The AvS Derail Thread

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Read my book.

    J Swift
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  2. OK, I can see your reasoning on how the protests have no effect on recruits from outside the US.

    But seriously, how much do street protests at Flag actually effect anyone leaving any more? I think anon definitely kicked their ass in the early years of protests. I've heard about three, maybe five people who have said something about leaving due to protests in CW. Notches on the anon case, for sure.

    In the meantime, the public culties still going to Flag are from all over the place just like the recruits. And unlike the scilons at the puny ideal morgues, these guys are all heavy duty - the type who are so brainwashed, they're still coming in and paying the big bucks despite all the crap in the media.

    Look at how many sea ogres were listening to Xander and fathertony in their last vids. Or anyone who looked like were listening to Xander in all his sea org alley vids. Let's even hear if Xander every felt like he got through to anyone with all the time and money he's spent in the past two to three years he's be entubulating them. I bet there's none, because of the type of scilon at Flag: it's like trying to shoot sense into zombies.

    So what's the alternative? IMO, it would have been activating anon in the places where the Flag recruits and public are coming from - Russia, Latin America, Taiwan. If we had a real view of what was going on at Flag instead of buying all the glowing reports about how they were shrinking, we could have shifted a few years ago.

    It's a different scene now though. We don't have the same level of active Chanologists as back then. Maybe we can still make something on this work.

    I don't profess to having all the ideas at all. But I do know the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

    Doing the same thing over and over at Flag isn't working because they're growing there. What we need to do is cut off their still-can-be-influenced pipelines, which is just about everywhere else than in Clearwater.

  3. I love you too fathertony. :)
  4. fathertony Member

    I never wrote that!!
  5. tinfoilhatter Member

    Dance, Dance, DANCE!!!

    Look at the butt hurt theteans.Look at their butthurt dance!!!!!
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  6. amaX Member

    You don't live here.

    You didn't live here in their heyday when they WERE here in enormous numbers so you can't possibly compare what it used to be like with what it's like NOW.

    Look at the fucking Super Power Grand Opening. Even Rinderburn2 took to the sky and confirmed the numbers were ridiculously minimal.

    We've been telling everyone for a few years now that the cult can't even fill Ruth Eckerd Hall for one of their mega-celebrations and REH only holds 2,180 people. You call THAT progress and growth? They used to set up huge tents on the parking lot to hold the overflow and now they can't even fill the inside? Some fucking growth. They didn't even fill REH for the 100th celebration of Hubbard's birthday!

    NOBODY but YOU is saying they're growing in numbers. You're all by your lonesome, dumbass.

    If protesting doesn't work then why did the cult work so fucking hard to get me arrested in July of 2011 when there were only three or four of us showing up at a time? When their trumped up lying asses couldn't make the arrest stick because I didn't do anything wrong they still tried to get a permanent restraining order against me, but that failed, too. If we aren't having an impact then why the fuck would they bother?

    Why do they threaten Xander when he goes out alone? Why the fuck should they even CARE if it's only one person protesting at Flag? Why are they desperately trying to find out who fathertony is? Why should they care? It's only one other person protesting at Flag.

    BECAUSE IT'S ONE PERSON OR TWO PEOPLE PROTESTING AT FLAG AND THAT PROVES THEY'RE LYING ABOUT OT POWERZ. It's gotta look even WORSE if it's just one or two or three people up against Flag because Flag is skeery and powerful!

    I've listened to fucking naysayers bitching about how protesting doesn't work from Day One in Project Chanology. It might not work elsewhere, but it works HERE. Many of us have been contacted privately about how protesting woke someone up. We also recently had a Feshbach contact us to say that one of our signs woke her up from the nightmare.

    Go to hell and I hope you don't even have the pleasure of fucking yourself after your arrival.
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  7. tinfoilhatter Member

    If one or two people are not that big of a deal, then why does the cult spend so much time and resources trolling them?
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  8. amaX Member

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  9. Maybe it is real anons trolling the moralfaggotry of the zest pool known as WWP, The Cancer.
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  10. tinfoilhatter Member

    mk4 trolling.png
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  11. Intradasting.
    Reminds me of this, from long ago.
  12. tinfoilhatter Member

    Oh yeah, today is Thursday.

    time for more butthurt thetan dance.

    here is the full vid for everyone's enjoyment.
  13. [IMG]
  14. amaX Member

    NO U.
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  15. The Internet Member

    Imagine you are an unemployed young Russian trying to pay rent in Moscow. One day on the street a hot bitch with brochures suckers you into the org to watch vids. She tells you that Scientology is big in the US. All the serious actors and musicians are into it. And Flag is awesome. Right by the ocean. Non stop flow of celebrities and money.

    Now you are thinking, this could be my ticket to a wonderful life.

    So there you are, a Sea Org bot sleeping in a bunk and working 19 hours a day. Where are the fucking beautiful people? Something is not adding up. Maybe the cool parties come later.

