"The Bridge" programs - US Conservatives support Criminon and Narconon?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by OTBT, Jan 17, 2011.

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    TL;DR jump to the bold

    Seriously, Scientology front groups in a city volunteer program called "The Bridge"? WTF?
    Also, sounds like Applied Scholastics is thrown in "The Bridge" as well.


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    The political side of scientology has chosen to ally with the Republican Party because it tends to support corporate interests over the human rights of real people. Major scientology political activists include John Coale and Greta van Susteren, who have majorly campaigned for the presidential candidacy of Sarah Palin.
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    Article posted in a little Texas newspaper, Wilson County News, in Floresville. Criminon and Narconon are involved, and they are asking for $200,000 in donations.

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    ahh yes...
    was waiting for them to start changing their front group names once again to slink by
    So is the Texas Workforce Solutions, and Harlingen Family Dentistry (possible new WISE member?) sci groups?

    Where have I heard Cameron County before?
    oh yes:
    "The Cameron County Juvenile Justice Center invites you to attend the South Texas Area Regional Training Conference in Beautiful South Padre Island."
    Ricardo Barrera – Criminon / Effective Criminal Reform and Crime Prevention Program
    Joseph Saucedo – Narconon / Drug Effects on the Mind and Body
  7. xenubarb Member

    Fucking Texas and the GOP. What a great combination. Yeah, we'll expose this shit and see who starts backpedalling.

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