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  1. At least as far as I can figure out. They have better musicians as well. They sound like they have kick ass events. I would have no problem with them and would support them if I lived in Toronto.

    It is unfortunate that they have such a similar name to the Scilon front group called Artists For a Better World.

    It was not my intention to make a thread but to merely post this information.

    But if you feel you have anything more to add, then feel free to add more.
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  2. Didn't Paul Haggis form a group with a similar name?
  3. AuntAnonymous Member

    Paul Haggis' group Artists for Peace and Justice, do real stuff and with real artists to save real people.

    Artists for a Better World congratulate each other on how beautiful their artwork is and how well they perform. The Toronto Artists for a Better World comprises about 200 members and most are well known $cilons. (I always feel sorry for an aspiring artist who gets sucked into this group and their love bombing ways.)
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  4. Thanks for the clarification.

  5. You are right. They are mainly well known Scilons.

    Only in their wildest dreams are they well known artists.

    They only wish...
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