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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by ex-Indie, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. I don't read Mike Rinder's crap anymore, but I hope he is not taking credit for what UK Anons are doing (Pete specially).
  2. Interestingly enough, all joking aside, Mike RInder tries to take credit for anything possible (just like Marty did in the past). If the scientologists change something - like no more beans and rice - it is because "they" forced it to happen. Look, assholes, YOU (Mike and Marty) never did SHIT until Anonymous started the fight. Stop riding our bandwagon, fuckers.
  3. typical Rinder, always blaming something that is not it lol
  4. Anonymous Member

    LOL at a comment on Rinder's blog being taken as gospel.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Any indication the news are false?
  6. I see no dox.

    Rinder's lied before.
  7. You are all a bunch of parrots... Talking all the same bla bla bla..

    You don't think for yourself.. have nothing real to say but bla bla bla.

    You don't know anything real... that's why you talk bla bla bla

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  8. I can't fucking believe this shit, WWP is going down the toilet.

    Anything Rinder says (with no dox) becomes "the word" here. Anonymous is being played by a total scumbag. Gratz!
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  9. Glad this matter is pissing you off. It must suck seeing Narconon exposed.

    Too bad, lol
  10. No no you are missing the point..YOU are being exposed as ignorant people
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  11. Anonymous Member

    k, I'll bite. This could be fun. Exposed how exactly?
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  12. Anonymous Member

    True, but you may have noticed it wasn't Rinder who originally came up with it (not that other Indies won't lie). As these kinds of news goes, this one is plausible.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    All you have to do is memorize the source of the information as well as the information, and then weigh it with other information.

    For example, there are no real dox for the Musical Chairs Incident, but the people who said it are fairly reliable and it jibes with Miscavige's known character. So... probably true.

    Miscavige adding more stupid shit to "ethics repair"? Sounds believable. Wait for further confirmation before bumping it up or down.
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  14. OTeleventy Member

    How long did it take you to word clear "bla bla bla"? Just curious.

    And WE'RE being exposed as ignorant. Now that's funny right there.

    Here, let me put in terms you seem to understand (when in Rome, as the saying goes): bla bla bla.
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  15. This is where I start to wonder what exactly WWP is hoping to accomplish re: Scientology.

    I thought the point was to take down/run interference against/"enturbulate" the CofS, as they deliberately and maliciously use methods of control on their members, steal their money and enforce disconnection. This appears to be more about attacking people who freely choose to believe in batshittery.

    This is why, as far as Milestone 2/Marty/Mike/Independents, I don't really give a shit. People believe all kinds of dumb shit, and always will. If a group of people want to sit in a room and write ethics reports on each other, or run websites spouting rubbish, then fair play. Do what you want. Personally I like to stick a broom handle up my arse, stuff three clementines in my mouth and dance around the kitchen to Busta Rhymes. Whatever yo.

    I don't think Mike sucks as much as Miscavige because he chooses to believe in Flying Spaghetti Monsters. I think Mike sucks because he hasn't even begun to pay off the karmic debt he accumulated while acting as DMs right hand for years, and nor will he ever. Lets not get it twisted.

    Don't get me wrong - Im all for taking the piss out of window-licking stupidity. But at some point, if someone wants to lick a window of their own free will, all you can really do is cancel your window cleaner and let the dumb bastards slobber away.
  16. Anonymous Member

    This thread is about Miscavige, not Rinder.
    There are already plenty of other threads about Rinder if that's what you want to discuss.
  17. Believe you me, when Karen gets through with the OSA they won't have a leg to stand on. They are already on their last leg thanks to her. She knows how to use what's good in Scientology and screw the rest. Mark my word for it.
  18. Anonymous Member

    And yet she left without her son. Evidently Karen doesn't know what is good at all.
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  19. Why are the Karen haters so ready to hate?
  20. veravendetter Member

    Free burgers faggot. Catch up.
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  21. It would take more than a free burger to make me hate Karen!

  22. Anonymous Member

    It's "burgers" not "burger" and it's non-stop, 24/7/365/6 Free Burgers, not just one burger and then that's it. Try to keep up.
  23. veravendetter Member

    The Big Tasty killed her son. I could've saved him but I was downing meat.
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  24. This makes very clear what it means and why it is ignorant.

