The Global Intelligence Files - >5 Million Stratfor Emails To Be Released

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    Following secret collaboration with Anonymous and international media organisations, Wikileaks has begun releasing more than 5 million emails from 'global intelligence company' Stratfor.

    Press Release:

    Julian Assange will be at the press conference in London today, according to the Yes Men

    Update: Stratfor's CEO resigns, according to this reportedly intercepted email

    Update: Press conference available to watch here

    Update: CEO resignation was fake.

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    Is this the Stratforgate ?
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    Bumping for epic.
    Stratfor are a law unto themselves.
  6. Leaked Email Shows Stratfor CEO George Friedman Resigned Two Hours Ago Over Latest Breach

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 02/26/2012 21:04 -0500

    It is only somewhat appropriate that the announcement of the resignation of Stratfor's CEO would come in the form of a leaked email that once again was intercepted by Anonymous.

    Via Anonymous:



    Subject: Draft

    Date: 2012-02-26 19:02:07

    It is with great personal disappointment I have to inform you that I will resign from my position as CEO for Stratfor to immediate effect.

    Please rest assured that this decision was not an easy. But in the light of the recent events, especially the release of our company emails by WikiLeaks, I have decided that stepping down is in the best interest of Stratfor and its customer base.

    I want to emphasize that this will have no effect on Stratfor's business or its members and we will continue to provide state-of-the-art intelligence services.

    Regarding the latest breach, Stratfor is fully in control of the situation However, while I cannot take any personal responsibility for this incident, I still have to admit that mistakes have been made on our side. To be clear: We certainly do not condone any criminal activities by groups like Anonymous or other hackers. This is theft and we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement to bring those responsible to justice. But we must acknowledge that this incident would not have been possible if Stratfor had implemented stronger data protection mechanisms - which will be the case from now on. Indeed we will immediately move to implement the latest, and most comprehensive, data security measures.

    While I played no role in our technical operations, as the company's CEO I do accept full responsibility thus will resign from my position effective immediately.

    Again, my sincerest apologies for this whole unfortunate incident.

    George Friedman
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    More than 25 media partners (others will be disclosed after their first publication):

    Al Akhbar – Lebanon –
    Al Masry Al Youm – Egypt –
    Bivol – Bulgaria –
    CIPER – Chile –
    Dawn Media – Pakistan –
    L'Espresso – Italy –
    La Repubblica – Italy –
    La Jornada – Mexico –
    La Nacion – Costa Rica –
    Malaysia Today – Malaysia –
    McClatchy – United States –
    Nawaat – Tunisia –
    NDR/ARD – Germany –
    Owni – France –
    Pagina 12 – Argentina –
    Plaza Publica – Guatemala – – Spain –
    Rolling Stone – United States –
    Russia Reporter – Russia –
    Ta Nea – Greece –-
    Taraf – Turkey –
    The Hindu – India –
    The Yes Men – Bhopal Activists – Global
    Nicky Hager for NZ Herald – New Zealand –
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    Feb. 27, 2012

    Dow pays "strategic intelligence" firm to spy on Yes Men and grassroots activists. Takeaway: movement is on the right track!

    WikiLeaks begins to publish today over five million e-mails obtained by Anonymous from "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The emails, which reveal everything from sinister spy tactics to an insider trading scheme with Goldman Sachs (see below), also include several discussions of the Yes Men and Bhopal activists. (Bhopal activists seek redress for the 1984 Dow Chemical/Union Carbide gas disaster in Bhopal, India, that led to thousands of deaths, injuries in more than half a million people, and lasting environmental damage.)

    Many of the Bhopal-related emails, addressed from Stratfor to Dow and Union Carbide public relations directors, reveal concern that, in the lead-up to the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, the Bhopal issue might be expanded into an effective systemic critique of corporate rule, and speculate at length about why this hasn't yet happened—providing a fascinating window onto what at least some corporate types fear most from activists.

    "[Bhopal activists] have made a slight nod toward expanded activity, but never followed through on it—the idea of 'other Bhopals' that were the fault of Dow or others," mused Joseph de Feo, who is listed in one online source as a "Briefer" for Stratfor.

    "Maybe the Yes Men were the pinnacle. They made an argument in their way on their terms—that this is a corporate problem and a part of the a [sic] larger whole," wrote Kathleen Morson, Stratfor's Director of Policy Analysis.

    "With less than a month to go [until the 25th anniversary], you'd think that the major players—especially Amnesty—would have branched out from Bhopal to make a broader set of issues. I don't see any evidence of it," wrote Bart Mongoven, Stratfor's Vice President, in November 2004. "If they can't manage to use the 25th anniversary to broaden the issue, they probably won't be able to."

