The Anonymous DVD

Discussion in 'Finished Projects' started by AnonymousUnanimous, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. The Anonymous DVD

    This thread started on Enturb, then the idea/project moved to Marcab after Enturb crashed, then moved to SEx for support and development.

    The admins of SEx are threatening to shut the site down due to decreased member activity and lack of $$$.

    Therefore, I'm serving up some tasty copypasta back to the source. The DVD project comes full circle.

    WE NEED MOAR FAIRGAME FOOTAGE! The need for such is never satisfied, so if you have RAW footage, un-pixlefied by the ravages of the internet, then POST POST POST FAGGOTS!!!

    Thanks to ScudMuffin for taking up the helm as editor for this project.

    alpanon And Co. have come up with a massive list of links and videos to include, which you can browse through by visiting the link to the Marcab Page (below). We've got the packaging figured out. I'm still finishing up a CD case insert for it, but I did manage to get a standard DVD case insert finalized and posted, which is also below.

    Marcab Thread (video list) >> Scientology Hate Crimes DVD Project

    We've got a fuckload of clips to use depicting scilon aggression toward anons, I personally think we need to include the staples here, (i.e. Lisa M., Ops Snow white and Freak out, perhaps clips from Graham Berry's speech that was on Enturb's homepage.)

    Priorities: Keep it serious, high quality, and professional. Also, if there are any suggestions on the packaging, please post them. I've still got the original PSD, so it can be edited to perfection.

    These are decreased in size and resolution, links to full rez images are beneath each pic.



    More footage plox, more suggestions.
  2. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Suggestions have included, once the DVD is finished, giving the ISO/MPEG and packaging its own URL (youfoundthedisc) for easy downloading and distribution.
  3. narCONon Member

  4. Hidrogen Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    I would definitely include Berry Graham's and Jason Beghe's speeches in Hamburg!
  5. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    I prefer the white case insert, however "faith for finance" needs to be easier to read, maybe a larger/different font, change to the background or different colour text. Maybe reduce the size of the "what you were never supposed to know about the "church" of scientology" and move it further to the bottom right too.

    Otherwise everything is looking great, I am really glad that the ball is still rolling on this one, please make sure that every bit of dvd space is taken up by all the footage that anons got assaulted and fairgamed to get. This really is great stuff, and would be great to send to the lazy media.
  6. xenuluvsu Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    this is great. def a must for protest handouts.
  7. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Things to include:

    The Subway Incident
    Battle Creek assault
    Shawn Lonsdale
    Moxon's legal threats against AGP
    Assault on Anon Orange
    Assault on Tommy Gorman
  8. the anti Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    there was one AnonOrange recorded last raid, me asking one of thm how they found my name and where i live and not responding, can we use that?
  9. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Sounds good to me as long as you don't mind evidence of this face/name fagging on the DVD. If you have the raw footage, upload it to a file host site and post the link. I broke the story about AnonOrange's assault on SEx and got in touch with him as quick as I could, and he agreed to do an interview regarding the attack for the DVD.

    This goes for the rest of you. If you have sum raw footage goodness, upload it to something like rapidshit and post the ling.


    Lings to helpful jewtubes that haven't already been posted on the Marcab thread are equally appreciated. Or, if you have an idea for something akin to AnonOrange's interview (i.e. non-conventional footage, reenactments, etc.), please keep 'em coming.
  10. Re: The Anonymous DVD


    Scientology DVD Project: Copypasta from Marcab - Scientology Exposed
    SEx is here to stay, so WWP Anons will be working in conjunction with SEx Anons. If you've got shit with SEx Anons, stick to posting in this thread.

    This project transcends petty faggotry, or is at least trying very hard to. Leave your self importance at the door.
  11. PFD Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD


    We've been handling out that other dvd that was made agesss ago at raids so can't wait to get this one because we really need a new dvd :p
  12. indeedindeed Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD


    "Why kill cats when we can kill you?" (1:45)

    Tel Aviv, Israel, August 15th 2008
  13. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Wow! Some great vids in here.

    OK, had this on the back burner due to another project I had on the go. Bar one day that is fixed, I have no other work to do on the project so this is now in full swing.

    Any other videos of interest, get them up here.

    Also looking for talks about scientology by ex-members, demonstrations of stuff like TRs (both set up and on the street), bizzarre behaviour. This will go for a video on the dvd called 'Normal Behavior?'

    The idea of the second video is to highlight what happens to people in the cult and how they act when the cult starts getting to them.
  14. alpanon Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    New posts from Marcab (also copied onto sEX):

  15. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    I know stu has a bunch, be sure to PM him or something.

    I assume you have the first fair game montage we made a while back? Mine is in that one, so if you have that, good. Otherwise I have to re-edit it to get the subtitles in.
  16. the anti Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    i think AO recorded it

  17. Vinonymous Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    The Interview with the guy at the end of this seems kinda poignant... I can send whoever's doing the /actual/ compiling the original if you like, me being the one who recorded it... xD
  18. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Can't wait to get this dvd out. Recent events have only made me more excited for the official release.
  19. Anonynamefag Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    What do we have in so far?
  20. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Currently a new fair game vid.

