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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by CheeseAnon, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Delaware Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I think everyone at Comedy Central, especially Colbert, Stewart and some of the emerging satirists like John Oliver are doing their part and all they can do without getting in a major civil/legal cluster-fuck.

    I don't care what anyone says, I think the "Anonymous Donor" mask at the autism benefit was a "residual bump".

    Its gonna take mainstream news coverage (CNN, MSNBC, CBS....FUX...) before it becomes open and safe for Colbert and others to cover it without potential legal problems. Focus on the "real" news shows and pressure them to cover Co$.

    By "real" of course, I mean a bigger legal budget able to absorb the punch from lawsuits. I'd die a little inside if Colbert went out on a limb and Viacom sawed it through.

    The time *will* come, though.... Co$ is on a ...bridge... to disaster and soon they will be....fair game.

    Gonna go scrape my tongue now for for using Co$ Hubbardouche fucktard terms.
  2. aegisknight Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    the reason I came here is because when Anonymous first started, there was plenty of support on our end. but as it has been going on, we have been getting more of the same, over and over, and it is really starting to annoy our members. I have to deal with 3-4 reported posts a day (this morning was actually 6) because it keeps coming up.

    The fact that this is a leaderless and reletively bodiless organization isn't helpful, because, like I said, I don't consider this the "head" of it, just the biggest limb I could find.
  3. anonymous612 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I know there was something in John Oliver's new stand-up special that made me poke my head up and go "WTF DID I SMELL A JOKE AT A SCIFAG'S EXPENSE?" but I can't remember what it was.
  4. Delaware Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I've admin'ed forums before. Complaining about (O NOES!) 6 posts a day is a little whaaaaambulance. The posts over in your yard are toning down, but asking here to knock it off entirely is a little footbullet.

    I think its safe to say many who use Enturb love Colbert. By that reasoning, what you get is a cross-demographic of folks who care about the cause against Co$ and see Colbert as a hero.

    You ok about "us" posting on your forums if we do it respectfully? Or are you going on record here to ask "us" not to bring it up on your forums at all?

    Also...Anonymous has to be headless. Feel free to Lurk Moar to learn why, or if you can't be arsed to search posts but are genuinely interested, many of us would likely be glad to answer some questions on PM.
  5. Anon Colbert Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    As a member of the colboards of which aegisknight is mod, I can attest that there are still generally good feelings towards Anonymous in regards to Anon's $cientology sentiments.

    There is discussion about attempting to lobby Time to put Anonymous on the Time 100 list for next year. However the likely resulting Colbert bump to him finishing second to Anonymous is much too far off.

    I'm not sure what real power the boards have to effect a bump but definitely willing to help in anyway possible.
  6. Delaware Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Good. Defeat those fucking internet voting sweat shops set up all over Asia that are voting in that vagoo, Rain!
  7. Consensus Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Anonymous was already 'person of the year' in 2006.
  8. aegisknight Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    colbert nation is like anon in the fact we don't have a head. Colbert is our god, we do his bidding, but we have no day-to-day admin (esp. on the boards).

    I don't care if it comes up on the colboards, but I came here to say that we got complaints that we were getting more and more of the same, and I did not want it to turn into a spam attack, which has happened more than once from different groups wishing to get recognition on the show. Like I've already said, there is only so much Stephen and co can do for legal reasons, the entire premise behind the show supports the anon movement, so you don't have to ask really "if" more like "when" and "why"
  9. goose1 Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    On the Colbert report tonight they are showing an interview Stephen did today with an astronaut on the International Space Station. The full uncut interview has been showing every hour on the hour on the nasa tv website on the 'media' channel. In it Colbert signed off: "If any aliens are listening, i'd like them to know that we welcome our alien masters. Hail Xenu!"

    Edit: I wonder if the comment will make the final cut tonight.
  10. eksef Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I'll keep saying it: EVERYONE get a Wriststrong bracelet! Colbert WILL notice an army of bracelets, and he WILL talk about it. Just wear it for the protest at least.
  11. Re: The Colbert Report

    Win! Colbert was talking to a guy on the space station, and he said "To any aliens out there, I officialy welcome our new alien overlords- Hail Xenu!"

  12. MarcabEmpress Member

  13. Donovan Cook Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    I just saw and did a primal yell/myteamjustwon sound effect, and I woke up my daughter. :whistle:

    I SOO agree with eksef!! Not been utilized nearly enough. :frustration:

    Edit: Did quick research....

    ONE (1) Official WSB goes for $7.50 (USD)
    The Colbert Report - The Colbert Report: WRISTSTRONG Bracelet

    Here's a bulk distributor...for plain red bracelets.... - Home

    But most of the WSB proceeds go to charity....
    Just doing a little research.
  14. WMAnon Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    So, if we play nice will you start unbanning IPs that were involved in the initial spamming? It's not like you can't re-ban if they start again and it would be a nice gesture to prove you actually want to deal and aren't just here to tell your people "well, I tried."
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Ooooooo... Necromancy.....
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

  17. WMAnon Member

    Re: The Colbert Report

    Oh shi, someone sent me this link and I didn't look at the year at all

    /me an heros

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