    Mongoven even speculates on coordination between various activist campaigns that had nothing to do with each other. "The Chevron campaign [in Ecuador] is remarkably similar [to the Dow campaign] in its unrealistic demand. Is it a follow up or an admission that the first thrust failed? Am I missing a node of activity or a major campaign that is to come? Has the Dow campaign been more successful than I think?" It's almost as if Mongoven assumes the two campaigns were directed from the same central activist headquarters.

    Just as Wall Street has at times let slip their fear of the Occupy Wall Street movement, these leaks seem to show that corporate power is most afraid of whatever reveals "the larger whole" and "broader issues," i.e. whatever brings systemic criminal behavior to light. "Systemic critique could lead to policy changes that would challenge corporate power and profits in a really major way," noted Joseph Huff-Hannon, recently-promoted Director of Policy Analysis for the Yes Lab.

    Among the millions of other leaked Stratfor emails are some that reveal dubious financial practices, including an apparent insider trading scheme with Goldman Sachs Managing Director Shea Morenz, who joined Stratfor's board of directors and invested "substantially" more than $4 million in the scheme, called StratCap. "What StratCap will do is use our Stratfor's intelligence and analysis to trade in a range of geopolitical instruments," wrote Stratfor CEO George Friedman in September 2011. StratCap was designed through a complex offshore share structure to appear legally independent, but Friedman assured Stratfor staff otherwise: "Do not think of StratCap as an outside organisation. It will be integral... It will be useful to you... We are already working on mock portfolios and trades." (StratCap has been due to launch in 2012, though that could now change.)

    Other emails show Stratfor techniques of a truly creepy Spy vs. Spy sort: "[Y]ou have to take control of him. Control means financial, sexual or psychological control," wrote CEO Friedman recently to an employee, Reva Bhalla, on how to exploit an Israeli intelligence informant providing information on Chavez's cancer. (Stratfor's "confidential intelligence services" clients include, besides Dow and Union Carbide, the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines, the US Defense Intelligence Agency, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon.)

    Perhaps most entertainingly of all, the email trove reveals that Stratfor's "Confederation Partners"—an unethical alliance between Stratfor and a number of mainstream journalists—are referred to informally within Stratfor as its "Confed Fuck House." (Another discovery: Coca Cola was spying on PETA. More such gems are sure to surface as operatives sift through the 5.5 million emails.)

    A number of the remaining Yes Men-related emails take the form of reports on public appearances by the Yes Men, such as one that describes one audience comprised of "art students on class assignments and free entertainment." Another notes that "The Yes Men tweeted about the US Chamber of Commerce 'plotting forged emails, documents to trick (AND smear) opponents,'" a reference to an apparent plot to discredit Chamber opponents using forged documents, as revealed when thousands of emails were recently leaked by Anonymous from cyber-security firm HB Gary. Yet another discusses Alessio Rastani, the Wall Street trader widely mistaken for Yes Man Andy Bichlbaum, who proclaimed, live on the BBC, that "governments don't rule the world, Goldman Sachs rules the world."

    "Rastani was right," said the real Andy Bichlbaum five months later. "But it's now very clear that it doesn't have to be that way anymore."

    The Yes Men and representatives from the Bhopal Medical Appeal will join Julian Assange of Wikileaks at a press conference at noon today, Feb. 27, at the Frontline Club in London.
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  11. And so it starts: Stratfor: Inside the World of a Private CIA


    Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, stand with a long banner that reads "The first casualty of war is truth" outside the Supreme Court in central London on 1 February 2012 on the first day of his appeal against extradition. (Photo: AFP - Miguel Medina)
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    Evidently the authors forgot about Xenu.
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  14. This is under Power Point:

    PowerPoint Presentation

    An efficient means for turning complex and sophisticated analysis into half-witted bullets. If you can’t read a 50 page analysis before invading a country or buying a company, you probably shouldn’t be in the business. Single most destructive invention known to man.

    PowerPoint Ranger

    Member of intelligence team whose primary contribution is the making PowerPoint presentations. Usually assigned to least competent member of the team to keep him out of trouble. Winds up controlling the operation because management keeps promoting him because he makes neat animations.

    It brought this to mind:

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    Stratfor Statement on Wikileaks

    PR Newswire

    AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 27, 2012

    Company Denounces Email Disclosure as Deplorable Breach of Privacy

    AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Below is a statement from Stratfor on release of company emails by Wikileaks:

    In December, thieves compromised Stratfor's data systems and stole a large number of company emails, along with other private information of Stratfor readers, subscribers and employees. Those stolen emails apparently will be published by Wikileaks. This is a deplorable, unfortunate — and illegal — breach of privacy.