    Working on a "Co$ Trap" vid storyboard

    Basic way they get you in animation working into how they keep you in the cycle of paying them and going back.

    That's the main things atm

    Still looking for material on the "is this normal vid" for TR demonstartions (both setup and on locations).

    Fair game is easy, but the three together will give us (hopefully) 3 films at 20 minutes.

    Going to add the how to start your own cult vid and maybe the Co$ b/w film about the girl who's in.

    Just getting the edits right, knowing what to keep and what not to keep.
  21. terryeo2 Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    The problem with getting video material past the TR demonstration video is that the material is in text form. There are video lectures, but they are LONG, and they drag (can YOU stand 500 hours of Hubbard's dribble?).

    I think the better way to approach the "Is This Normal" section would be to show all of the infomercial-style advertising that is pushed in a public Scientologist's face. All of the campy "WIN AFTER WIN AFTER WIN" videos, and some IAS clips would work here. Maybe a montage of the jargon that Scilons have to learn, with some explanations of how indoctrination works could be added.
  22. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    No, there's a vid of Jesse Prince and Someone else demoing the TR's. From that it's getting people practicing the stuff in real life.
  23. BlooAnon Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    I'm not sure if this is the final look for the cover (either black or white), but it's very busy. You don't know where to focus your attention or what to read first. It's very cluttered with all the imagery and text, as if it was squished in just to fit. Maybe change the size of font?
  24. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

  25. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    [ame=]YouTube - Martineau Interview Jean Paul dubreuil (with subtitles) ex scientology member[/ame]
  26. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Any word on a release date yet Scud? If possible, I'd love a couple weeks notice so I've got plenty of time to do what I do best. $$$PUBLICIZE.$$$
  27. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Also, I've looked through all the suggestions about the cover work and I am making adjustments according to the Hive Mind's will. I'll have some new shit posted up pretty soon.

  28. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Release Date...pft. Still cutting and chopping. Should have the fair game section cut in draft for the end of next week, then we'll need to get the voice over. Should have the How it works storyboard finished by then with a draft script so I can cut the thing together somewhat.

    If someone can raise farcical psudonym that would be great, otherwise anyone who can do a calm factual script and voice or team up with someone for that please pm me (ideally work out the script and record line by line).

    And thanks for those two vids, I'll check them out later.
  29. Re: The Anonymous DVD

    ^^If you send me what you plan on using for the fair game section, or at the least a list of lings in the order you plan to use them in, I can get a script written up in a couple days, can't help you with narration though.
  30. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Did you get the videos of the assaults on casper? They are three now. Also, him and some other guys were being stalked yesterday, and there's a video of that too.
  31. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Who's casper? Post a link or pm me a link
  32. skoek Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    This is FANTASTIC!

    If you need help with distribution, let me know.

    Also, I'm happy to do a writeup when this is released for you guise.
  33. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    cool. My hard disk has gioven up the ghost but everything is backed up so nothing is lost. Aside from the drive. TBH after 5 years of near constant use it was coming sooner rather than later.

    Eitherway, it's getting replaced asap and we'll be back on track without it affecting anything. Except maybe how much I go out the house ;)
  34. Timmibal Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    post for eventual release info.

    I have a nice big spool of disks ready for this baby.
  35. Re: The Anonymous DVD


    Get in touch with me on Jewtube when scud drops a release date for collaboration of promotional efforts.
  36. DamOTclese Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Include the Atlanta Georgia fascist police officer turn out for the first two raids as well since the insane Scientology crime syndicate went crying to the police and make all kinds of fraudulent claims about Anonymous which motivated the fascists to come out and prace around like neo-Nazi faggots.
  37. Level60Anon Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Awesome idea, the masses will surely flock to this and learn the truth about Co$ and support the cause.

    Very willing to help with distribution of the dvd throughout Canada, and with anything else. I'm a multimedia student so I think I can offer some quality assistance.:cool:
  38. AnonVoice Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    I don't know if this is mentioned on any of the other sites, but we should anticipate handing this out to people who know nothing about Anonymous. There are several adds from Youtube that would be helpful, "Message to Scientology", "What is Anonymous", and "We Run This" come to mind. Obtain the rights to use them, and replace the video with something of DVD quality but retain the audio. Plus it has the added bonus of comming from Anon's own mouth. This may sound dumb but I know a lot of people that know nothing about Chanology or Anonymous and this may give them a better understanding of it. But this may have been done in the previous vid or has been planned for the one being made, and in that case fucken ignore me LOL!
  39. anongurl7 Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD


    Must include videos by 13heathens on youtube that scientifically and philosophically rips LRH and Scilontology to shreds. Must include for great justice!
  40. AnonVoice Member

    Re: The Anonymous DVD

    Only problem with that is that they are not DVD quality. But they are good.
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