    Then you see Anonymous protesters telling you to Google, which you just might do real soon.
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  16. The Internet Member

    I hope there are no clams working here:

    Russian Consulate in Tampa, the United States

    13805 58th St., N
    Florida 33760
    United States

    Russian nationals in the Sea Org will need to go there for help when they try to escape.
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  17. tinfoilhatter Member

    Has anyone thought to write them about abuses inside the sea org? I am getting a lulz boner just thinking about the diplomatic headaches this would cause.
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  18. rof Member

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  19. rof Member

    I can't read that but it smells cunty.
  20. rof Member

    All of you need a drug-related lecture.

    brb drugs
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  21. Poor thing, only $71,000.00 --- we should donate moar, with that he cannot do a frigging thing, it is peanuts. Remember he needed to move to Clearwater to do this, fight the Injunction, and run for Mayor. He needs a ton of money also to live and pay bills while doing all that...just ask AGP.
    /sarcasm off
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  22. TorontosRoot Member

    You obviously were NEVER in that sort of situation, so GTFO!
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  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    No too worries TR, you know this is just the usual troll-gang of culty cum-dumsters who want to slam and degrade people who actually get stuff done and such. Mostly they're scared, and stupid, but hell, they bring their own cages and shit... and frankly do us a service by making folks laugh, which is freakin' awesome because its great CV exercise, and ya know, us all hangin' around in mom's basement and such, eating and typing all day..............


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  24. vaLLarrr Member

    I love when culties show up. It proves that the LRH "tech" is just bullshit.
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  25. vaLLarrr Member

    Besides - LOL at culties attacking WBM for fundraising. Cult has 6 billion dollars plus property assets and it's still regging its followers for all their money.
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  26. TorontosRoot Member

    The bullshit tech never works. ;)
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  27. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Not only that, for all the money the have spent over the last, hm, say 20-30 years on PR, ads, on some of the worst shit ever produced by anyone, they still cannot fathom that the truth may not cost as much to get out there, as it does for them to hide it.
    Somethng liek that...

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  28. you don't know me, bitch.
    I do.
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  29. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh good, can I pass ya some crayons and twinkies and shit? ^^^ I loves the MP Twit Race stuff :p
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  30. TorontosRoot Member

    Obviously you don't know yourself, being a bitch to the cult sure helps people the wrong way.
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  31. TorontosRoot Member

    What an arse. ^ trying to facefag a family name? What an idiot.

  32. wow, amax have outdone yourself ... lulz:

    sweet looking website, nice updated place. next time someone else should book the venue.
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  33. ROFL!!
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  34. We just got hatted on how to use a search engine and found out where you evil SPs are having the anti-Scientology conference. I guarantee that I will be driving around that building with my lapdog Sarah Heller taking videos.
    Peetie Weetie Mansell
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  35. The latest threat, fresh off WWP via email:

    As I said, unless Miranda stops the BS I will namefag her.
    And I am also getting tired of the crap that some moderators are pulling.
    You will be next. I am this close | | to let it all go to shit uknowwho, Yesterday at 2:33 PMReport
    So, first I was going to be namefagged because I supposedly doxed Ed Ravel, who had published his own name years before. Then I was going to be namefagged, well, just because. Now I'll be namefagged if I don't stop the BS.

    In other news, someone else claims I was already namefagged. And someone else says I'm nice and it's all Tangerine's fault for controlling my mind.

    Oh WWP. Never change.

    (Paroxetine, you're a good guy. And yes, I am a nice person. I witnessed and became involved in some bad stuff. Eventually it hurt my conscience and I turned against it. I'm certain you of all people should understand that motivation. The only role Tangerine played was that Ed suddenly banning him for asking a simple question was the snapping point for me. If it hadn't happened at that moment it would have happened soon after.)

    PS. I am not "misinformed." I have made it very clear what I actually witnessed. To claim otherwise is simply to promote disinformation. It's simple: People should read the dox and judge for themselves.
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  36. Why does WWP keep threats up, shouldnt that be domed?
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  37. I would think domed or better, archived. Not good for the site to have public threats visible. But it's a risk they take by allowing unregistered posting. Anon posting is better because if someone does something that's really not okay the mods can tell who it is and ban them. However, in this case, I question the WWP mods' interest in getting rid of this threat-ful poster. It's very Ed--they don't get their own hands dirty but they allow some wannabe thug to do it for them. Again, the only people at WWP who have information to dox me are the mods. So if it happens, it will be quite clear who did it.

    But hey, if I was already doxed and didn't even know about it, then... oh, I don't know, whatever.
  38. Ohhh, very interesting. Well--it looks to me then like "unknowwho" must be serving the mods' purposes as they are breaking WWP rules by not banning it.
  39. In fact, I am starting to believe that uknowwho is Ed Ravel. That's speculation on my part, but the most recent threat sounds like him.

    Mods who knew my name:

    I can't think of any others offhand, unless they got it in some underhanded way.
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