    I find many of you here talking blablabla.
    You are repeating yourself and one another by being negative about Narconon over and over again .And even enjoying when negative information is available..And spreading it.Although you don't even know if it is the truth.You have now idea about it.
    You don't seem to care.You don't care about the people involved.You don't know the people involved.

    Here a nice blablabla picture (humour)

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  25. Anonymous Member

    Prove that we are wrong with documentation and facts, the same way we prove what we say. Be prepared to defend the evidence. Make no mistake about it, we do not consider any of the unsubstantiated and not scientifically proven data provided by Narconon proof.

    So do you have there little troll? I'm up for a good round of sparring to keep up my debate skills.
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  26. Who are you ? Anonymous ?
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  27. Anonymous Member

    We are your hairdresser, your mechanic, your child's teacher's cousin's lawyer's publican's brother's friend's workmate's computer technician's university lecturer . . . we are legion. Who are you, again?
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  28. Anonymous Member

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  29. You know,this sounds real creepy....But then again.. I know.
    I am very aware of all these things,believe me.

    Being anonymous is okay, but sometimes not.
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  30. fishypants Moderator

    What bearing does this have on Narconon?
  31. YOU prove what YOU are saying is true !
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  32. TrevAnon Member

    Fishypants has done just that by pointing to the wikipedia entry about Narconon.

    For your convenience: here is the link:

    Please word clear this including the references.

    Then please come back with any evidence you have.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Not this again. So you got nothing, right? No argument, debate, facts, statistics, documentation? Your answer is "You prove it?"

    Already bored with this troll. Please send another for our amusement.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Cryistall7, as I am not sure you are aware of this, I'll just point out that everyone can post here as Anonymous. Multiple people are doing just that in this thread, so don't assume that the poster Anonymous is one person.

    You accused everyone here to not care. I for one, actually care. I even care about Joanna and her staff. They are doing something they passionately believe in, so this scrutiny is tough going for them.

    But Narconon is a dangerous and amateurish rehab. Every professional rehab and even some not-so-professional one have a WTZi registration. The fact that Narconon pulled out, should be a clue for you that you guys really don't know how to run a professional and safe drug rehab.
  35. Glad to hear you care for Joanna and the staff.
    I do too.And I care for the people doing the program. And they should be free tot do that.

    I am well informed about the whole story of the WTZi-registration etc.

    I disagree about Narconon ( Netherlands) not being a safe rehab.
    The term "professional" doesn't mean much to me. It is not a guarantee for being good or safe.
    I have seen professional rehabs where treatments were very dangerous because of the high dose medication were given such as Concerta double dosis to a girl sixteen years old .She became very sick (vomitting ,dizziness) and had such severe palpitation that she needed to go to the hospital.And this was in a well known clinic in the Netherlands.All other young people in the clinic were all on heavy medication, Ritalin, Zyprexa,Concerta, anti-depressants ,oxazepam etc.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Chriystall7, as far as people being free to do the program: in my view Narconon has every right to help people in need, as long as they do so within legal boundaries. Would that be something we can both agree on? My concern is that there are several areas in which Narconon is skirting these boundaries. I could be wrong (in fact, I have been proven wrong on one account) but I feel it's important that Narconon takes such concerns serious.

    Anyways, one thing I'm curious about (and I hope you'll be willing to give me an honest answer) is a reponse to the rumors that somebody died in Narconon Netherlands in 2006. As far as I am concerned this is not bad in itself - I am certain that every drug rehab has to deal with somebody dying in their centre every once in a while. But unless Narconon explains what happened if and when such incidents occur, I'm afraid people like myself will continue to assume Narconon is not safe.
  37. ^TROLL^
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  38. Well, that is not very nice.I was just having a good conversation with a member. Who asked me a question .I wanted to answer.
    I am not a troll. I am a woman , a nice person too.I am not into scientology .Not working at Narconon .
    And yes, I have a opposing viewpoint. That is no reason to remove my posts it?
    I am seriously doing my best to have a honest and open conversation..
    So please put back my (last) posts and the answer of your member.
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