The Fall of Scientology: Chanology SF Raeps On

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by skeptic2girl, Oct 21, 2011.

  1. enthaeon Member


    Anybody seen Richard?
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  2. Anonymous Member

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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    ^no. :( and he's my new favorite!

    I did see Bill, though, Sat. night --

    And Jennifer2 on Sunday!

    Am currently editing vid where Jennifer2 walks into org (no interaction) and will post here asap

    also MIA: PIPPI
  4. Anonymous Member

    Sorry, I didn't know you have favorites. He just looked like Grinch to me. Carry on.
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    What the kids of the SCN adults do or are is not relevant...... and they should not be targeted unless they themselves are doing harm using SCN and then they should be targeted for what they do, not for the relationship with their parent(s) unless they are working together in SCN to harm people. IMO.
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    No sign of this on your video or Tommy's.........
  10. Smurf Member

    I could care less about your opinion.
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  11. skeptic2girl Member

    As it turns out, it's not on Tommy's video -- I'm going to ask him about it.

    BUT in my video you can hear the girl (not see her, though) tell me what I'm doing is wrong and me saying, "on a public sidewalk?" For visual, I was hoping Tommy's would show, but that part must have gotten edited out.
  12. skeptic2girl Member

    ^used LSD (lol) "enhancement" on YouTube so you couldn't see my face which is exposed at some point in order to talk with tourists for whom English is a non-native language, in order that I might be more understood...

    **Tourists are highlight, but we also have new-nickname guy Rico Suave (has face of all-American, Archie-type from the 1960's) and...

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  13. Anonymous Member

    The Dynamic Duo ^^^^^^^
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  14. SPRTT Member

    MOAR Richard.
    MOAR Cats.

    Isn't that wut this thread is all about? Spidey sense is tingling...I think the chalk this weekend will be epic.
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  15. xenubarb Member

    That's a keeper! It'd make a great sign for an IAS event raid, just sayin.
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  16. enthaeon Member

    Nothing scheduled, but miracles are not out of the question at 701 Montgomery ;)
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  17. SPRTT Member

    Dear Mods,

    Plox halp. kthx
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  18. Miranda Member

    Knock it off with the drama. Got a problem with someone? Talk to them privately.
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  19. Miranda Member

    Derail moved to Pam's thread in the dome. Pam, you are cruisin for a virtual bruisin, srs.

    Carry on.
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  20. skeptic2girl Member


    I LOVE this. Wonder if we could, per xenubarb's suggestion, make it into a sign?

    Also love Hubbard's stance that is so similar to what a person looks like wearing a straitjacket.
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  21. xenubarb Member

    If you have a program like Corel that will print out a large image in tiles, you can trim them, line them up and tape them together on a big sign board.
  22. Chipshotz Member

    I see anons must have jumped on today's WOOT!
    Sold out!!

    GoPro 1080p HD Helmet Hero

  23. skeptic2girl Member

    I think it was actually Jon Allender outfitting an expanding Crack Team of Squirrel Busters...
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Now that they're out of business, curious whether John would be willing to sell their SQ shirts.. <wink>
  25. Anonymous Member

    Even repeated washings would never get them clean enough.
  26. DeathHamster Member

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  27. enthaeon Member


    Today started off with a nice rally for Bradley Manning. Moog and I showed up to find out we were the only anons in a sea of hundreds of hippie faggots. At the rally point, we learned from the leaderfag that we'd be marching down Montgomery St. I looked at Moog-- he was wet. Along the way, we steered around the Cult to find our good pal and body router extraordinaire, Joe, watching.

    Then there was caek.


    Then there was dinner.


    Then off to teh mOrg in honor of brave Clan Gorman &lt;3

    We used flyer tech to bring about public awareness on Angry Tomato Guy and his crimes




    I see a busy day for the Cult tomorrow...



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  28. skeptic2girl Member


    Awesome!! EPIC CHALK ART, especially! And I'm glad you called Jeff out on his bizarre obsession with bestiality! (seriously, why would he accuse other people of having sex with cats? who the fuck would randomly think of that, UNLESS... poor kitties! :()

    And the FLIERS!! Oh my gosh!!

    Love it, you gays.

    We've said it before... but who cares!






    pTs: And yeah, where IS Richard? And Pippi?

    Speaking of PTSes!! California Raisin/Tomato Guy/Rage-aholic/Epic TR-Fail Guy...

    Did you guys get to troll any cult staffers about that dude?
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  29. enthaeon Member

    There were none. Besides one Scilady in her 70's wearing the hat of gatekeeper. She let a stand-offish public (I think, never seen before) in his 30's enter the bone-crossed shithouse of horror. Moog has video.
  30. skeptic2girl Member

    So did they have the door locked again? If so, I don't blame them! All that money inside!

    also: *shithouse of horror* :)
  31. enthaeon Member

    Door lock tech all night. Everyone was probably told to go home after Tommy got punched. Trying to get a handle on major flap there, Jeff?
  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. enthaeon Member

    Since Joe was a speck in the vid, I've enhanced for pixelated posterity.


    If only we could make out his head shaking slowly back-and-forth while we were saying hai.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    o hai i herd u guise liek recon.

    Stopped by the mission on 30th &amp; Judah. I'll let the pics do the talking.


    The nearest trash can. White glove flunk.


    Entheta was spread.

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  35. MOOG Member

  36. skeptic2girl Member

    Your recon is better than porn. Totally does it for me.


    btw, what's up with the Nutcracker in the windowsill of the second picture down? Is it some sort of inside joke about David Miscavige?
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  37. enthaeon Member

    Caek. Am I doin it rite? No. But fuck you that's why.

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  38. Anonymous Member

    The Sunset, my old neighborhood. I actually lived with a bunch of Moonies. The rent was unbeatable. They were nice and never tried to talk me into anything. Think most of them were ex-Moonies or on their way out.

    Oh, except one day, one of my housemates handed me, "The Way to Happiness." I said thanks and read it. And I was like, what is the point? Is my housemate thinking I need to be reminded not to steal or murder? Luckily he never mentioned anything about TWTH later.
  39. skeptic2girl Member

    ^Plx bring to New Year's Rockin' Eve at Club Xenu SF!

    Dick Clark won't be there... but Quiros will.


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