    Some of the emails may be forged or altered to include inaccuracies; some may be authentic. We will not validate either. Nor will we explain the thinking that went into them. Having had our property stolen, we will not be victimized twice by submitting to questioning about them.

    For subscribers and friends of Stratfor, we stress that the disclosure of these emails does not mean that there has been another hack of Stratfor's computer and data systems. Stratfor's data systems, which we have worked hard to rebuild since the December hack, remain secure and protected.

    As with last year's hack, the release of these emails is a direct attack on Stratfor. This is another attempt to silence and intimidate the company, and one we reject. Under the continued leadership of founder and Chief Executive Officer George Friedman, Stratfor will not be silenced and will continue to publish the geopolitical analysis our friends and subscribers have come to rely upon.

    As we have said before, Stratfor has worked to build good sources in many countries around the world, as any publisher of global geopolitical analysis would do. We have done so in a straightforward manner and we are committed to meeting the highest standards of professional conduct.

    Stratfor is not a government organization, nor is it affiliated with any government. The emails are private property. Like all private emails, they were written casually, with no expectation anyone other than the sender and recipient would ever see them. They should be read as such.

    Stratfor understands that this hack and the fallout from it, including the disclosures by Wikileaks, have created serious difficulties for our subscribers, friends and employees. We again apologize for any problems this incident has created, and we deeply appreciate the loyalty that has been shown to Stratfor since last year's hack.

    We want to assure everyone that Stratfor is committed to recovering from the hack and rebuilding trust with the public, and will continue to do what we do best: produce and publish industry-leading analysis of international affairs.

    Read more:
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    A spy agency that makes its profits violating people's privacy bawwing about its privacy. Sweet.
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    We do not straforgive, we do not stratforget...
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    Fuck Stratfor and all who sail in her. This is brilliant work and I hope there will be more similar joint task-force efforts in future.

    Bawww some more, Stratfor!
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    This sounds a LOT like the arguments posited by Scientology at the various times that the Advanced Courses (Clear and up data) were released into the public domain. "It's squirreled (altered) OT data"; "It's ours, but don't you dare ask us anything about is," and the very CIA-like "We neither confirm nor deny _________."

    Wanna fuckin' bet it will be? That sounds like a challenge! We're comin' at you, bro.

    Newspeak for "We will continue doing whatever we feel like doing."


    Maybe so and mayhap not, but they're about US, so WE are entitled to know what you say about US.
    Why? Because we take the same carefree licence with your information that you do with ours.

    That's bullshit. In any company, NO employee emails can be written with that expectation. We do work, you know.

    Translation: we've bought stock in Preparation H, and updated our Windoze servers.

    You must be talkin' about some other public, because the "public" I know wouldn't trust you as far as they could heave you, Friedman.

  22. Anonymous Member

    Goldman Sachs, you're next.
  23. Of course you won't. You poor victims.
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    From an old salt: let's just say the morning skies will be red for a good while, yet... ;)
  26. Anonymous Member

    Hey CIA, er, Stratfor...

  27. Anonymous Member

    *goes to chuck wikileaks a few more bob*
  28. watching press conference live...great stuff.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Oh yes. And that will be lulzy indeed.
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    All the talk about the Bohpal "Yes men" reminds me of John "Bohpal" Coale.
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    From the Stratfor Glossary

