The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

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    Dunno. I can't find ;famanon' in my tech dictionary...
  3. adhocrat Member

    Admin dictionary, perhaps? As your course supervisor I hate to see you not applying study tech™
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  4. skeptic2girl Member

    The above was a triumphant highlight for moog's camera. It had a good run. Below is a kind of eulogy. R.I.P, no-power-button camera... run over by a bus (EDIT: better it than us):

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Radio Paul in particular knows exactly what to do with his tongue.
  7. Robocat Member

    Here's how I study tech.

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  8. moralhazard Member

    So according to this pubication, Sue Mueller is the I/C and C/S for the purif, but she just completed the purif....
    Is she her own case supervisor ? Flunk!
    If she has to retread, why is she allowed to supervise? Flunk

    Also notice that none of our regular favorites have completed anything. No Darcy, no Jenna, no Jeff, no Lisa, no Jerry.... in fact the only name I recognize as a regular is Chloe (ms. jackson) .
    So none of the fags that slave away in that building are actually getting any scientology out of it.

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  9. Anonymous Member

    So Jerry is just there for the eye candy? ;)
  10. enthaeon Member

    Jerry's powerstache does all the work
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  11. JustNoise Member

    Now you made me picture all the known SF scilons doing the Macarena! Why would you do that to me? I feel like Bookboy might pull it off, but Richard? Jerry? Queeros? I have seen Jerry dance. It is kinda dorky. Jennifer2 might have moves.
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  12. skeptic2girl Member

    ooooh. big disagreement there. Book boy could NOT pull that off. Jerry, yes! (though you say you've been an eyewitness to his dancing? Then I'll defer!) Jennifer 2? Maybe. Perhaps some of them would pleasantly surprise us. It's hard for me to picture them getting their groove on -- but in a way, macarena is cult-friendly, yes? Everyone doing the same thing at exactly the same time even though it seems stupid to everyone else? ;)

    And who's to say that Pippi can't bust a move?

    ALSO -- MoralHazard on SFO Gateway:

    typo, Freudian slip, on purpose?
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  13. JustNoise Member

    I forgot about Pippi. Maybe you are right there.
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  14. Keep on truckin' you beautiful SF cell, you!


    A Fan!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    What a joke on the promo piece. Jerry is ot viii. Why would he be in a group of co-audit. He is at the top of cults bridge. And the tux! Lol. Scilons probably don't even notice this. How is that for having something control your thought process
  16. Anonymous Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    I must have missed that one when it first came out. Awesome timely rerun is awesome, and timely!

    But different. Creepy camera lady appears to be on more than a run of the mill handling mission. And what's up with staged scilon kid marching out to the curb and straight back in at around 7 minutes??

    The whole thing smells of a Belotti styled Moxon op.

    Careful now, and FFS, No Erections! k?
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  18. Anonymous Member

    That is exactly what is going on. don't be surprised if the cult tries to tie you all in to the whole Tommy Gorman incident. Beware that the cult will only show 10 sec bits that try to make their case. Stay on target of Scientology and away from personal comments.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    There's a Starbucks nearby we know they go to -- it's pretty common for them during the day to leave the cult, come back about 10 minutes or less later, than go back in. So it might not have been staged.

    But certainly, Naomi stood out to us mostly because she is a lot more attractive than the usual Scilon female.

    We knew they did this shit -- we just hadn't seen it so up close. I'm glad we did -- it's awfully funny! ;)

    Didn't one of the Anons say there's no film (or a memory card, I guess) in her camera? (i.e. she wasn't actually recording?)

    They have tons of cameras on the outside of the building and also film us from the inside sometimes. So they have plenty of footage of us.

    No need for more. I think it was just intimidation -- the fact that Quinn Norton was there was (vegan) gravy.
  20. skeptic2girl Member

    This is where the Scientologist I had talked to before the event came out and talked to us again...

  21. Smurf Member

    Naomi doesn't look as spacey in this photo with her daughter, Nina.


    With husband, Bob.

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  22. Anonymous Member

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