The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. enthaeon Member

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  2. skeptic2girl Member

    you gays are HAWT!

    talking of which, isn't that Ms. Jackson/New Hotness Lola behind the dude in the second photo down? She looks beautiful in her FB photo but look what being a staffer does to your hairstyle :(

    Meanwhile, confidential to my Staturday Homeboys:


  3. skeptic2girl Member

    lol... don't only pre-clears need an umbrella? Jerry sure doesn't...
  4. another123 Member

    Apparently, he knows not of the OT Phenomena. He has to simply mock-up a force field to stay dry, as described in this official scientology publication.
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  5. grebe Member

    The tremor comes from a slight lack of coordination between the muscles that contract and extend the elbow. So if you set your elbow on something it goes away. But that's hardly practical at a street protest.

    When your muscles work harder your brain coordinates contraction and extension a little better. So simply holding a heavier object will steady your hand. Exercise wrist weights might dampen unwanted movement a little, but I dunno if they make enough of a difference to be worth the bother of carrying them around. On the plus side: ripped like Jesus.

    The force of a relatively light weight can be multiplied by putting it at the end of a lever or a seesaw. And that's basically what you get with a Steadicam. One end of the seesaw holds the camera; the other holds a weight, and your hand in between serves as the fulcrum.

    Most cameras have a little screw hole at the bottom. If you go to a hardware store, someone there can help you pick out a stainless steel screw that will exactly fit, probably .25" diameter and about 3/4" long with a washer. Now you can screw anything you want to your camera. Yay!

    Or you could just buy a monopod, which is like a tripod only with less pods. Get one about a foot and a half long, tape a lead fishing weight to its foot, and you have yourself a Steadicam.

    tl;dr: The shaking isn't really a big deal but it's fun to troll you.
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  6. skeptic2girl Member

    Here is some "lost" footage from a couple of days after the D.C. Megaraid. Radio Paul and I were across the street (on the same side of the org) from Sparrow, whose trusty megaphone made for maximum enturbulation.

    The cult's Attack Never Defend against critics involved having a guy out there passing out their IQ Personality test while we protested. Well done, cult!

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  7. skeptic2girl Member

    More footage from Halloween!
  8. moralhazard Member

    Youse guise are an inspiration.
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. skeptic2girl Member

    That's Joe in the red shirt inside the org...
  11. Anonymous Member

    dont use the zoom an hold it really still
  12. Sponge Member

    Saw an article on the google news feeds for which mentions the SF protests but is seems to be 404'ing.

    It's not cached so I googled the snipped quote from the google news link and found a bit more of it on other sites along with the pic...

    Article is back up on (different link):
    Nov 13th 2011? They appear to have a time machine.
    Probably best in it's own thread since there are several general scientology snippets in that article and it's part of a series is doing.

    Also, I hope that one day u guise will be able to raise enough money to get those hands un-superglued from your heads.
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  13. Anonymous Member

  14. skeptic2girl Member

    Thanks for posting the Wired article, Sponge!!
    (also, looks like the date got fixed!)
  15. slobeck Member

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  16. moralhazard Member

    Met up with other batfags around 5 to 1, hung out for a bit then headed over to the morg about 1:30.

    Got there, didn't have any music or signs with, so we enturbulated the mOrg with our intention beams, handed out fliers, talked to people.
    There was a guy looking at the front door of the mOrg, I informed him that it was the wrong door. He seemed surprised, and I told him he definitely didn't want to go in that door, he asked why. Enthaeon and I gave him the quick bullet list of the Co$'s crimes, Pissy came out and was Pissy. She told us we couldn't block the door (We weren't), and told the guy he was free to come in. He rapped with us for a minute, then went inside. Reported to have came out a bit later, completely uninterested.
    I went to the side door to chalk some messages, &quot;Flunk&quot;, &quot;Buttchurch&quot; and &quot;PTS Org&quot;.
    I noticed some d0ud patching up the sidewalk who told me that I wasn't allowed to do that. I responded with &quot;Yup, it's my job, I do it every week&quot;:

    His hat says &quot;SF Org&quot;. I think he might be one of them!
    Upon closer inspection, it seems he was filling a post hole:
    and yes, he most certainly was!
    This was hidden between buildings next to where he was working:
    So the stupid cult thinks they can make their own parking rules eh?
    Seriously SF Morg? You think you're allowed to remove parking signs so that your culties can leave their cars running ?

    Apparently the city didn't think so.
    A bike cop came by and spent a good 30 minutes writing up some kind of citation:

    Cement fag stood next too his masonry work the entire time we were there. Probably making sure that we didn't write love letters in his wet concrete. While marching past him, I heard him talking on the phone, &quot;I told them it was a lazy contractor, I told them we didn't do it....&quot; Yeah sure you didn't do it.. QUIROS MUST BE SO MAD AT YOUR FLAP!!! That citation will probably cost you at least $50, which is like half of all the money in the mOrgs coffers! FLUNK!

    I asked Pippi to send Jeff Quiros out. I must be really 4.0 today, because my postulate was granted.. moments later Quiros came out with his bronie, I asked him how the stats were and if they had made it out of treason yet. Told him that the SF mOrg is clearly PTS.

