The Big one

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by AnonymousAgent, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. The Big one

    I have been spending many sleepless nights, this one included, sitting and playing chess. I am continualy wondering what the Co$ final play will be. Right now they are frantic, dredgeing the very bottom of the net to try to slander us and thus far those attempts have failed. They have played all there pawns(celebs increased membership campaigns ect) that to has ended badly. currently they're knights(OSA/PR) are trying to stalmate us. There PI's and agents are snapping photos of anyone who looks sideways at them but for the most part they are spending a large ammount of money(around $100K a pop for a full rundown) and all it gives them is a name and a face. There scare tactics wont work for them on the scale we are operating at and they cant find anyone to pin anything on. In short they are due for a power play that may cost them but they are running out of options. In chess the goal is to take the king but we have no leaders so in essance we are playing with knights and rooks. every time I play it out it always ends in a all or nothing move for the king. Co$ still belives that we have leaders operating out of some distant and remote location and I belive that this ignorence will cost them. the OT councile meeting to me seemed like an obvious trap they are going crazy with internal witch hunts. How do you see the end game.
  2. anon5754 Member

    Re: The Big one

    A realistic and achievable endgame for me would be a stalemate.

    Lots of bad press, many more defectors and leaks, then the Co$ publicly denouncing their controversial policies causing people to slowly lose interest in the campaign and a whole generation of Internet awareness about cults in general.

    First we bring them to their knees, then we issue a list of demands.
  3. Anonymous9251 Member

    Re: The Big one

    I don't think there will be a "Checkmate" moment in this, it's not that kinda game. The CoS is playing to win, while I beleive Anon is playing not to lose. That may seem the same, but it's really not.

    Personaly, I think the endgame is just going to be it fading away. It won't dissapear overnight, but over time, it'll just fade to nothingness.
  4. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: The Big one

    I just hope it will not end in a psycho-cult-messy way
  5. Anonymous9251 Member

    Re: The Big one

    That is, of course, a possibility, one that I hope won't occour, but it's a possibility nonetheless. The only thing that Anon can do to prevent that is giving them somewhere to go.
  6. saerat Member

    Re: The Big one

    I am hoping that if they cannot get our king they will turn on their own king ¬_¬ I want DM to go down.
  7. nonanon2 Member

    Re: The Big one

    How this should end: CoS loses it's tax exempt status, IRS investigates. Investigated for fraud, and human rights violations. Church has to pay the goverment some insane amounts, several church leaders prosecuted.

    Dunno exactly what would happen next- weather the church would fall apart, or if DM would pull a LRH and run, try to keep power from other locations.

    Of course, seeing how the cults all about the money, and how if they get ousted so totally in the us their unlikely to find much support in Europe, dunno what they'd do.
  8. Re: The Big one

    Thats exactly what we cannot let them do. I keep getting a feeling that they are planning to run. I keep wondering if theres a way to keep them from breaking for international waters again, anyone have any possible ideas on how to keep DM from pulling a LRH. personaly I think that the goverment freezing all offshore assets would be a good insurance policy.
  9. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: The Big one

    International cooperation has advanced considerably since the 1980s. Law enforcement agencies such as Interpol have real teeth, and everybody's got an extradition treaty with everybody else. Furthermore, if CoS gets brought down as a pyramid scheme, their infiltration of various countries is going to work distinctly to their disadvantage as every nation with a CoS office will have grounds to arrest them.

    Here's the way I figure it's going to go down. Protests aren't going to do it. Protests are just a background support, a way of getting ex-members to realize OSA is weak. It's also a way of draining their finances and running down their members. Preferably, those members snap and desert.
    No, the way it's really going to go down is with something dramatic. Possibilities I'm looking at include: Old Guard puts the cuffs on Miscavige for assault; a major public figure recants and testifies (anyone from Mike Rinder to Katie Holmes); or an OSA member snaps and does serious violence to an Anon (preferably a good-looking one who survives to deliver snappy media quotes).

    Any of these is going to open up CoS to major trouble. If Miscavige gets into serious legal trouble, odds are that there will be an internal coup long before his appeals are worn out, but they'll be worn out eventually. Either way, Miscavige heads to the slammer, and because so much fear was built around the dwarf, many people in trouble will take the occasion to bolt while the structure is in crisis. Cults rarely weather a change in leader well (after Hubbard died, CoS numbers began to drop dramatically, and CoS weathered his death pretty well!). The more manpower CoS loses, the harder it becomes for them to play their shell games with front groups and letter-writing campaigns. People who bolt because they feel more secure would also (hopefully) be willing to come forward and testify.

    If a public figure goes rogue, it depends on who that figure is. Rinder could certainly expose CoS to a lot of legal scrutiny, whereas Katie Holmes running to the LA Times would absolutely destroy the public face of CoS. Rinder would be better, I think, as we want to see some of CoS's upper management in jail in order to get the rest out.

