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Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by Anon123456, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Anon123456 Member

  2. I Member

    is this a scifag website?

    can some of the more heavily fortified people check?

    @anon123456: image tags are your friend
  3. Anon123456 Member

    i dont know if it is.

    ps: i didnt use the tags cuz the image was huge.
  4. ANON E MOOSE Member

    That really is weird. If this is legit it looks like they are adding more OT levels.

    Like a CCG expansion.

    Gotta catch em all!
  5. Anon123456 Member

    it is a scientology website. its hosted on the server.

    enter at your own risk.
  6. HOWEVER if you want to see a disturbing MOVIE called THE BRIDGE

    google it (not sure where it is being hosted now as the CO$ keeps going after folks who post it)

    THis is a very disturbing movie. It is a movie so it will take time to watch but I could not look away...riveting.

    THEN go check into what happened to the 18year old VERY GIFTED guy who produced it

    not pretty.

    life over career ruined?

    maybe not if we can make a difference.
  7. Wolf Member

    Dubious. It looks legit, but the Co$ does NOT like to have its info out in the open like that... OT 8 is usually the highest level available, although there is mention of higher levels on but the image doesn't provide a description of what is in those levels.

    Maybe yes, maybe no. Can someone forward this (safely!) to the Wise Beard Guy?

    (Edit: Removed FAIL. Mailed Andreas myself.)
  8. eclipsael Member

    The MMORPG analogy rings true, that's for sure.
  9. At present "The Bridge" is back up on youtube with all of the links here:

    It is a bit dry but well worth watching (and also disturbing like scaryanonymous says) as it shows someones life from within an org.
  10. Wolf Member

    Just got an email back from Andreas. ( He says it looks totally legit.
  11. Tay Zonday Member

    This is legit. The funny thing is that they have always said they would release these higher OT levels once they had a certain amount of "Saint Hill" sized orgs. Of course this will never happen because those OT levels don't really exist. Basically no one will ever actually be recognized as an OT because the final 7 OT levels will never materialize. This is all part of the scam.
  12. Tay Zonday Member

    Except for the fact that the level 60 cap won't ever be lifted :D
  13. AnonKiwi Member

    Note, the higher levels aren't released yet. This has been the case since the 90s when they were invented? Steve Fishman has some on this.

    As for it being like an MMMORPG....

  14. CandyWaffles Member

    I wonder if they release a new race of body thetans you can play.
  15. Yes.
  16. Amomynous Member

    A bigger warning should be added, perhaps... :shock:

    I'm unprotected and clicked on the link directly. :p

    Yes, I'm lazy. :(

    Ah well...

    If I disappear, you'll all know why...
  17. Vort Member

    lol it looks like an MMORPG! Pour cash into special courses and become an OT (AKA Super Saiyan) with Telekenesis and Exteriorization super powers!
  18. AnonX Member

    Hubbard made up to 8 . But DM and the RTC made up some more levels as part of their new "Golden age of tech" schemes. Since OT8's didn't get their expected powers over mind/matter/space and time , they started to be discontent and left. They had to make something to keep people paying and training.

    DM coudn't let the milking stop at OT8 , so they made up some new 'Tech" saying it was lost and rediscovered. That it was the reason OT8 didn't get their powers , you needed to be OT15.

    Any ex-sciento , plz correct me if am wrong . I've compiled most of the info from disparate texts and videos found on the web.
  19. AnonyFag Member

  20. AnonyFag Member

    Enjoy your AIDS!
  21. Tuesday Member

    Is that a big enough warning?
  22. anonymouse95 Member

    Didn't Hubbard himself claim that he'd written 15 OT levels? Some of the critics think that OT13-15 may be sketchy or non-existant, but OT9-12 were probably done by Hubbard. This means that they just might release OT9 and OT10 in the near future.
  23. Amomynous Member

    Yes, thank you. :D


    Is the image copyrighted material?

    I could put it up on my photobucket if it's not...
  24. its.an0nym0us Member

    Yeah, PC on my router clicked on it too. Yay for us!
  25. J. Swift Member

    When you look at Scientology's Grade Chart, you should note a few things:

    1. The Bridge is divided between the "Training" route on the left side and the "Processing" route on the right side. A Scientologist can choose to go up their Bridge via the Training or Processing side. On the Training route, a person co-audits up the Bridge with a twin. This is a cheaper way to go and it teaches people how to become auditors. Scientology exists to audit people because auditing is its main source of income. Ergo, Scientology needs auditors and so encourages its deluded adherents to become auditors by making the Training route far less expensive than the Processing route.

    Many Scientologists I know worked damn hard to become auditors because they enjoyed the work and could make money auditing. Auditing is lucrative and that is one reason the FZ exists: They are in competition with the Cult for the auditing dollars. BTW, all Scientology auditors and solo auditors must own two E-Meters. They need a back up meter in case one breaks during a session. At $4,100 per meter, that is $8,200 in plastic magical meters. Auditing is amusingly considered to be a "technical" service in Scientology. This is like saying that McDonald's is technically food.

    2. The rich and lazy Scientology publics usually go up their Bridge on the Processing side. On the Processing side, or "pro-cessing" as LRH pronounced it with his phony Anglo inflections, you set there holding the cans while your auditor audits you. Processing is for rich Scientology narcissists who want the endless time and attention of their auditor so that
    they can work on their precious case and get case gain.

    Auditing on the Processing side is sold in 12.5 blocks called Intensives and the blocks are not cheap. You get a discount when you buy more blocks. Auditing is also priced based upon the Class of auditor you want. An intensive with a Flag-Trained Class XII auditor is priced at $1,000 per hour.

    3. Please note all of the so-called "Non-Bridge" courses listed on the right and left hand sides of the Bridge. Some of these Non-Bridge actions are viewed as repair or debugging actions for people who are stalled on their Bridge. Other Non-Bridge actions are promoted as offering Scientologists Sooper-Dopper Mad Powerz. The most expensive single course in Scientology, and please correct me here if I am wrong, is L10. L10 is a Non-Bridge action that will cost about $100,000 when all is said and done.

    The generally accepted figure to get to New OT VIII on the Processing route is $360,000 and includes some required Non-Bridge actions. I know people who have easily spent >$500K to get to New OT VII.

  26. Bumblefuck Member

    Moved this thread to education and research.
  27. I've been providing that link for ages to show in order how many levels there are, wish there was another source we could use :(
    Hubbard said he'd written material up to OT XV, but since this claim is made by L. Ron Hubbard... :wink:
    Originally they're meant to be made available when all the worlds orgs have reached the size of Saint Hill Manor, now its supposed to be when the Super Power Building across the road from Fort Harrison Hotel/Flag Land Base in Clearwater is opened (more DM squiraling the tech?) but its been abandoned half built since 2003.
  28. AnonNow Member

    Is it just me or does the description of 'Scientology' at the bottom of the chart make a pretty good argument for it not being a religion?
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Full bridge

    YouTube - The Bridge of Death

    Question one: How much money have you got or can you get?

    Question Two: How much time have you got spare?

    Question Three: How gullible are you?

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