The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. Have you told this to her husband?
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  2. skeptic2girl Member



    ^moog's camera, New Years' Eve, after a close encounter with a tour bus tire :(
  3. Anonymous Member

    Where's the sad button. :(
  4. Anonymous Member

    Weird, I'd been thinking about donating for a new camera for him, anyway. Let me know where.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^that was sad.

    But on a happier note, SF Anons did not help the SF "Church" of Scientology have an Upstat New Year's Eve...


    Cheap t-shirt meant unexpected Subliminal Message


    Our very own *OSA Goon* (lol) came bearing caek! AND novelty light sabers!! <3<3<3


    A huge pain to haul to a raid, but guess who were the only ones with a promo sign out in front of the cult?


    at the beginning of the raid, a couple knelt down to check out the Gabe Williams side of the sign, and after reading about Jeff Quiros' cover-up, one of them said, "No WAY..."
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  6. Anonymous Member

    (glow stick pasties)


    "The force is strong with these fags"


    Doesn't everyone already know this?


    They did, cuz he does

    ALSO, this comes esp. handy for people who ask, "So, are you guys 'FOR' or 'AGAINST' Scientology?"

  7. skeptic2girl Member

    Still uploading video, but would love to chime in regarding New Year's Eve 2011 Raid Highlights before beddy-bye...

    1) First half of raid: a guy who appeared to be schizophrenic kept on trying to enter the org, claiming he had been invited. Perhaps he was. However, he had some questions for the cult members, which meant he wasn't welcome.

    One of the cult thugs escorted him out, but unbelievably, the dude tried to go in at least 2 or 3 more times. After the first time when Don Corleone strong-armed the guy out, Josh dutifully called the police. And I need to listen to the video with headphones, but I believe I caught the rare instance (collector's item alert!) on tape of an SF cop being a dick to us at a protest.

    Since SF Anons at Org + Cops appear = the cult bitched to the police about us, I approached Josh talking with the officer, to see what Josh was telling the guy. As I go up to them, the cop says, "I don't talk to people who wear masks." Oh, Janet Reitman, you little cross-dresser, you!

    2) Second half of raid: moog's camera gets squashed
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  8. skeptic2girl Member

    We all know that the cult specializes (or tries to) in making people look crazy.

    They over-reacted to this (possibly) schizophrenic dude to the point where I really thought that the guy was dead crazy and maybe actually harassing them.

    But as it turns out, he just wanted to ask them questions. The only thing that made him seem disturbed was he kept on wanting to go back in the cult and his train of thought was complicated and disjointed. It's quite possible he was just really eccentric.

    Major foot bullet, Scientology:

    Here was a guy who was actually sympathetic to Scientology, but had some issues with "word clearing." Any right-thinking and yes SANE cult would have invited him in and had a chat. He probably would have been receptive to some Scientology ideas. You might even have gotten a few bucks out of the poor guy.

    Instead, you call the police. And if you're Josh, you fail to follow police instructions and call them if the guy comes back.

    You just line up a bunch of cult members and physically block the front door, showing all of San Francisco your folksy hospitality and graciousness.

    Really Scientology? Really? Was every single member of your staff so knee-deep in urgent tasks that you couldn't have had a sit-down with a guy who just wanted to talk?

    And Jeff Quiros! Such a rude host! Doesn't even come out to say "hi" to us. And why not? Prove how At Cause you are over us. Show DM how you've done your part to "handle" Anonymous. Oh well, there's always next lifetime...
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  9. Xenu Is Lord Member

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  10. enthaeon Member

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  11. enthaeon Member

    ilu faggots so much

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  12. moarxenu Member

    Brace for epic Cult Failaration post-raid report:

    Happy New Year, all you awesome Chanology faggots especially Germanfags!

    We enturbulated like hell and had our lulz.

    Scilons had their New Year Failbration at teh mOrg. They used to rent hotel ballrooms. Now the order in pizza to teh mOrg lol.