    If an Anon gets severely hurt, then it depends on how the drama plays out, but having a very fresh, very dramatic Fair Game death would really impel media attention; they're almost like vampires in their craving for blood (and I say this sort-of from the inside :p). Obviously, I don't want any Anons getting hurt, but I think if they did, OSA wouldn't know what hit it. Just look at the huge spikes in attention that the Atlanta arrests and the attempted injunctions got us. Multiply by a million.
  10. Re: The Big one

    And there's the rub, isn't it? CoS doesn't know how to do anything but escalate the situation. When their first tactics don't work, they keep trying to get nastier and nastier. Eventually, how far will they escalate things?

    They've killed before. Each one supposedly gets easier.

    Sadly, the longer I look at this situation, the harder a time I have convincing myself death, or at least severe physical harm, isn't an inevitability. We just have to ensure that Anonymous isn't the cause, and hope the CoS suffers some kind of internal collapse before things escalate too far.
  11. Robert S Member

    Nothing Short of Complete Destruction

    I don't think what I'm going to say is very popular with people; not among anons and not even among "exes"; because it sounds to me like the anons that speak about it just want to put an end to certain practices and there are a lot of exes who are still enamored with the "tech" to the point where they'd still defend the hokus pokus claims of the practice.

    But for me, I would like to see Scientology's complete and utter destruction.

    I'm not talking about any kind of violence or anything illegal - I would be 100% opposed to doing it any other way but legally and with full transparency.

    I'm an ex-Scientologist. And while I agree that everyone should have their right to follow their conscience, I nevertheless feel that people should understand that there's no such thing as "Clear" or "OT" or an "engram" in the way it is described by Dianetics and Scientology. So it isn't enough for me to have the leadership of the Church change and it isn't enough to see the RPF and disconnection eradicated. I believe the philosophy behind this cult is beyond reform. Get rid of Miscavige and another fraud takes his place. The "tech" is insidious mind control.

    For me, the pickets and internet activity create a cultural innuendo that makes Scientology an unpopular joke, hitting it at the point of damming up the flow of new victims. Then the courts and the lawmakers bring it to justice.

    I have a feeling most anons would move on to other things once a great reform took place, and that's not an issue - like it is said; Anonymous isn't anybody's private army. That doesn't mean critics stop demonstrating and working against the larger fraud.
  12. Anon123456 Member

    Re: The Big one

    my thought on this is the final play from them will be to use DM as a sacrificial lamb. they throw him to the wolves and put a sign out front that says "under new management". they have a big party claiming to unsquirrel the tech and basically try to move on like nothing happened except an interal investigation in which the purp was taken care of. at which point anon seizes the oppurtunity to infitrate and breed paranoia. secretly placed flyers fill the halls of scientology to the point that even the most far gone zombies start to question their own resolve. even their precious "auditing" cant fix the paranoia they feel. check fucking mate.
  13. Re: The Big one

    Katie Holmes knows nothing. She is a drone. What a lot of people don't understand is how disconnected people in Hollywood are to what is really going on around them.
  14. Re: Nothing Short of Complete Destruction

    To be honest, I just want the practices of Scientology to be rendered open and transparent to the public.

    After that, if they don't start to change,to start 'squirrelling the tech' they'll just fade on their own. All religions have to change with the times, and with the revelation that mystical powers just don't exist in the real world. Scientology is no different. As a religion it will adapt or die, once it's transparent.
  15. Re: The Big one

    It is my thought now that violence will be the inevitable downfall of scientology. we can only hope it will not be fatal. at that point pressing legal issues and lawsuits will flood in, the desertion rate will rise dramaticaly and eventualy in a last ditch effort the church will splinter it self and consolidate its front companys. DM will most likely indeed be thrown to the wolves. At that point the media will do what it dose best and drag his integrity behind the truck of modern journalism for a few miles before the eventual arrest and legal suits. prior to this most of scientologys OP's will bail not by personal choice but mostly becuse there publicists will view it as "hurtful to there image" right now we are much like the hairline crack in scientologys base. Evenutaly we will grow and spread fragmenting there facade of perfection. but for the love of god dont let the blood be on our hands if it comes to that.
  16. Re: The Big one

    today the focus is on the crimes and the just-barely-legal-in-some-countries human rights violations

    they will have to remove more than megalomanic depsot David Miscavige.

    they are still free to believe in engrams and thetans, until the choose not to. at wich time they are free to do that too.

    according to their creed (item 7):
    the ban on "verbal tech" directly contradicts this.

