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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Can I come too???
    Pleeeeaaasssee!! I will do a Big Bang Book signature event there ... and I won't charge (well, besides te price of the book, that is).

    The book is awesome, srsly, I would know. Karen LOVES it.
    Read my book.
    J Swift
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  2. Watch my video
    I would love your comments every now and then.
    Please subscribe to my channel
    Karen de la Carriere
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  3. wow, using cult tactics now?
    answer the question ... if you dare.
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  4. snippy Member

    wondererwondering - MIND YOUR OWN BEESWAX U PERV.
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  5. amaX Member

    i never joined the cult of scientology so i don't know how to use their tactics.

    i don't have to do a fucking thing you ask or demand. that's how it works in amaX's world.
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  6. A bit defensive, aren't we? Hotflashes?
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  7. Why don't you do it yourself instead of telling us what to do.

    Simply fuck you.
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  8. amaX Member

    i type what i want to trolls.
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  9. RightOn Member

    A. Not in Clearwater
    B. just making suggestions ma'am. Is that not allowed?
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  10. Quentinanon Member

    Nothing worse than the indigestion you get from CalMag or Barley Water Formula.
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  11. amaX Member

    brb...i'm going to go to the big list thread and ask you to do four or five useless things that have been suggested before and then tell you to chill when you respond. we've talked about this in private before, RO. i guess the convos will be in public now.
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  12. RightOn Member

    I NEVER asked you to do anything. Where did I ask YOU to make new signs?
    I was talking to Xandar and Father Tony.

    I welcome all help or suggestions about the Big List
    yikes! what on earth is the problem?
    And I didn't know my suggestions of signs in another language were USELESS.
    fuck this shit
  13. This is why nice things don't happen in Clearwater. Butthurt leaderfag is butthurt - over and over, like a broken record.
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  14. RightOn Member

    this was not me ^ you can ask a mod to verify. Somebody trying to pit us against each other?
    I like Ama, I ran an auction for her when she needed the help.
    we are arguing. so what
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Like David Miscavige reading speeches from Dan Sherman?
  16. amaX Member

    NO U.
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  17. fathertony Member

    No the reason nice things dont happen in CW is because there is only two people that have been doing this for a long time while everyone else has moved on AMA and six have been out there time and time again. Where were you? Were you in the belly of the beast taking on Crazy after crazy. Unless you have done it dont Monday morning quarterbacking. I have only done it a few times and I would never think of telling AMA how to protest. Just as I would NEVER tell any other cell anywhere that I think I know better then them! What works in one place may not in another dont tell people that have been doing for years that you think you know better!
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  18. Hey genius, have you bothered to think that the reason amaX and six are the only ones left in CW is because they have driven everyone else away with their bitchy, fuck you attitudes?

    In many areas the cult has shrunk. But one of the only places they have grown is in CW. More and bigger multi-million dollar buildings, more cult members (just count how many more fucking sea ogres are coming off the buses than when Xander's first hit Sea Org alley). Christ, even the Tampa Bay Times is writing about how the city officials are kissing their ass.

    I'd love to go there. But look at thread after thread of six in particular ragging on about how it had to be done her way or else fuck you. Yeah, I got totally turned off and never got there. And don't tell me you haven't seen the same thing happen to others over the years. Then look at the no-Indie at Flag Down or else fuck you by amaX. Don't tell me that hasn't turned off a lot of guys too.

    The ideal morgue in my area has more crickets chirping that culties asking if birds fly. Sorry, not saying where - I choose to post anonymously for a reason. But hey, look just about anywhere else than CW and any anon at those places could fit the bill.

    No, not telling anyone how to protest. You're right, every area is different. But if you're telling me that amaX and six are doing it right because they're the last ones standing - LOL, start thinking again like an anon instead of using something like twisted cult logic.
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  19. fathertony Member

    Did you ever think that there are three places that the cult would not want to look like are shrinking no matter what? CW BigBlue and Int base. So they will buy up properties and rehab them.(btw is the reason the city officials like them they make the city look nice) and the building gets the public to donate more money! As far as the no Indy rule I think she has made her point time and time again. I don't say I blame her eather. Hubbard was an evil man he did things to hurt people so to say that Scionolgy hurts people and talk about the abuses of the group as a whole it is counter intuative to your measage. People need to get off their fucking high horses and walk a mile in AMA'S shoes. The old scholers from the LMT days have an injunction so tell me how did what they did worked any better? Sometimes you have to be hard nosed. If at the start of all this the protesters got associated with people from the LMT things would be different! Like I said unless you come down here and do this shut your pie hole!
  20. fathertony Member

