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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. The Internet Member

    Yes it is important to condemn the initiation of violence in the streets regardless of the batshit ideas people have in their heads.

    I don't think we should allow the world's oligarchs to divide us into left v right, woman v man, white v black, immigrant v citizen, etc. Instead we should understand and care for the basics that we need for civilization to survive.

    One of those basics: give all the authority to use violence to "We the People" as a collective.

    Putin created an Antifa in Russia. Then he used his volunteer army of idealistic young people to target and harass his political opponents, whom he tends to brand as "Nazis."
  2. Careful now The Internet or Penny will return with his accusations of Nazism being alive and well in this forum.

    He's compensating for his extremely small cock .
  3. Think on motherfuckers. Did you honestly think that Nazism would be tolerated here? Oh wait ..

  4. Dude you're an embarrassment both to yourself and the rest of us in this forum.
    Stomping around accusing anons of being Nazis isn't entirely appropriate or accurate either.
    If you want to be taken seriously please conduct yourself in a more refined manner and treat your fellow anyone with greater respect than you've previously shown here.

    Your accusations are insulting and offensive to all of us. No one here has shown any kinship to the Nazi party or its affiliates.
    Quite the opposite if anything.
  5. Some people in here clearly have no fucking clue what they are talking about. Also hitler had very stylish hair.


  6. eIOlLph.jpg
  7. For the most part he was misunderstood .
    He loved children so much that he ate two for breakfast every morning.
  8. His hair style reflected his personality , straight and precise in every way.
  9. Pontifex , I spy you in that collage sucking on some cock.
    Everything they say about you must be true :eek:
  10. The Internet Member

    I found an Antifa MILF who seems pretty cool. When she's asked about Antifa violence she gives the standard tu quoque, "What about right wing violence?" She goes on to say that the level of violence coming from Antifa is minor --punching people and breaking windows is pranking. In contrast, 88, I mean Heather Heyer and KKK cross burnings.

    Thing is, when your enemy is creating fake Antifa accounts promoting violence, when they dress up like Antifa at protests and do violent things, you need a way to explain to people that those guys are not your guys.

    If you simply say, "We don't do violence unless in self defense and there's no other choice," you've made it possible to dissociate yourself from the ratfuckers out to turn the public against you. Easy peasy. So just do that, Antifas. It's a no brainer.
  11. She's sporting that redneck double denim ensemble a dead giveaway if ever there was one.
  12. White Tara Global Moderator

    Antifa, losing the strategic battle of public perception against a more disciplined coordinated evil bunch of pricks is one thing, Antifa dragging the moderate minded left into their shitfight is quite another. They need to remember that the vast bulk of us lefty liberal types never ever went hard left in the first place. To attempt to tarnish us all, let alone intimidate us by maintaining we of the soft left aren't 'doin it right enough' is as fucked up as the alt right itself. Antifa, is actually the minority voice of the left seeking in part to bully us all into submission, and if they wind up getting all protest activities made illegal, then we are all fucked, and Antifa will have delivered us all into hell.

    There are more ways than one to skin a cat, the my way or the highway arrogance of Antifa pisses me off. So excuse me if I continue plodding on with legal and peaceful means of protest, time has proven it works well and it helps people.
  13. The Internet Member

    Lacy MacAuley is a legit Antifa. She's done interviews on 20/20 and The Daily Show. Her Facebook shows human rights activism going back maybe 10 years.

    All Antifa has to do is, say "We only do violence in self defense." That's it. Then the ratfuckers can't create "the violent left" narrative, as they've been doing pretty rabidly on Fox News and the rest of the echosphere for the past year or so.

    "The violent left" narrative is extremely dangerous. If it catches on sufficiently we can turn more authoritarian in a short period of time.

    I feel like my request for a "only in self defense" rock solid policy from Antifa is not too much to ask. Retards who want to break windows can still break windows. Long time supporters of Antifa just have to say, "that's not us."

    What do you think Penny? Maybe you could ask Lacy on her Facebook to answer us in this thread.
  14. The Internet Member

    Good article and interesting comments.

    Hey this commenter gets a fakey fakey vibe from Antifa like I do:
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  15. Off your meds again Penny?
    Get that tin foil out of the drawer and make yourself a hat it'll stop the voices in your head and we won't have to read your shit posts.
  16. Then fuck off.
  17. "Infantile" You wear it well.
  18. That's quite a big word for you Penny, it's also a sharp departure from your usual rhetorical style of posting which I might add is boring beyond description.

    Did your parents help you post it or another responsible adult like your mental health carer.

    Do remember to take those meds of yours regularly and keep to the prescribed dosage at all times otherwise these nonsensical outbursts of yours will get worse resulting in you looking even more of a twat than usual.
  19. "Free Speech Week" is scheduled for Sept. 24-27 on the University of California Berkeley campus.

    I strongly urge members here living in or around Berkeley, to show up and witness the event. Film it, document it. And then come back here with a way better informed perspective of Antifa than the one that has been served up here and portrayed as being gospel.

