The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

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    But... but... Jerry said we're helping... If I can't believe Jerry, who can I believe?

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    Chocolate really is medicinal, then. Trufax.
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    Come 6 o'clock, and it turns out that the SF Anons weren't done dancing at Club Xenu SF! The aforementioned raid was only Part 1 of 2. Thus, Part 2 began...

    Having missed Part 1, I arrived early for Part 2 and had to sit all by my lonesome without even a copy of Dianetics to amuse/terrify me. ETA came and went and my fellow fags were taking for fucking ever, and so tired of waiting I decided to briefly violate protest protocol and carefully show up alone, camera running. (Within 5 minutes, Anton, Vulpes, Moog, and Anna would re-arrive.)

    Book boy was locking up his wee cycle in front of the org. I KNEW it was him, but didn't risk naming him, for I feared trolling a stranger. Didn't have vulpes sharp eyes to confirm the sighting.

    A Scilon (unknown if he was public or staff) was helping roll in a cart of boxes into the org. He took one look at my Anonymous Loves You! sign and said, "That sign should say, 'Get a job!'" What was that about Scientologists not having a sense of humor? (Also, it was past 6 at night, man. Not everyone has to work those brutal, 14-hour Sea Org days.)

    We may have proven Ethics Trouble was on the cult's brain when, although Hose Man was no longer available to wash our chalk art away, the always lovely Jennifer2 emerged briefly from the org to splish a splash of dishwater tech on the WHO IS ETHICS TROUBLE? script.

    (I was especially offended that "Radio Paul FTW," surrounded by what were *supposed* to be sparrows (!) was beginning to wash away -- RP had given us the chalk, you see!)

    My girl Anna had already begun to chalk up the place with 1-866-X-SEA-ORG so now it was time for the chalk tech to spread like gossip about which celebrity Scientologist is gay.

    Oh, Jennifer2! It's on!

    Stay tuned for pix and vids and moar (fingers crossed!) reporting...
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  7. enthaeon Member

    Anonymous makes Jennifer 2 squirt.
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  8. skeptic2girl Member

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  10. Random guy Member

    My god you guys are great!
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  11. Anonymous Member

    ANONYMOUS is great...

    every single protestor is connected with one other...

    wins in SF are wins for ALL of ANONYMOUS --

    good job, kids!!

  12. enthaeon Member

    As I recall, Jenna Slevin Jennifer2 was literally gushing over your chalk art ;D
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  13. skeptic2girl Member

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  14. Chipshotz Member

    I was going to post about how et's latest seemed a little 'off' with calling out the org, but I know nothing of the inner personal relationships of the staff. It could be SOP.
    I'm looking forward to more and rooting for you ET.
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  15. enthaeon Member

    Guess what, gays! Third flash raid at the mOrg within 24 hours. Is that a record? Feels good, man.

    Moog, Anton and myself rolled up at approx 1:30 to find our neighborhood cult HQ practically bereft of bodies. But, as the afternoon crept on, moar and moar Scilons filed in and out. They're like roaches, I swear. We saw all the usual faces- Emit, Pippy, JERRY.

    Jerry came out and was quiet/polite. We asked how his stats were and how we was doing. "I'm alright" or something, with a little smile but no eye contact. Aww, <3 U JERRY! He then disappeared for 30 min, to pop up outside the Trans America, to disappear again, to sneak back in from around the corner (blind spot). Jerry, are you hiding? Where's the confront? DOWNSTAT. No but sers, Jerry, we like your newfound Teddy bear personality. Honest.

    Pissy was pissed. Arriving to work volunteer, she gave a stern thumbs-up to her fellow young cultists. I asked if that meant her stats were up. She glowered. Guess they aren't. At one point there were 3-4 twenty-something IAS guyfags leaving together. I made sure to get a shot of all their tight asses walking away after I trolled the shit outta them. In fact I got almost every Scifag's ass on film today. Gonna make a Hall of Fame for the ButtChurch. Shout-out to NYCAnons for the inspiration!

    And well, well, well. Look who decided to show up today- Muslim cultist lady from Moog's video. When last (first) we met, she was trying to inform me of my gullibility by looking at dox on the Internet. Whilst simultaneously spouting off about the Supreme Rulah Hubbard and his awesomeness. Kay. So today she humbly skittered out the door to smoke a cigarette while walking all the way around the mOrg, to reenter through the service door. Scilons were low on the tone scale today. She had nothing when I asked her if the Cult was/is accepting her Muslim faith in their society. Guess not?

