The Basics of Protesting...

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  1. Canon Member

    The Basics of Protesting...

    How to make the COS look like a bunch of nuts:

    1) Legal. Keep EVERYTHING legal. No fighting, no physical contact, nothing illegal. Enough said.*

    2) Keep it Cool. If you blow your cool, you might do something really, really stupid, which could come into conflict with rule one.

    3)Hide your identity. Masks (Especially the VfV ones), hoods, ordinary clothing all work. Keep it normal, nothing identifying. Personally, I suggest wearing a white sweater and sweat pants OVER your normal clothing if the weather permits. That way, you can run into a bathroom after the protest and take off the sweats.

    4) Bring only what you can and want to carry. To a point, the necessities first. Water first, then cameras, then signs, then food. Keep it light, keep it livable.

    5) Do NOT fall for bull baiting techniques. This is how the group could get labeled negatively. This goes hand in hand with rule two and one.

    6) Don't act serious. The protest is evidence enough to prove it is not a joke. Don't screw around too much either, but keep it fun. A boring protest never brings in people.

    7) Signs. Catchy and to the point. If you have to choose one, go with short. The longer ones are distractions to drivers, creating hazards.

    8) Do NOT block the path to anything. Whether it is to the church, to a store, or anything in general. In most cases, this is frowned upon by the police. I believe it is illegal to block the sidewalks/streets.

    9) Protest and picket all you want, across the street from whatever you are protesting. Never stand in front of what you are protesting.

    10) Music. If it is brought, keep the volume low enough so you don't get busted by the police. Disturbing the peace is considered a crime, although it is a misdemeanor.

    11) As you leave the protest area, make sure you are not followed. Counter-Surveillance techniques are a must. Stop if you think your being pursued. If you cannot lose them, I've heard police stations are good places to lose followers.

    12) Cameras are a MUST. If you plan to do ANYTHING solo or in a small group, make sure you have a camera on at all times. They are a great deterrent against cultists, and are also useful for recording their bull baiting tactics, their handling, and everything in general. If they spread lies about you and bring the police with them, back up your innocence with a video tape. If they do something illegal, the same police force can bust 'em on the spot. Also, if anything major happens, you can use the evidence to sue should the need arise.

    13) Be peaceful. Nothing screws over a protest like that loose canon that picks a fight and gets arrested. It gets us all labeled as 'Terrorists', 'Thugs', ETC. I know that the Scientologists all call us these for some inexplicable reason (And I've never seen anyone who actually deserves these titles but them), but when you are aggressive, you make it seem true. There is a reason why they are called "Peaceful Protests"

    14) LEAVE THE FRIENDLIES OUT OF IT. I cannot stress this enough. Anyone who isn't bull baiting, handling, assaulting, ETC doesn't deserve it. Do not get in anyone's face. Don't make us look like a bunch of imbeciles and thugs. If there's one thing that could make us lose support, aside from illegal actions, it is making us look like a bunch of jerks. You don't have to be an Anon to hate Scientology.

    15) Property Damage: Illegal. Period. Do not do it, do not even THINK about it. Leave that to Scientologists. It helps us when THEY do it, and it helps THEM when/If we do it.

    16) Threats: Again, see 15.

    17) Do not carry weapons of any kind. I am 100% sure it is illegal in California without a permit, if at all. Luckily, you wont need them. If you do, then we can say one of two things. A) You screwed up somewhere along the lines and will be getting a nice talk with some cops/Attorneys/Judges and then Prisoners, or B) The Scientologists screwed up and will be getting a nice talk with some cops/Attorneys/Judges and then Prisoners.

    18) Do not acknowledge pursuers. Do not confront them. Video tape them, and try to lose them. Don't get cornered, don't get caught in a dead end. Buses, taxi's, and police station visits are extremely easy ways to lose them.

    19) Do not touch ANYONE who would normally care. People like Scientologists (Who are looking for ways to sue), bystanders, ETC. HANDS OFF AT ALL TIMES. This can get you in trouble. On the flip side, if a Scientologist touches you or your possessions in any unwanted way, file an assault charge. (I believe that is the category that you can file such things in)

    20) Do not act like a jerk/Bigot/Thug/Rapper/Salesperson.