    Another thing I came down and protested with both AMA and Six before I moved to FL and never once did they tell me it was there way or the highway. We all have a common enemy and they know that. You sir are just trying to make trouble where there is none. I would walk shoulder to shoulder with AMA and Six any day they are nice people!
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  21. fathertony Member

    BTW if you are going to say thread after thread of 6 saying her way or the highway give me link to just ONE of the threads she says that!?!
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  22. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Every time she responds to me.
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  23. fathertony Member

    I dont think she ever says to you that its her way or the highway. I think when she responds to you she says you have no clue what you are talking about. Jeff correct me if I am wrong last time you were down in CW the LMT was still around. Things change ALOT. Correct me if I am wrong about this arn't you named in the injunction?
  24. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Google is your friend. Yes I am;
    Why does that matter about me answering your question?
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  25. fathertony Member

    EVERYTHING! She does not want to be associated with you for fear of getting her name added to the injunction!! So She takes a hard nose approach with you!! Think about it! use the Brain that you have.
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  26. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Gee, she has a funny way of expressing that. Besides, I'm 2000 miles away and not coming to Florida.
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  27. fathertony Member

    You know the cult they will take advantage an ANYTHING!!!!Just stop trying to insert your self into what others are doing then!
  28. Jeff Jacobsen Member

    Well there you go. I'm not supposed to share my opinion. thank you.
  29. amaX Member

    Hey, Mr. Know-it-all. Have you ever considered that the reason protest numbers have dwindled EVERYWHERE is the act that most of the original protesters were college age and they moved on to careers and other places? Oh, no. It has to be that we ran everyone off.

    Six and I weren't even organizers in the beginning. We were actually forced into organizing when the two original organizers flew the coop. Numbers had dwindled and both of them were moving on in their lives with new jobs and new places to live. No one else would step up and the only people showing up on a regular basis were Six, Clearwater Anon, and myself. So all three of us took over as organizers. CWA absconded with most of our signs about two years ago and refused to answer our begging him to please let us have our stuff back. This left six and myself replacing ALMOST EVERY FUCKING SIGN and as the only people willing to organize.

    There was safety in numbers, but everyone was moving on except for Six and me. We had out-0f-towners show up and we'd always take them out. Six protested almost every single fucking day by herself. We once protested six days in a row, took one day off, and then protested the day after that. And I'm not talking an hour downtown...we'd go all day, go get something to eat and then head back downtown again.

    Xander finally started coming from Chi-town and it was great to have someone else down here. We still went out on our own, but were always so very glad to have him show up. We also loved it when out-of-towners would join us. Sparrow is our buddy---the cult hated him being in CW so much that they made sure his restraining order meant he couldn't join us here in mecca any more. The Hotlanta Anons are awesome. We've had super cool Euros join us. We have rolled out the red carpet any day of the week for people who wanted to join us downtown. We made ourselves available for people who wanted to join us. Water, signs, bandanas, snacks, and cake were provided for them.

    I have cried tears for some of the people who protested with us for the last time because they were moving on. I think that's what bothers me the most when I see trolls bitching that we've run people off---we had a core group of people who liked and cared about each other, but life moves on.

    There have been very few noobs that have come around over the years. Most of them were scared by the cult. Six and I did everything we could to make them comfortable, but it's HARD to protest in downtown Clearwater. It's fucking creepy and that never goes away no matter how many times you've been there.

    We've also had a lot of spies in our midst and we haven't even bothered to run off most of those assholes.

    You're an idiot or a liar. The cult has not grown in Clearwater. They've spent money there, but their numbers are shrinking.

    You have NO idea how few Sea Org there is in Clearwater compared to the numbers that used to be downtown. I lived here when they were in their prime. I laugh when people talk about how many Sea Org there are in Clearwater now. Try driving through downtown and seeing 100 of them moving one way and 150 of them moving another way. Try seeing hundreds of them on all four corners of Ft. Harrison Ave. and Cleveland St. while at the same time there are hundreds of them around the Ft. Harrison Hotel. They moved in droves and you literally could not move through them. If all you've ever seen are videos of downtown Clearwater since Project Chanology started you have no idea how much the numbers have shrunk.

    You also don't have a clue to the fact that when the cult is hosting an event in Clearwater they move Sea Org from other places to Clearwater to bump up their numbers. If you're on the street looking at them you'll see that some of them have different emblems on their shirts. The Canadians have Canada on their shirts, etc.

    Miscavige also brings his own OSA minions to town when he's there. This bumps up the numbers, too.

    May I ask WHY it's Six and my fault that the city of Clearwater is kissing cult ass? Seriously? You're going to blame that on us, too?

    Go there. Do it yourself, Mr. Know-it-all. You obviously know more than us and we're doing it wrong so trot your happy ass to downtown Clearwater all by your lonesome and go for it. Nobody owns Clearwater and you know how you want it to go so go ahead and do it! Pix or it didn't happen.