    There was some dried puke next to the front door:

    Moog showed up with signs and the boombox. I was breakdancing (no, not really) to Newcleus' &quot;Jam on it&quot; when the cops showed up. The scilons called the cops on us for obstructing their entrance (we weren't), chalking (perfectly legal) and loud music (not possible, Moog had just shown up). The cops knew it was bullshit and then noticed the cement fag guarding his post. The cop drove up and inquired about the churches crimes, cement fag showed him the citation from the first cop 30 minutes earlier, then the second cop returned to his car.

    It was a damn fine Staturday.
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  17. skeptic2girl Member


    nicely done!

    wonder what the full story is with that parking sign?

    ALSO, great photos!!
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  18. LocalSP Member

    Suggestion for new SF sign

    Jeff Quiros
    Joe Paterno of SanFran
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  19. MOOG Member

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  20. Mark Cabian Member

    Wow you guys, just wow.
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  21. Mark Cabian Member

    I may be dreaming, but I think I saw the sign there before. They must have ditched it there and waited to see what would happen. Did anyone tell the cop about the sign? That crime would cost them a lot more then $50.
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  22. enthaeon Member


    Cult was busy today. We 4 faggots showed up to crash some stats and raep. We were not disappointed.

    The party arrives. Moog FTW!


    Moral. Swag.


    Xenu Anna waiting for thetans.


    Now the idiot gallery...

    Stat crash surprise for Naomi, Camerafag Esq.


    Vicky, the ex-model. Wha-happen??


    Fuck everything about this.


    Creepy cultist is creepy.


    Decrepit Butthurt's confront after I complimented the track suit that he wore two Staturdays in a row.


    JERRY &lt;3's ANONYMOUS!!! Srsly, is anyone else seeing a pattern here??


    Love Affinity is in the air...


    On The Way To Happiness and stuff.


    Jeff, one word: DOWNSTAT.



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  23. enthaeon Member

    Bonus Pippi Fail

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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. skeptic2girl Member

    Oh, man! Good for you guys for keeping your cool when they invaded Anonymous Island!

    Fun new game might be to chalk tech about XENU all over the city and see if the scilons follow us around sweeping it up...

    Can you imagine Quiros belting instructions? &quot;Okay! I want BROOMS, people! And not just ANY brooms! Those push-push/sweep-sweep JANITORIAL brooms! Let's vaporize that entheta, fuckers!! Ooh! Gotta go. Dialysis time.&quot;

    mutha fuckin
    mutha fucking
    WIN WIN WIN!!!!

    Wow! They sure showed you guys, though! lol
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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    It's a good thing Pippi told that guy that if he wants to come in he can and if he doesn't want to, well, that's fine (!)

    pTs: Could be mocking up crush on Jerry. Looking good, man. Like, really good. You must be. Because obviously, I'm not after your monies...
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  27. Mark Cabian Member

    The chalk scrubbing video and Pippy footage video was really great. Keep up the good work!
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  28. Mark Cabian Member

    Did they just spend $100 on scrubby brooms to clean fifty cents worth of chalk? WIN.
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  29. Those videos were great. You guys do a great job of informing the public. Ironic how the C of S would stage protests outside the homes of critics and now they are getting a taste of their own medicine for the last three years. The big difference being you guys aren't saying anything that isn't true.
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  30. skeptic2girl Member

    ***re: parking sign thing --

    I wonder if there is any way to find out if there was an actual citation given, and if so, what it said?
  31. grebe Member

    Wait, so the San Francisco Scientologists took down a city parking sign in front of their org, hid it behind some fixture in an alley, then filled in the hole with cement?

    How is that even...

    I don't even...

    WTF I hope that's like seventeen different laws broken and the city throws the book at them. But knowing what a pain in the ass the Scilons are in court, Imma guess the DA won't bother.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    /r/ dox on fail cement guy
  33. skeptic2girl Member

    That's the thing -- we don't know if they actually took it down or not -- it could be something where a random person ran into it, knocked it down, and left the scene.

    And then the cult members came the next day and there it was laying in front of the org.

    That could be why it was stashed on the side -- for future use. No idea why they'd fill the hole, though, if they were waiting on the city to put it back.

    But since when has the cult been known for strange behavior?!
  34. skeptic2girl Member

    We could also contact the city and say how we saw the parking sign stashed behind a wall and noticed a sign from the sidewalk was missing. Had they heard about it? Did they know it was missing from the sidewalk? What should be done about that sort of thing? (See if they know the story.)
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  35. BigBeard Member

    That sign in the alley looks like one of those time of day no parking signs, e.g.:

    Do any earlier videos from SF show the sign in place?? Wonder what the city will think about it being taken down?

    And would taking the sign down be considered vandalism under California Penal Code 594 PC, California's vandalism and graffiti law which prohibits "defacing, damaging, or destroying someone else's property."

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  36. skeptic2girl Member

    Here are some pics with some of the signs in them -- I just had time to lift them from the summer raep thread -- haven't looked them over properly...





    ^a sign is in background of far left

    ^I just like this picture
  37. skeptic2girl Member

    I think that even though the "no parking" sign is stashed behind the wall, the hole used to be occupied by a parking meter? Because I don't see any parking sign around where the hole is -- it could be a coincidence that the no parking sign was there -- and in fact, maybe there wasn't even anything there. It's probably not okay for people to self-repair city streets/sidewalks.
  38. Robocat Member

    Here's a photo I took in 2008, and it seems there is no sign on the right side, but there are on the left.

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  39. slobeck Member

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Cement fail guy is most likely Rick Robinson, the Qual Sec.

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