  20. Bladdy blah blah etc.

  21. As i said. "Infantile"
  22. You're also boringly repetitive too.
    But with someone of your limited intelligence it's understandable. After all what are you 14?

    Back to your mom's basement and get on with the keyboard warrior shit it's all you are good for.
  23. Penny initially I thought your posts naïve in their simplicity and a little patronising. However after reading them from the beginning I find them imbecilic in quality and completely lacking in understanding on the topic at hand.

    If you use hashtags like the one you just did * #Research* then let me suggest you practice what you preach.

    Must try harder would be my final remark on your end of term report.

    Hopefully when you reach maturity you'll develop a deeper understanding of the purpose of research and how to further adapt it on posting here.

    Going off at a tangent is of no earthly use in this forum.

  24. Pffffffft .. Dude .. You wouldn't understand the word "Research" if it jumped up and bit you on the ass. And if you're supposed to be the resident attack dog (Anon The Other) around here, you're not doing a too good a job of it. You're obviously under the misguided assumption that I'm somewhat of a pussy .. BIG mistake.

    You must be the sacrificial Alt-Right Nazi noob around here.

    Christ .. You cannot even spell " patronising." correctly

    Get off my fucking timeline.
  25. The Internet Member

    I heard that Milo, the gay guy with the black boyfriend, will be speaking. So if you want to argue that Milo should not be allowed to speak because he is "normalizing hate speech," you will need to explain how Milo is a white supremacist in a manner that convinces 60 year-olds in the midwest. Otherwise you fail at this PR game.

    The Alt-Right will probably have a few of their own dressed in black and ready to assault someone who "might be a Nazi." You'd better be ready to explain why that is not "Antifa."

    I've already laid out how Antifa could win this game: Antifa just needs to be clear that it condemns the initiation of violence toward people or property, full stop. But Penny, you don't seem to like this winning strategy. Is losing somehow more fun?
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  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    I would ask you Penny, if you think its in the infinite spectrum of possibility that masquerading infiltrators are indeed among the Antifa brethren?. the alternative would suggest that some acts of violence, provoked and unprovoked, are being willfully enacted and possibly sanctioned by 'Antifa'
    So which is it?
  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    Perhaps a better thread title would have been 'The Antifa discussion thread, where we discuss the relative pros and cons of a movement.'
    But perhaps that would have been too wordy :rolleyes:
  28. The Internet Member

    Everybody needs to understand what's been happening in Ukraine, Putin's little psyops laboratory. A "violent far-left" narrative was used to justify the sudden imposition of dictatorial presidential powers in January 2014.
    This could happen here, under Trump. You know that kind of power would give Trump a stiffy.

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  29. The Internet Member

    Or maybe,

    'The Antifa discussion thread, where we discuss the relative pros and cons of a movement nobody can pronounce because they just heard about it recently. But it is totally legit according to a guy named Penny."
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  30. On a serious note, I have been involved in various forms of activism for the past 20 years, and I can assure you that for as long as antifa has been around, they have been stirring shit up and causing trouble at otherwise peaceful protests. Nobody liked them then, and nobody likes them now
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  31. Dude GTFO . You're an asshole.
  32. The Internet Member

    In Europe or US? In the US groups would call themselves "Black Block." "Antifa" is new.
  33. I'm from Canada, that crazy place that is neither europe nor U.S.
    That being said, Antifa has had a presence in north america since the 80's, especially around the political punk leftist scene.
    Black Block has never been a ''group'' but it is a tactic used by some protesters, namely Antifa protesters
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  34. The Internet Member

    I believe you. I am not woke or anything.

    The first I noticed the punchy emo stuff was Seattle around 99-2000 when people were upset about a WTO meeting. Then later a few things like that, mostly in the Pacific Northwest. People told me that was "black block," which I later realized was not a group but a style of protest used by anti-corporate socialist or communist protesters. Or the more paranoid. Or people who just like fire and breaking things.

    Trump's inauguration protest had a black block group called "DisruptJ20" which set some cars on fire. At the time I don't remember anyone saying "Antifa." That I first heard when the Alt right held a pro-Trump "Free Speech" thing at Berkeley. Since then "Antifa" comes up a lot. But it still seems a bigger deal in the Pac NW than anywhere else --not really worthy of the attention given by the right wingers or, well, my parents who now think "the far left" are a big scary deal.
  35. The Internet Member

    Hey TYT agrees with me. They don't think people should be violent when Milo and others speak at Berkeley.

  36. Come the revolution, the running dog hegemony of the Fox News parents will be swept aside by the massive polemical tide of the organised proletariat.

    Or, put more succinctly, do have a word in the parental ear. Something like "Fox, very bad people" might swing it.

  37. Extremism is always bad, whether it comes from the left or the right, and it should always be called out.
    As a classical liberal, I'm apalled at how many people on the left these days are willing to support the use of violence to silence free speech.
    I think its even more important to defend the free speech of people with whom I disagree with, and it's also more important to call out the bullshit coming from my side of the aisle

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