    The Embarcadero runs along the Bay past the Ferry Building. Thousands expected later for fireworks.

    Approaching Ferry building:

    View attachment ZJ-zJ3tw-biO0FXtJqgpj10I8A-dze6pJU5o1NGC4MLnYwPbZ9

    Embarcero Center:
    View attachment v0enczoml-o2eqaddi4w1J4aA-a_-7pIwKG1HjiOJHKyFCSL_D

    Glow light merchant:
    View attachment WJce6pbefu4G-WPCXgRm0366W5IXev5YvwHVoVekSvfSBnwZ-R

    Passing TransAmPyramid on the way to raiding teh mOrg:

    View attachment B89MbHHNzi4nd0egQWJv48XNN_YBSMSxJEGzt2dYsKR3K4OyMf

    View attachment RqO0rqUrAsfbZ5DRMTQ9Gfvx3_RpIH1zEOVMQTCP7JaFIiaDGU

    Passing by the Pony at TransAmerica Pyramid building right across from the main entrance to Teh mOrg Main Entrance.

    View attachment wgoQPhGj5jCDu1iRVNUeoF3SdlFkMY7sItGR8DJoi43yf2nBcZ

    View attachment 51JZQi3ojOAGmtR0YDT6YCQa6CVC2oy4mlSu5zIffDJgwIemIW
    View attachment hcyLh6tt2eZztNKULsevN4ZJn2KVeV9q-rXQawqStkTjaPnilB
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  13. moarxenu Member

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  14. moarxenu Member

    S2G arrives around 5:30 pm. moarxenu at 7:00 pm, and Moog thereafter. We mostly enturbulate at the side door on Montgomery Street, (main drag bordering Chinatown going up to used-to-be-moar-Italian North Beach, where Clint Eastwood showed the awesome in Dirty Harry :)

    We stayed until 10:00. Scilons were having a party with a band in the main part through the main entrance where they suck in raw meat, do personality test faggotry etc. It is right across from the famed TransAmerica Pyrmid.


    View attachment 7LI7hbDSAy5MPURpfqLGcukmpNYn32gVwTZn-yb3Su0-ia-g5o

    View attachment oVqOLI62gmeI2__nLOYUbm96_TZImXDx4F-W980q8-1XDn_D7U

    View attachment oLDI9QYivkT0f33goUJNqyV2UIaDiPzmawTNo6zdEOHgr7q78-

    Club Xenu Land Base with French and American flags (O hai, frogfags!):
    View attachment RL479kWCTa6x7y17QJEbloTiSD_PNzlzKHrphkG6dRWUcl85LR

    Moar light sticks:
    View attachment J0DxIoMKVKV-RwhlngJaaJ-hihWHaxjl16mTgimzFtV11zlfIA
    View attachment EMlzIAPUkfkT26PjUjsNmVI9DC9nSSAFBuUfITggmRDBupp5Na

    View attachment 4Tg5um4OBZ4wtLRpywG-etAMstnSsDaXeBXnfjaNhdYGezX3Zg
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  15. DeathHamster Member

    He was told to come there...
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  16. moarxenu Member

    An older Italian lady from Milano stopped to chat with Moar. She lives in North Beach. She taught him to say "Buon Anno!' (Happy New Year! Gotta be careful cuz "Buon Ano!" means "Happy Bunghole!") She want to find out more. He told her, “Google ‘sette scientoligia”.

    Most memorable characters of the night were Schizoguy and Raeg Assault Fag. Schizoguy show up around 7:30 pm and like hangs around for moar than one hour.

    Moar talks to him. He goes on this weird thing about Scientology and "know" and how "know" has no in it. Moar tells him Scientololgy makes you pay $100K to become enlightened.

    He says, "I want to find out about these courses" and goes, pulls open the door, goes in, and crashes the cult's Failabration lol.

