The Free Thought Project: You’ve Just Been Arrested. Now What?

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    You’ve Just Been Arrested. Now What? | The Free Thought Project

    By: The Festival Lawyer, October 3, 2014



    The most important thing I can tell you about what to do after being arrested is: Do not talk to the police or give a statement about your case. Ever. If you’ve been arrested, any officer interviewing you has already decided you are guilty and is talking to you for one reason: to get you to confess.

    Police are allowed to lie and to trick you to get a confession. For example, a cop might suggest a set of innocent-sounding facts to see if you will agree to them: “Hey buddy, I know you weren’t selling drugs, I just think you gave some to a friend who kept bugging you for them, right?” This might not sound that bad, but in a lot of states, if you say yes, you’ve just admitted to a much more serious crime than simple possession.

    Even if a police officer just wants to hear your side of things, there’s a real risk that something you say could be taken out of context or be misunderstood.

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    This has been posted on WWP before but deserves reposting for those that haven't seen it before. A law professor and an ex-police officer explain why you should not talk to police. It's very funny too.

    Posting fail on my tablet.
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    Or just keep shouting "Fuck the police!" until they are fucked the shit out of.
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