  34. mojo Member

    this Stratfor leak is pretty lulzy, but also extremely depressing. i'm beginning to believe in some of the conspiracy theories. Anonymous, you make the world a better place! thank you
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    Tuesday 28th February 2012 18:30 GMT
    Confidential emails obtained from the US private intelligence firm Stratfor show that the United States Government has had a secret indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for more than 12 months.
    Fred Burton, Stratfor’s Vice-President for Counterterrorism and Corporate Security, is a former Deputy Chief of the Department of State’s (DoS) counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).
    In early 2011, Burton revealed in internal Stratfor correspondence that a secret Grand Jury had already issued a sealed indictment for Assange: "Not for Pub — We have a sealed indictment on Assange. Pls protect." (375123)According to Burton: "Assange is going to make a nice bride in prison. Screw the terrorist. He’ll be eating cat food forever." (1056988) A few weeks earlier, following Julian Assange’s release from a London jail, where he had been remanded as a result of a Swedish prosecutor’s arrest warrant, Fred Burton told SkyNews: "extradition [to the US is] more and more likely". (373862).
    Emails from Fred Burton reveal that the US Government employs the same counterterrorism strategy against Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as against Al Qaeda: "Take down the money. Go after his infrastructure. The tools we are using to nail and de-construct Wiki are the same tools used to dismantle and track aQ [Al Qaeda]. Thank Cheney & 43 [former US President George W. Bush]. Big Brother owns his liberal terrorist arse." (1067796)
    Ten days after the CIA reportedly assassinated Osama bin Laden, Burton writes in an email sent to Stratfor’s "Secure" mailing list that he "can get access to the materials seized from the OBL [Osama bin Laden] safe house."(1660854)
    Burton states: "Ferreting out [Julian Assange’s] confederates is also key. Find out what other disgruntled rogues inside the tent or outside [sic]. Pile on. Move him from country to country to face various charges for the next 25 years. But, seize everything he and his family own, to include every person linked to Wiki." (1056763)
    Along with the FBI, the Diplomatic Security Service and the Department of Defense (DoD) form a multi-agency US Government outfit seeking to criminally indict and prosecute WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. According to the Department of State, the DSS handles the investigation of all leads that involve the DoS and assists the DoD in forensic analysis of hard drives seized by the US Government in its ongoing criminal investigation.
    Burton reveals the strategy that the US Department of Justice (DoJ) and Attorney General Eric Holder are pursuing in their attack against WikiLeaks: "[Holder and the DoJ] won’t seek prosecution on their own, but [will] look for the GOP (Congress) to press for criminal prosecution." (1074383) Burton also says he "would pursue [c]onspiracy and [p]olitical [t]errorism charges and declassify the death of a source someone which [he] could link to Wiki" (1074383). Burton’s strategy is to: "ankrupt the arsehole first," Burton states, "ruin his life. Give him 7-12 yrs for conspiracy." (1057220)
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said: "For over a year now, the US Attorny General Eric Holder has been conducting a "secret" Grand Jury investigation into WikiLeaks. This neo-McCarthyist witch hunt against WikiLeaks may be Mr Holder’s defining legacy. Any student of American history knows that secret justice is no justice at all. Justice must be seen to be done. Legitimate authority arises out of the informed concent of the governed, not Eric Holder’s press secretary. Secret Grand Juries with secret indictments are apparently Eric Holder’s preferred method of dealing with publishers who hold his administration to account. Eric Holder has betrayed the legacy of Madison and Jefferson. He should drop the case or resign. Should he continue, the Obama administration may not — Democrats and Republicans alike believe in the right to tell the truth."
    As early as June 2010, after the release of the Collateral Murder video but prior to the Afghan War Diaries release, the emails talk of a sealed indictment. In an email conversation between Shane Harris, a National Security journalist, and Burton, Harris is surprised that Assange, who he describes as "extraordinarily paranoid", was reporteded to be attending a Las Vegas Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) conference. Burton remarks: "As a foreign national, we could revoke [Julian Assange’s] travel status and deport. Could also be taken into custody as a material witness. We COULD have a sealed indictment and lock him up. Depends upon how far along the military case is" (391504). Julian Assange cancelled his appearance at the IRE conference due to security concerns.
    In another email to Stephen Feldhaus, Stratfor legal counsel, about Ronald Kessler, a "pro-FBI journalist", Burton remarks: “I look forward to Manning and Assange facing a bajillion-thousand counts [of espionage]." (1035283)
    In July 2010 alleged WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning was moved from Camp Arifjan, Kuwait to the Quantico Brig in the Military District of Washington at the request of Maj. Gen. Terry Wolff, then Commanding General of the 1st Armored Division/US Division – Center in Iraq.
    Wolff requested Manning’s move, the Pentagon reported, "due to a potentially lengthy pre-trial confinement because of the complexity of the charges and an ongoing investigation.” Three days before Manning arrived at Quantico Brig, Burton wrote to George Friedman, Stratfor CEO and founder:
    “We probably asked the ASIS [Australian Secret Intelligence Service] to monitor Wiki coms and email, after the soldier from Potomac was nabbed. So, it’s reasonable to assume we probably already know who has done it. The delay could be figuring out how to declassify and use the Aussie intel on Wiki... The owner [Julian Assange] is a peacenik. He needs his head dunked in a full toilet bowl at Gitmo.” (402168)
    The GI Files: www.
    Please donate:
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    Aussie Greens pissed about US secret-charges against Assange (via leaked emails)
    SkyNews: Greens demand Assange charge answer
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    You mean there was still room for doubt? :p

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