    Soon after members are freely allowed to discuss their learnings, studies, and experiences with each other, they will discover for themselves that each person is not the only one to notice the "tech" failing to work, and they can them abandon it without fear of punishment.

    think about it: what other "study of knowledge" forbids study groups?
    Go to a university. enroll in intro to info sys 101. go to the library and look at the text(s) for comp sci 3. Will the librarian ban you from the library and threaten you with pneumonia? Go eat lunch with students 4 years ahead of you. are they forbidden to talk about comp sci 3 with each other or with you? you might not understand, but they won't say "GTFO noob" unless you keep interrupting

    go to scientology. enroll in TR1. run into someone in the hall and chit chat
    find out they are in OT5. ask "how is it?" they will run to the nearest ethics officer and file a KR on you for verbal tech!
  17. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: The Big one

    I would like to see Scientology become a religion without the cultism. I would give hugs all around.

    But I do not believe that will happen. I only believe it COULD happen as an unlikely occurrence.

    The three end games:

    (1) Will the virus die? (2) Or will it evolve and become more resilient? (3) Or will it kill the patient and end them both until another strain resurfaces?

    They strive for survival, so (1) would mean down to the last SO member. They suck at adaptation, so (2) will only occur if we take our sweet time bringing them down. (3) Is very possible, but a few splinter groups hiding their association with Scientology will form, much like mission holder Harry Palmer's "Avatar Course" did in the 80s (Google it).

    Almost a Hegelian progression of sorts, for better or worse ...
  18. ThatNateGuy Member

    Re: The Big one

    People believed the Catholic Church was beyond reform and while it's not perfect, look how far they've come.

    Again, as mentioned above, the key is transparency. People will be convinced of whatever they want, but as long as they're open about it and not hurting anybody, I really don't care what they believe.
  19. XenuChan Member

    Re: The Big one

    I have a feeling the Co$ will go the way of the Westboro Baptist Church: They will be sued by the masses for damages, banned by the governments for their human rights violations and criminal activities, while leaders and perpitraitors are arrested and imprisoned, and no one will want to be associated with them at all.
  20. Re: The Big one

    Endgame? I think it's all going to be about defections. Especially from the orgs. And also when the Church starts to run out of money, which might be sooner than I had thought.

    As for the defections: that gives me a thought. What's stopping people from defecting? From all the testimonies it's the disconnection policy. You defect, your on your own. How would you feel if you had to make a decision that meant you left behind every single person you knew? All your friends. You can't defect as a group because the moment you ask somebody you might get reported.

    Humm... is there anything anonymous, master of the internet, could do? Some sort of forum to see if there's other doubters? After all, we live in a world with tor and cryptography. But that might be quite a hard problem.
  21. Anon123456 Member

    Re: The Big one

    we could fax them with a super sekrit phone number and information on how to successfully leave the church without fair game tactics. all they do is make one phone call and they have the info they need to leave and be protected. just throwin it out there.
  22. kingler5 Member

    Re: The Big one

    I think that sums it up, along with the other things you guys have said, while its nice that we say we are for people thinking and believing whatever they want, and some are anons are quite defensive about that for 'Freezoners' etc..

    what you need to realize is that there was never a "warm and fuzzy do-gooder scientology religion" that "got corrupted" or that the church itself can "reform". From its very core, its very inception it was designed as a means of control and a lucrative business of swindling people and there is no real 'religion' involved, watch two of Magoo's most recent videos (I think it was "Message to Anon Parents") she explains that there is no religion of any sort to defend, its simply a shell of a business.

    On a side note if you read the interview with LRH Jr., he believed that Scientology was created by LRH using elements of Black Magic that he beleived are practiced over many years without the followers knowing it. I am not sure how relevant that is, or whether or not he was referring to or beleiving in actual supernatural events but that might be the only truly 'belief' core that is in Scientology at all...
  23. Re: The Big one

    I think I was thinking too hard there... there's nothing really technology could accomplish than the ex-Scientology and ex-Scientology-kids forums don't already do. And we'll be promoting them come operation reconnect, right anon?

    Humm... actually, is that a good idea? Kind of like the the Valentine card idea? Especially as scientologists will be told to say home on during O.R. If you were already thinking about leaving and you got such a fax/email with information and success stories from people who have left?

    On the other hand, the vast majority would just though such things away, and it would give the Church ammo to say we sent more "harassing faxes". Is it a good idea? I'm not sure. Worth starting a thread about it or not?
  24. lermanet_com Member

    Re: The Big one

    at this time I believe that almost half of the current membership would leave scientology IF:

    1) their fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers were OUT

    2) IF they knew there would be no retributions for the things they admitted having done during auditing..

    and I have great difficulty using that C word to describe an organizing who prupose is to rape mens minds.
  25. Re: The Big one

    I cannot see fair enough into the future to see an endgame, but the hope that i have is that the protests and the activists shed light onto the cult, enough to hit it so hard it will never be strong again.

    There are still nazis, but they are weak.
    There are still KKK, but they are pathetic.

    They will never know strength again, their numbers are too small even to make a scuff mark, and they will always be small.

    This is where I want the RTC.

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