    21) Think things through. Being slightly paranoid and alert is a whole lot better than being jumped and attacked. Also in this, do NOT Drink before or during the protest. You cannot think when drunk.

    22) Stay with at least one or two other people at a time. Going solo, especially without a camcorder, isn't a good idea.

    1) Do not raise your voice to argue. If they are yelling in your face, say something like "I'm right here." Also, if you act as though you are getting angry, they will think they are winning. Speak in normal tones, with a strong tone of authority and control in your voice.

    2) If you're trying to escape a pursuer, walk through a heavily populated street. If they are shouting, they will look like a bunch of crazies.

    3) Keep Memes out. Internet is fine, but they are called internet phenomenons for a
    reason... Just bring the CD of whatever song-based meme you want, it can be written off as music and dance most of the time.

    5) If you are asked anything about the CoS, ask something along the lines of "Churches are places where you worship something. What do you worship?"**. Also, if put on camera and asked questions, don't say anything stupid...
    5B) Avoid calling the COS a church if possible. From what I've heard, they use that and enjoy it.

    6) Keep in mind that we are protesting the COS, NOT Scientology as a whole for several reasons. If you have to ask me those reasons, look them up yourself.

    7) Keep face covered at all times and check yourself when leaving the protest for tailers.

    8) IGNORE BULLBAITERS AND HANDLERS. Lodge complaints if they do anything wrong. Ask for names.

    And that is it for the guide on the Peaceful Protests... If you have a suggestion or comment, put it here. I'd like some input on this.

    * Consult your local police station for rules/Restrictions ETC. Anything they say, goes. If a police officer shows up, follow what they say over all else. We don't want people getting busted. If you do anything illegal, you are screwed over and making us look bad.

    **Not from me. I saw it from someone else, and Quote: "The Scientologist went from a grin to a dumbstruck expression"

    EDIT: I am SOO sorry it's such a long post... But it's all I could do to shorten it. If anything needs to be changed, I will change it when possible.
  2. Anon-007 Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Much too sensible a post.

    I expect this to be domed shortly ...........
  3. Canon Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Domed= Moved to Thunderdome... Right?

    Sorry... Newb to posting, not such a newb to ant-COS protests...
  4. Anon Char Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Well advised, but essentials are boiled down here.

    [ame=""]CODE OF CONDUCT[/ame]
  5. Canon Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...


    I went through ALL THAT just to be told I didn't need to do it... Ugh... 30 minutes of thinking, typing, and such...

    Oh well. Thanks for posting the vid.
  6. SRQanon Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    that's what we call lurking moar..
  7. not shure Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    With this you could protest from ~3-5 miles uprange, safely, accurately.

  8. Canon Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Well, I did see the 'Code of Conduct'... But that had been like three-four days ago...

    And I am notorious for not remembering.
  9. Anon Char Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Don't fret, one our folks is called "Scud muffin"
  10. Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Don't you know major rule 17? :-/
  11. HubbBudd Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Laser pointers = "dangerous terrorist weapon" = FAIL for us
  12. Canon Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    And they're GREAT for parties!... *End Joke*

    Lasers are dangerous weapons?
    Joke or not?

    Anyways, I do suppose that laser pointers/flashlights to ruin photos by Scilons are unnecessary, as if you cover your face they are pointless... *Bad Pun*

    Edited the post to change the 'Laser and Flashlight' Tip, due to being unnecessary.
  13. anon0004 Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...


    Since when is dancing against the code of conduct?

    Carameldansen has proven a valuable tool to annoy CoS camerafags, at least at our protest.

    Also, It keeps up motivation. I donĀ“t go out to be dull, sorry
  14. Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Caramelldansen FTW.
  15. Canon Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Sorry... I hadn't realized they were a good weapon... Well, considering it's just a dance and a song, I really shouldn't have said that... I'll take it out
  16. 3rdMan Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    Nice tips but I make an exception with this one. Memes have attracted many onlookers to our protests.

    For example, Longcat. I've seen many people suddenly turn around to witness an internet meme in real life and suddenly be interested in what is going on.

    Other memes are applicable, for example:

    Memes can work if you use them right.
  17. Anon Char Member

    Re: The Basics of Protesting...

    LED lights and HIGH power flash lights are better than lazers, less baw about being blinded by "RADIATION" lol from lazers, which coincidentaly can be cured with dianetics.

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