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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. anonysamvines Member

    No Aspergers or the spectrum,quite the opposite
    Dayum is a variant on Damn (and usually ascribed to Southern USA States, and I am a Brit but we do sometimes appropriate US lexiconography and attitudes - as my govt demonstrates oh so well)

    Carpe diem is a good thing, as is asking questions of posters you suspect
    My posts generally speak for themself.
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  2. TorontosRoot Member

  3. No, they dude is all over the place. Just asking.
  4. White Tara Global Moderator

    Ok nuff now, back our regular programming Mkay :)
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  5. anonysamvines Member

    I wish
    They have a great bdsm scene I used to enjoy apart from the brilliant protests. Where I live doesn't even have a $cilon presence despite being a major city! (More clues for the Dox Me challenges)
  6. What is bdsm?
    major city?
    are you autistic?
  7. anonysamvines Member

    Google is your friend
    Try "blue waffles" too
  8. Sour grapes much? So lame.
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  9. Bobby McGee Member

    I so Agree with you Lame...I'm not saying sour grapes as much as Tony O is a great journalist and he is helping to bring down this evil cult.
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  10. amaX Member

    LURK MOAR, Sock Child Lame-o and Bobby McGee.

    I'm assuming that at least one of you counts yourself as trying to remain anonymous since you don't use your IRL name. I am now going to remind you that why we protest is where Chanology Anons work. Go to your precious Ortega's blog and search for how many articles he's done on Anonymous and Chanology. Mr. Ortega has a natural aversion to us here on why we protest. I see no reason why I should kiss his ass.

    BTW? I've met Mr. Ortega in person and he presented himself as rude and not very funny.

    I see no reason why I should show Ortega any respect here on the net or IRL. He's shown next to none to Chanology.
  11. Bobby McGee Member


    Who asked you to kiss his ass? I have met Ortega too.. I have a different point of view of him. .. Why in the Fuck can't we be on the same page..For Christ's sake we all want the same thing..This ain't no popularity contest. I'm here to bring this evil cult down. I don't have to kiss your ass either. You will not run me off Amax.
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  12. White Tara Global Moderator

    Come on guys this thread is about the oiliness table, lets get oily shall we :)
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  13. amaX Member

    Did I ask you to kiss my ass? I was explaining why I take a dim fucking view of Mr. Ortega because you seemed to not know why. There are many around here who hide their distaste of him very well including some people that might very well surprise you. I have my opinion and you have yours. You say how you feel and I say how I feel. See how that works?

    You sure I can't run your ass off just like all the thousands and thousands of people who have left wwp because of me?
  14. sallysock Member

    I agree with you up until the "run me off" shit. Amax hasn't run anyone off. Yes, we all have the same goal- you too need to focus on that. Just sayin.
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  15. TorontosRoot Member

    indeed, focus hocus pokus.
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  16. sallysock Member

    Also, abracadabra.
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  17. Bobby McGee Member


    First nothing.. surprises me.. and second you tell me LURK MOAR..

    " because I I am now going to remind you that why we protest is where Chanology Anons work. "

    No Shit.. I have been lurking for a long time. I decided to join. I want to be a part of Flag Down 2015 Period. So I joined to give my feedback.
    and I'm sure that you have ran off more than you know.
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  18. sallysock Member

    Who, prey tell did she hypothetically run off?
  19. Bobby McGee Member


    Thanks Sally..
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  20. no, we don't all have the same goal.

  21. Bobby McGee Member

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  22. sallysock Member

    ? I asked a question because I'd like to know.
  23. White Tara Global Moderator

    arghhh this is the oily thread innit?
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  24. TorontosRoot Member

    *stay on topic
  25. Bobby McGee Member

    ;) I realize that Amax has a big following. I know you guys expect DOX.. I just don't kiss and tell.. It's all good. I know this isn't a Hug Fest over here..I got that that a long time ago.. But Tony O isn't for everyone and neither is WWP.. I thought I could comment on both and give my feedback.

    but again.. I'm not here for buddies.. If I get them fine, if not I will still continue to fight the cult. Thanks.
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  26. Bobby McGee Member

    Yep... will do
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  27. sallysock Member

    See, it's the "people she's run off" and now, " big following" stuff that I take issue with. Amax is not a leaderfag. She has no "following. "None of us do. So for you to end your otherwise thought provoking post with such crap is bothersome.
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  28. TorontosRoot Member

    Can we get back on topic mo-fos?
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  29. samvines and amax belong together as bffs,

    (in a padded room)

    where they can do.... whatever it is they are into together.
  30. White Tara Global Moderator

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  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    Damnit now more work.
  32. Bobby McGee Member


    When I said following I was referring to the many likes she usually gets.. That's all.. Good Lord..I am NOT here to fight with WWP.. COS loves that shit. Again, I am here to be a part of history.. Bringing Scn. Down. I have no agenda..

    I want to stay on topic. Thank you.
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  33. sallysock Member

    Mod edit that this discussion has been moved to derail? Sanks.
  34. TorontosRoot Member

    I guess the mods removed the organic "scientology" nuts spam. Lol
  35. sallysock Member

    Maybe then, you should stay on topic and quit calling amax a leaderfag. Also, saying that she is responsible for some not wanting to flag down 2015. Frankly, it is distasteful and dumb and well, dumb. Her "following"? Meh.
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  36. sallysock Member

    And more to come!
  37. Distasteful????? really?

    There are no words.
  38. Nope, it appears that the original post of this thread is still here.
  39. sallysock Member

    lol. Hatefest is now, apparently in a vs derail.
  40. Bobby McGee Member

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