    If the Indies want to have a conference in Clearwater then they can have a conference in Clearwater. This conference is for ex's and critics. It's not for scientologists of any kind. I know that some scientologists might attend, but there message is not welcome. This is not for them. Can I ask you to seriously answer something for me? Why would it make any sense to have someone get up and talk about the horrible abuses heaped upon them by LRH policy or even LRH himself and then have someone get up and talk about how LRH is perfect and it's just David Miscavige who screwed things up?

    I'd love to still be anonymous, but my identity was found when I was forced into organizing. The fairgaming has been brutal.

    Clearwater and Los Angeles and Hemet will be the last places standing for the cult. They will naturally internalize as their numbers dwindle. People will be moved into those places and for a while it will look like numbers are maintaining, but it can't go on for long like that. They need money and fresh bodies to do the shit work. I'd say Hemet will be their last stand because it's more contained and escape is much harder there.

    I'd also like to compare populations of some of the other cult cities and compare it to Clearwater. Perhaps this will give you some idea of why we don't have tons of people joining us...our city is just not that big.

    Clearwater 2012 population 108,732
    Atlanta 2012 population 443,775
    Nashville 2012 population 609,644
    Chicago 2012 population 2.715 million
    Los Angeles 2012 population 3.858 million
    New York City 2012 population 8.337 million

    Clearwater is actually quite small in comparison to major metropolitan areas and so much of our population are retirees and snowbirds.
    Tampa only adds 347,645.

    Of course you're telling us how to protest! You obviously have prior history with Six and you pissed her off with something idiotic and she called you out for it. You want to bitch and try to cause discord in our cell, but it just won't work because we truly work as a hivemind here in Clearwater. Show up in person and don't recommend something stupid and/or illegal and if the majority agrees then we'll go along with it. You have no idea how to act like an anon.
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  30. fathertony Member

    Make a pack with your self you know AMA does not want you to insert your self in anything she says or does so here is a novel idea DON'T do not share your opinion about anything AMA should do would do or could do!!! seems to solve a problem. If I take a drink of hot coco and burn my tongue I dont take another sip till it cools off!! How many times are you going to put your hand on the hot stove before you relies it is going to get burnt!
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  31. fathertony Member

    Put the EGO aside Jeff!! It is not about you!!!!!
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  32. fathertony Member

    I hope I did not speak out of turn AMA.
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  33. amaX Member

    I was nice to you many times over a long period of time, Jacobsen. I responded to your numerous suggestions telling you why things couldn't or wouldn't be done that way because things have changed. Those nice responses by me and others in the Cell only made you try harder to make us do it like you all used to do it. Videos, pix, and stories from many years ago to bolster your almost constant demands. Do this. Do that.

    You don't remember that I've taken flowers to Lisa McPherson's brick in Gaslight Alley numerous times throughout the years because of how you talked about her and about the history of the brick. We've taken pix of the brick for you when you wanted to see it. We responded nicely to you and then it just became too much.

    You wanted us to do everything like you all used to do it in the LMT. The LMT---a group that we have avoided at all cost mainly because of an injunction that has been a thorn in my side for six fucking years now. We didn't want to repeat what you all had done. That didn't matter to you.

    You started getting worse. Your demands weren't written as nicely and we finally had had enough. Why should we put up with your shit? We shouldn't. You don't live here. You have no idea what it's like here anymore.

    You just post shit to make me angry now. You troll me, but I have to respond to your fucking bullshit because you're well-regarded here on wwp. You have wasted so much of my time with your incessant whining.

    Whey don't you fuck off with the passive aggressive shit? At least let us see the REAL Jeff Jacobsen. You know---like the one I saw in the private facebook convo that someone sent me because they were disgusted with you?

    Let your balls drop, Jacobsen. Let us see the real you.
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  34. Neither babe. But if you're going to so strong to call me an idiot or liar, I have to say that I think you might be the liar.

    Dox or GTFO on your claims that they are shrinking which you've been saying for the past 5 years. Not what you think you're seeing as the only "badass-in-CW-so-you-must-believe-everything-I-say" but actual dox.

    Because here's something from the chick that blew three weeks ago who worked at Flag, i.e., recent insider eyewitness data:
    2,000 in Clearwater. I've heard estimates from you that there were only several hundreds sea ogres at Flag. What fucking math are you using to observed and figure out that they are shrinking? TrigaDelusionNometry?

    $1.5 million a week up to davey boy. That must mean they are making at least $2 million a week, probably more. That's $100 million a year. Man, that's fucking shrinking too?