    Awesome schizodude is awesome. Eh enturbales scifags and doesn’t afraid. The bouncerfag grabs him by the arm and walks him up Montgomery towards North Beach.

    Schizodude keeps coming back for moar, and penetrates teh mOrg like three more times, radiating entheta. And he's not even an anon lol.
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  17. moarxenu Member

    There were big tour buses. First one was full of Canadians. Second was like Azns maybe from Hong Kong. Third bus people were taking pix of us from the inside.

    Moog had left his cam away from the curb where he was glo-light disco-ing in front of awesome DeWalt construction site boombox:
    View attachment X7gE29x0rq4W24SOoNSdWK6itg4qDpKVHDUeTIIZSwn9ePzTKs

    Bus pulls out and RUNS OVER MOOG'S VIDCAM. Moog is cool as a Zen master.
    View attachment jIlep590MVZKf85kilS_S8DJWpCHB83JxO1VLQA8M-UfxYuclO
    View attachment iCGWDwXr4mJwHshkS5jt2PnXrXWPWeUFaF35ajpLqEoNVj4SB3
    View attachment 8vMUl57nYylLcMXI8Vk0PlNgpIBSxp3mWJCl2CcxJ3M4_3SUei

    Meh. Party hard!
    View attachment Wsu_WRmNBHdyeVozIApvvJujq_vY_smSWzrV8hJd8l6JG2Jllj

    We definitely run this. After four years of trolling the scilons are weakening under the kryptonite powerz of Anon. Some scilons were actually ARC'ing with anons. (O hai, Ethics Trouble. Our sekrit plan is working.)

    I say the Berlin New Year Raid report. They were telling scifags to make blowing the cult their New Year's resolution.

    So I'm saying, "Blow the cult for New Year's. No more lower conditions. No more crush regging. No more disconnection."
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  18. moarxenu Member

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  19. moarxenu Member

    Moog said he spent time today being grateful for 2011 and Chanology. Moar took a break to drink a delicious Racer 5 India Pale Ale in a dark recess of the TransAmPyramid -

    View attachment wSeoESjrTqECkT6o245fOdoXB_tZyaJp3ldN7WzhDsbkEHwk7A
    View attachment 6axCH1zSFvIJpksAGx1q-HS_tBELgTjIzapGom95acPGOKekqs

    and be grateful for Chanology 2011 and especially for getting to know Kyle Brennan -

    View attachment IbXPK_N4wN-wDGTiTDdr8dpFkXQNvxfeX_M442v0yWYNno5Cg4

    and his mom Victoria Britton -

    View attachment -B_zgsFPy4Lbl8ZFdZjQysJHY9SpZBU2g1taMlhldjCM77D4Km

    For Kyle Brennanand great justice. W e do not forget.
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  20. moarxenu Member

    When Moar returned Rage Assault Guy showed up. Moog and Moar were disco'ing off the curb. RAG goes by and like tries to grab and S2G's cam. Moog and Moar rushed over and RAG moves down the street. Moar follows him.

    RAG points to our awesome posters and says, "These are trash. Let's clean out the trash." - alcohol fumes being disseminated with every word. Moar says, "GTFO or we call the police."

    Around 9:30 pm scilons started to leave. We switched to "Happy New Year! mode. We got a surprising lot of "Happy New Year!" back.

    A scilon couple came out with their beautiful blond daughter about six years old, who Pedobear would liek. The dad has her hand. He is next to the wall. She is next to us. We say, "Happy New Year!" She says, "Happy New Year!" The dad (young guy, looked like a nice guy) moves her along.

    She turns back enchanted buy the glow sticks and light sabers at Club Xenu Land Base. Her dad gently moves her along.