    All in all, a very downstat day for Scientology SF. No smiles, no love, no confront. TWTH indeed.
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  16. enthaeon Member

    Oh PtS- two NoIfags were walking up to the mOrg's main entrance, then suddenly stopped, and proceeded to enter through the side door way far away. WTF? I suspect they were told to use the other door. Perhaps with prejudiced reasoning. Don't wanna scare the lily-white Scilons lol. But fuck, first I'd seen of the NoI patronizing this scam here in SF.

    Oh and how's this for omens- throughout our raid, a lone crow/raven sat perched on the mOrg's flagpole cawwing away. Tick-tock, $cientology.

    Moog with stills and/or video to follow.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Do NoI smoke?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Nice video, but can you refrain from the caffeine before filming... all the jittering makes me nauseous.
  20. skeptic2girl Member

    I'm so very happy Chanology SF has been the answer to all of Jerry's fondest wishes that we protest more!

    Jerry the OT8?

    You're welcome!!
  21. enthaeon Member

    Nation of Islam
  22. skeptic2girl Member

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  23. skeptic2girl Member

    On the theme of redecorating the org...
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  24. skeptic2girl Member

    The same guy who told me to Get a Job (or whatever) when he saw my Anonymous Loves You! sign also trolled us on the way out of the cult. Kept saying something about Literacy or Promote Literacy, Read Dianetics -- he was all about the literacy thang (we SPs and our wordless signs!) -- therefore, READING RAINBOW, welcome to the Raep thread!

    fellow fags, that's Reading Rainbow, in the red shirt...

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  25. Anna_Asks Member

    Nyan cat dance! Cast: Moog, enthaeon with special guest appearance by skeptic2girl

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  26. skeptic2girl Member

    ***didn't that Moral Hazard guy stop by to take some pix at the org after Jennifer2 pissed all over the chalk tech?
  27. enthaeon Member

  28. Anonymous Member

    More Caramell Dansen.
  29. JustNoise Member

    Great dancing. Hey, S2G looks hot in this vid! Just sayin'
  30. grebe Member

    Some weight attached to the camera would help. A flatish lead sinker and a scew to hold it to the base (if its got one).
  31. Anonymous Member

    Zoom all the way out and hold it as still as possible.
  32. Anonymous Member

    She always looks hot. We're lucky to have her as our spokesmodel.
  33. skeptic2girl Member

    Good stuff at IAS Event Flash Raid!

    Apparently, at this event, attendees were supposed to learn about the next lethal dose to psychiatry... because the first *lethal* does didn't quite kill it. Will they need a third lethal dose, and how much will it cost?







    Notice the bucket filled with water that was kept at the ready right by the front door, so all the illustrious guests had to walk past it.

    But with all the chalk tech, surely they must have realized: We're going to need a bigger bucket...

    Video to follow, including rare glimpses of the local SF Scientologist &quot;celebrities&quot;: Jerry the OT*! BookBoy! And of course, everyone's favorite cult member... JENNIFER 2!
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  35. enthaeon Member

    Jerry, looking SVELDT, compliments us on our &quot;costumes&quot;.


    BookBoy's TR's are in right up until he see's the OTIII sign.


    Chloe Ms. Jackson and BroBoyf at cause over MEST and stuff.

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  36. moarxenu Member

    I am beginning to think Jerry might be Ethics Trouble. Awfully suspicious the way he is sucking up to anons when he is not supposed to even be talking to SPs.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Could it be??

  38. skeptic2girl Member

    Remember, remember...

    Halloween Raid: October 31st, 6pm!

    Club Xenu SF -- come party with SF Anons and get to ask the cult members the burning question du jour:
    &quot;Who is Ethics Trouble?&quot;


    Come haunt the morgue... 701 Montgomery St.


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  39. skeptic2girl Member

    Here's the vid where enthaeon and I arrive and happen to meet up with a bunch of IAS members attending the event. (More videos to come, but my computer is really slow at uploading!)

    *One remarkable thing that happened is that a guy came out of the event long before it was over and said that his friend had lied to him about going out that night and ended up taking him to the org instead! The would-be raw meat was NOT impressed by the movies where breaks were not allowed... I didn't actually talk to him, so hopefully others can pipe in on this... I was chalking things up but did hear him yell out as he walked past me: "Fuck that! I'm Jewish!" ;)
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  40. skeptic2girl Member

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