    You're right, I haven't been in Clearwater. But dox I can go to are Google Earth, Xander's vids, Lonsdale vids, LMT vids, TV news vids and the Tampa Bay Times. Even Pinellas Property Appraiser site for info on cult properties. Anyone can objectively compare the before and afters. As much as I wish differently, you can see that there are definitely more staff, they are better dressed, a lot more buildings in better shape, improved relations with the City.

    And no not blaming you for the better relations in the City. But it is telling of how close the cult is to closing down. They're not and it sucks.

    How in the fuck is the cult supposed to be driven out of town by the City if things are improving with them? That means the key city officials have vested interests in the cult itself or with scilon businessmen. And that's after 40 years of Gabe Cazares, Rita Garvey, Sid Klein, the Times, LMT, Lonsdale, Anonymous, Rinderburn, bad press and a whole lotta others pounding the fuck out of getting the cult out of Clearwater. Not to mention IRS investigations, FBI investigations, etc., etc.

    If you want more, we can probably look up the water and sewage records for the cult. Why? Because it's a little researchers trick on finding out if any group is growing or shrinking.

    So, got dox to support your claims? I already know the answer. No. Because then you might have to admit that you've been doing it wrong and that some other suggestions that you've been blowing off may have been the right way to go.
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  35. fathertony Member

    David miscavage NEVER lies about numbers!! So what he said to a bunch of sea org members to get them to sleep less and work more must be true!!!!
  36. Nice, so you're able to read one sentence and then try to twist it all around to negate it. That's what the cult does.

    The sea ogres eat together, work together, sleep together, remember? So they see each other. There's no reason for a girl who just blew to exaggerate the number of staff that she saw herself. Because now she's trying to expose the cult too. In fact, I would think the tendency would be for her understate the total of culties, not overestimate it.

    Hey since you're there, why don't you just count the number of guys coming off the buses during the mealtimes that you are videoing. Tell us if it's a couple hundred or more like a thousand. And then remember that there are a whole bunch of guys probably working in the building already who don't come outside but just go down to their specially built dining room in the basement.

    Otherwise, quit the denial. That's cult shit too. Give us dox. Unless you think taking out the cult means only in online words instead of in real life.
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  37. fathertony Member

    She blew in LA not CW I'm not saying she is lying but David is dumb ass.
  38. fathertony Member

    Hello Mr Smart Ass Dumb Pants,
    You quoted The Newly Ex Sea org Numbers to prop up your Argument that there are more people here in CW. She was In LA when she blew she was quoting numbers that The Dwarf Had said. I am sorry I pointed out the flaw in your argument. Why dont you come down here and take a census I am to busy trying to confront PI's and yelling over double boom box tech.
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  39. Hey Genius,
    She was at Flag from 2006-2012, then went to Los Angeles to work at Bridge Publications:
    Everyone isn't as smart as you, so let's spell it out a little more.

    2012 is before the cult started cranking up on the Stupid Powerz building including their recruitment machine as show in all the leaked recruitment info. Even Xander has commented in his 2013 sea org alley vids on the increases he noticed.

    So she saw what was at Flag before their big push. And if the amount of sea ogres were really "several hundred" (maybe 200, 300 or whatever), like what amaX has implied or what you might think if the cult is shrinking, Jillian would know this and say it. Jillian is out AND going after the cult. She has no reason to overinflate the numbers. She is someone telling the world about how fucked up the cult is, like what she is doing. In fact, she said a dozen have blown - but still says there were 2000 at Flag as of six months ago.

    When looking back over your vids and Xander's, it looks like there are several hundred who can be seen within a few minutes despite the umbrella tech (LOL on that).

    All of us who can't travel to Clearwater due to financial reasons or whatever rely on the Clearwater cells' reports. So we get info that Clearwater is shrinking, that you can't be bothered to really get dox, that we should doubt Jillian's info because she can't possibly know.

    But what is really fucked up is if those reports aren't giving the right picture or are doctored up to make it seem like something's getting done. The only thing that does is hurt the cause to take out the cult for real.

    Because we'll keep doing the same thing that is supposedly "working" because they are "shrinking" (through six years of street protests, complaints to city officials and agencies, etc.), while in actuality the cult in Clearwater is opening up their fucking Stupid Powerz building and parks, making more dough in a week than many make in a lifetime, buying up more and more property, planning a goddamn humongous auditorium, getting more staff, well on their way to making long-term nicey nicey with city officials, etc. It fucking sucks because maybe we could have done something different earlier when we had the chance.

    But anyways, first thing first. What dox do you have on the cult shrinking? Or are you just going to continue showing off your extreme intelligence by using your kindergarten sandbox logic?

    Mr Smart Ass Dumb Pants
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  40. Hey Moron,
    Are you Karen de la Carriere or Jeffrey Augustine?

    You seem to try to defend way too much a video full of lies and you putting words on Jillian's mouth.

    So, fuck you!
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