    We were only three anons lol. WE RUN THIS.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Didn't someone who joined the ning as "OG Anon" (lol) RSVP "yes" to the raid? Wonder what happened!
  22. Anonymous Member

    Are you saying Chris J Krazy was back and attempted to grab someone else's camera?
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. i'mglib Member

    I lurv Sees dark chocolate and SF anons!
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  25. enthaeon Member

    Party now... pay later. Amirite, Jeff?


    Expect us.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    oh, no -- unfortunately, there's more than one raging weirdo in SF Bay Area -- and at least this one had booze to blame. (And boy, were people getting wasted early last night!)

    Non-Chris K. (and non-Scilon) Drunk Rage Dude didn't actually try to grab the camera, but put his hand in front of it. It was weird, I was standing there messing with the camera, and all of a sudden there's this dude trying to crowd me against the wall. Boy, was I glad there were two other protestors there -- I yelled out for help, and Moog and Moar came to the rescue! <3<3<3 So drunk rage dude stumbles off and when he begins to head back to the 3 of us, Moar advises me to get my phone ready to call the police. But he finally did go away.

    *Celebrity* sightings that night included Richard (hasn't blown! :() and Reading Rainbow, Mama Cass, Rico Suave, Book Boy, Miss Manners, and this one guy I'm almost getting a crush on. He's very handsome. Actually, Miss Manners is pretty good-looking, too. Too bad he sucks.
  27. Anonymous Member

    That had to be embarrassing for the SF cult... your prezzy had a better, more prestigious party to go to?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Looks familiar? What'd it cost? $10.00..

  29. Anonymous Member

    Clearly, someone has been smoking with xenu. that ^ is not the camera in question.
  30. skeptic2girl Member

    Richard is back, and this is not my favorite side of him, as he works to prevent Eccentric/possible Scizo guy from going into the org...
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  31. Anonymous Member

    This was pretty cool -- a guy taking courses at the cult, talks to us; he kind of wandered in and out of the org all night. Another Scilon talked to us while he also read the Sidewalk Sign, but was apparently convinced by Scilons that we were lying troublemakers, because when he left the org, he refused to talk with us again.

    Also, when the first guy talked to us again, we couldn't decide whether or not the cult had fed him the following argument, re: why Scientology is okay "anyway" (re: Gabe Williams) or whether he thought of it himself.

    I would argue that it was a cult argument, since I've heard at least one other Scilon make the argument, "Every organization has bad people; that doesn't spoil it." In fact, when dude #1 re-emerged on New Year's Eve, he asked us if a Wal-Mart worker shot someone, would we stop shopping at Wal-Mart. And we said, well, we're talking about Jeff Quiros here, and so we're talking (theoretically) about the PRESIDENT of Wal-Mart shooting someone and yes, that would probably sway us into not shop at Wal-Mart anymore... if we ever did in the first place...
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  32. Love it. The kid is not afraid of Anons and actually finds them interesting and fun.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Almost all of the kids are attracted by the glow sticks and cupcaeks... it's really funny to see the parents try to shoo them off in that context.
  34. Anonymous Member

    This is where the cop answers, "I don't talk to people wearing masks."
    (The cop had come not in response to us, but because of a random hatted eccentric guy - completely harmless - who kept on trying to go in the org.)

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  35. Anonymous Member

    Here's Book Boy trying to hide from the camera...

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Video is still being processed (I made it about 30 seconds shorter and switched the color back to Normal from Cinescope) but this is the video where the drunk derper comes up -- at some point, I said, "Hey!" -- but it wasn't at him, it was to get the attention of Moar and Xenu, who valiantly came to the rescue...

  37. SPRTT Member

    Desperately need camera avail to SF raepcrew to document when ET blows/flamesout/getsjiggywidit.

    How to donate? RUSRS? View my willingness. Not to be confused with asisness, knowingness, spness, or drunkeness.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    sooooo sweet!

    we should have said,


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  39. Anonymous Member

    Camera flap has been handled.
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  40. xenubarb Member

    Yeah well, hang on to the dang handle next time, Moog!

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