there was a picture of that Org on the flyer that also showed it as being done!

    Check it out:


    I pulled up the Org in Google Street View. Obviously, night and day:


    So now we're two for two, right? Out of curiosity, I started looking up other orgs on the flyer.

    Here's their picture of Mountain View:


    And here's what it looks like in Google Street View:


    OK, so you can see that absolutely nothing's been done on that location. And they're trying to pass it off as being completed?

    One more, here's Steven's Creek. Obviously, this one's a lot closer, but you still have elements that aren't there in actuality, like the fountain. BTW, the comparison picture came from Anons that raided the place, lol!


    And the real Steven's Creek:


    Anyway, this just seems to show how desperate they are to show evidence of their "expansion," even to the point of heavily doctoring these photos to show all these Ideal Orgs, some of which are works in progress and others where nothing seems to be going on at all.

    Oh, and by the way, the Ideal Org they list for San Diego is not the Ideal Org there, it's their regular Org. Somehow they managed to not include the huge "For Sale" sign on the building in their picture of it.
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  2. Diablo Member

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  3. RightOn Member

    oh man I love this!
    Talk about deception
    you should send Tony these.
    Even though the last one is the closest, a fountain?

    The next time you are regged, show them the REAL pics!
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  4. Chipshotz Member

    Classic scientology BS. "The only way you can control people is to lie to them" - L Ron Hubbard
    Such a humanitarian.
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  5. Nice job providing the evidence showing that DM is a lying sack of shit.
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  6. Diablo Member

    The sheeple still don't see it...he could take his wife and kill her and bury her at gold base and no one would question it....

    Oh wait....
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Nicely done OP
  8. Dott Member

    Agreed. Wonderful use of photos as proof, specially for us semi-literate tards.
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  9. Sam Urai Member

    Thanks guise, actually, it took me a while to track down all this info, so I thought it would make a pretty good reference.
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  10. Bump for great truth!
  11. DeathHamster Member

    Google Streetview pictures can be years out of date. (Not that I doubt CoS's shooping.)
  12. Quentinanon Member

    I wonder what goes through the mind of those who do the shoops on the raw photos. They know they are misrepresenting the facts.
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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Their shoops are how the orgs actually are. You see, wog cameras are bigoted against Scientology and refuse to show the truth.
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  14. Quentinanon Member

    Another conspiracy against scientology by the psychs, big pharma, and the Markabian Fleet.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Here's a 2009 pic of the San Diego org's 'Disaster Preparedness Seminar' held on the grounds of the Ideal Org.
    It says something about the condition of the building that they had to trot out their circus tents.


    It's on the market for $9 million, what they paid a few years ago. Eight acres, great site for a McMansion. Trees, garden, a stage, playground, gazebo...all you need to know is the difference between a barn raising and a barn razing. Or Ideal Org, in this case.
  16. Sam Urai Member

    Absolutely. And it may have been worthwhile to add a disclaimer, though I did have a couple of reasons for using Google Streetview (one of which is that it was a lot easier to compile these pics than go across the State on a road trip taking pics. But probably a lot less fun!).

    BTW, there was instance where I did see that this was in fact the case; the Inglewood "Ideal Org," which opened last year. The Google Streetview pics still reflected its "pre-Ideal" status.

    In the case of Santa Ana, however, Diablo's pics were more recent, as of last year. Subsequent visitors have reported pretty much the same state of affairs. In that case, I found that I could come fairly close to the angle of the picture in the flyer through using Streetview, which I thought made for a pretty dramatic contrast.

    I also had confirmation on the state of the Valley location before I used that picture (that's what actually got me started on this).

    The Mountain View location is probably the most iffy; I couldn't find any pics from raids (which would make sense, especially if it is just an empty building), and the Streetview clearly reflects that it is dated from 2009.

    Steven's Creek, well not that much difference, the pics are from 2010. My guess is that the Church probably hasn't put a lot of money/work into what most accounts are is an empty building.

    We know that there's quite a bit of shooping going on here, I was really just trying to point out what seemed to be the most likely candidates.
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  17. DamOTclese Member

    Love how the insane criminals always try to depict their empty buildings as glowing in the dark as if they were shining beacons of knowledge or something. Fact is these lunatics have difficulty paying their electric bills since they have at most some 40,000 remaining customers world wide, only a few of which have any money left.

    Got to wonder how Tom Cruise manages to get all the utility bills for these empty real estate ventures and signs them off with zero thought.
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  18. Sponge Member

    A Sneak Peek at Scientology's Ideal Org in Orange County, Whenever it Opens
    by Josh Dulaney. OC Weekly. 5th April 2012

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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Calling all shoopists: Image needs at least one UFO hovering above the Vulture Minister tent.
  20. San Diego Scientology Org

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  21. Anonymous Member

    Needs a SkullFlip.
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  22. From the comments:

    Yeah with all those fucking dictionaries around one could be held to double fault for that boo-boo. Triple even, I mean- LOL spellcheck! My Adobe graphic products have it and I can't afford what the church is running. God, all that technology and all their shit still looks like one of Liberace's hallucinations only misspelled.
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  23. Sam Urai Member

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  24. Sam Urai Member

    LOL, so now the Valley Org puts out a flyer emphasizing that they're actually working on renovating the place and showing a hand drawn representation of what the place is supposedly going to look like:

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  25. Diablo Member

    ^^Wow, is frankie valley and the 4 seasons a new hip band???^^^
  26. Sam Urai Member

    No, especially considering that it's a pale imitation of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Accept no substitutes!!
  27. Anonymous Member

    Dang, that is some chutzpah, stealing a band name with an approximation.
    Kinda like they did with Narconon.
  28. Substitutes but they are "ALSO BACK BY VERY POPULAR DEMAND!"
  29. Anonymous Member

    hahaha, I just called and confirmed TWO for the event...My name is TONY ORTEGA and GUEST!

    She was so happy I made the reservation and she even said "yes, and frankie valley and the four seasons are coming back again this year, they were so good last time"

    poor sheeple...
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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. RightOn Member

    For the youngins:
    Dont' forget the ORIGINAL Frankie Valli did the song "Grease" (writen by one of the Gibbs)
    which we all know that Travolta was in.
    Maybe that is the tie in for this tribute band playing for the clams?

    Below is the original Frankie getting his groove on in the 1970's. (Notice how the dancers are dressed in 1950's garb like the movie and Frankie is in a white satin '70s suit.)

    Of course this is after his "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Walk Like a Man" era.
    and then disco died.
    Frankie Valli's gig schedule is VERY full these days even though he is getting on in years, he is still going strong.

    end of derail
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  32. Diablo Member

    I can't believe they let Tony O. get tickets!!
  33. Sam Urai Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Diablo Member

    Wait until the big earthquake hits so. cal...that pile of shit will crumble faster than DM's inner circle!
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  36. Sam Urai Member

    And now I can post three new pics, all taken within the last two weeks:

    Santa Ana (notice the boarded up doors and windows on the ground floor):


    The Valley Ideal Org:


    And Mountain View:

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  37. failboat Member

    Is Scientology's Orange County Org Looking at Your File?

  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is from Tony Ortega's post this morning:

    Says our tipster about this next flier: “Since the addition of Quinn Taufer and crew, the Valley Ideal Org group has been going like gangbusters. They send out 6 to 10 e-mails a day to us clams and extol the many gains that will come our way when the Valley Ideal Org opens. It is downright inspiring. Flies into the teeth of what the commenters at your blog are reporting. Just look at the graphs below.”


    Well, it certainly does seem like there’s been a big emphasis on renovating the new org in the San Fernando Valley. And judging by this next flier, it looks like they have quite a bit of fundraising to go…


    But this next mailer suggests that the Valley is pulling ahead of the rest!

    There's more at
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  39. Looks like someone's blood in the bottom of that thing. Not a good choice.

    The backwards numbers are not really right either. Personally I'm rooting for zero.
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  40. Quentinanon Member

    More confirmation that no limits exist as to how creepy and stupid scientology can get.
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