The alt-right are gay

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    Not that there's anything wrong with that. I am just saying that my gaydar pings when I hear these guys talk.

    Peter Cvjetanovic rejects the racism, cruelty, fascism, and ideology of the white supremacists. So why is he a leader within alt right groups like Identity Europa? Gosh. I dunno. There's just a je ne sais quois about the alt right.

    Well Peter, if you reject the ideology all that's left is the style. And that style involves cut guys all sporting a fashy undercut moving and chanting together and struggling to sort out who will play master and who will be servant.

    Milo fans, Richard Spencer, and a lot of these alt right dudes need to ditch political rallies and start putting on raves with fascist cos play. They will have a great time, nobody will die, and the KKK won't benefit from their actions. They might even inspire new music with a great rhythm and a fresh look. They might make money.

    Someone please pass along my advice to Peter and his buddies.
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    Some Nazis also think the alt-right are gay.

  3. They worship white male bodies and ignore the wimminz
  4. Sum of dem gehays is fugly and the wimminz is happy bein ignored by dem.
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    They sure do complain about girls a lot. They won't let them in their sekret tree houses where the serious business is discussed.

    Not wanting girls to hang out with you doesn't seem all that hetero to me.

    I bet Tom Cruise would feel right at home with these super intense guys.
  6. Yeah , if the home has a closet.
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    The alt-right club, "the Proud Boys" got their name from a show tune.

    The official font for the Proud Boy tat:


    Street fighters go to jail. But if I were in jail I would not want that tat anywhere on my body.
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    This guy also gets a gay vibe from the alt right.

    Because yeah, always "white men... white men..." It's like they forgot that white women exist. Occasionally they seem to remember but then they're cranky.
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    Red Ice Creations is a big player in the alt-right. It's an example of a site that started out as general conspiracy theory crankery that later became more political and began echoing Kremlin propaganda. Some info from
    Example content:
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    Some info about the man behind Red Ice:

    Henrik Palmgren is a Swedish alt-right[1][2][3][4] political vlogger, YouTube personality, and host of the Swedish ethno-centric[5] Red Ice news platform[6][7][8](Red Ice Radio and Radio 3Fourteen), founded in 2003. His program frequently hosts a wide variety of content, including white nationalism, antisemitic theories, the paranormal, and philosophy, frequently from a far-right perspective. Its focus has now shifted to the alt-right, focusing on themes such as the white genocide conspiracy theory and hosting guests such as Ingrid Carlqvist, Richard B. Spencer, Kevin B. MacDonald, Steve Sailer, Andrew Anglin and Colin Robertson, among many others. His views can be described as Pro-European, Traditionalist and, as described most recently in an interview with Hotep Jesus, supportive of Ethno-nationalism.[9]

    In May 2017 The Forward reported that Palmgren is collaborating with white nationalist Richard B. Spencer to forge a new media company.[10]

    Together with the also Swedish nationalist publisher Daniel Friberg from Gothenburg Henrik Palmgren plays an important role in the American alt-right and also took part in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.[11]
    Personal life[edit]

    Originally from Kungälv, Palmgren has lived in Oregon for many years.[11] He is married to Lana Lokteff, who is also associated with the alt-right.[12] His brother, Fredrik Palmgren, also assists in productions, and the two worked together in music before Red Ice.
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    Hey Gay Nazi, I did a google image search on your posters and learned about an excellent troll. People in Lund, Sweden became annoyed with an annual Nazi march in honor of Karl the 12th who is buried there. The march was growing in size every year. So they put up banners and posters advertising a "Nazi Gay Pride Parade" in advance of the march, lol.

    The results also pointed me to an old book analyzing the writings of a group of men from Weimar Germany who eventually became enthusiastic Hitler fans. The Amazon reviews of that book conclude that insecure guys over-do the machismo act. They glorify masculinity and ridicule things that seem feminine or weak. Externalizing their own sense of vulnerability makes it possible for them to attack it as something alien to themselves. That's what they're doing when they ridicule immigrants, women, Jews, the disabled, etc. It gives them a strength buzz that keeps them from blowing their brains out. At least that is my take on what reviewers were trying to say.

    The repeated theme of "male good; female bad" explains the fag vibe these guys give off even when they are mostly hetero.

    It's kind of not fair to gays to say that Nazis are gay because most of the fags I've known get along with women okay. Although I have known a couple who really didn't like women very much.
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  12. The fact that you had to say that is a dead giveaway of your dishonest intentions. Typical leftist trap: you want to belittle someone, so you use the term that is used to belittle people that you claim not to agree with, yet you still use it, but "ironically". That is one of the reasons everyone outside the extremist left hates extremist left.

    Please tell me more about Identity Europa. If they do not systematically adapt violence (actual violence; telling a mtf transfag that he is still a man, only dickless and a fag is not violence) or hate speech ("you are a fag", "transsexuals are mentally ill" and "Make America Great Again" are not hate speech), and you still think that they are fascist because they believe in traditional values, you are what's wrong with today's world.

    Right wing opinions are not synonymous with fascism. The love for one's country, culture and civilization, for one's race, for one's land and history is not fascism and is not hate crime. Wanting the segregation of different races and cultures is not hate crime - if anything, it is love crime, because if anything, segregation serves preservation of the distinctiveness of races and cultures. In fact, the major fascist movement in the United States nowadays is Antifa. They systematically use violence, intimidation tactics, actively ruin dissidents' lives wherever they gain political power (so, everywhere in private business in the United States), and mark everyone who dares to disagree with them as "Nazi" or "fascist" (insulting by that everyone who had ever experienced real nazism or fascism, rendering the words absolutely meaningless and contributing to the evil of violent extremism becoming forgotten and bound to repeat in the future. And that is actually what the left in the United States [well, those that are active in politics and on the streets in the US right now, not necessarily all the people with left-leaning views] wants, because they are marxists/communists and rape, murder, genocide and looting are their endgame, as is proven by the entire history of the communist/marxist ideology).

    "The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists" - it is said to have been said by Winston Churchill. Whether he actually said it or not is debatable, but if he did, he was right.

    Please elaborate.

    Hey, Milo's gay, you can't criticize him nor his fans.

    But I guess he's not "real gay", because he is not a communist.

    Hypocrisy is one, and this kind of delusional, one-sided rhetoric of "you are either with us or against us" and "being against us means you are evil" is another reason why everyone outside of extremist left hates extremist left and why you are bound to lose. Thank God for that.
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    Hey Anonymous person, I am not an extremist leftie. I oppose Antifa because they promote the idea that initiating violence with fascists during protests is a good idea.

    I see the basic principle of communism (give what you can to the group but don't take more than you need) working on a small scale, like a family, a collection of friends, or a church. But I notice that a pack of wolves somehow rises to the top within communist parties once they get big enough.

    Communism in practice fails to check the consolidation of power into the hands of a few. So communism on a national scale winds up looking like fascism. At least with fascism you know you're getting an authoritarian political system right up front. With communist movements that is more of a surprise arriving at a later date.
    Racial segregation isn't love, you silly person. Because what happens when people don't want to be segregated?
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    Antifa have political power in private business everywhere? Time to put down that crack pipe, son.

    Antifa are a few hundred people in the US at best. Most of them live near San Francisco. One of the leaders, Sunsara Taylor, is a Maoist and a member of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA. Have you ever met a Maoist in your entire life? Communists in the US are about as popular as genital warts.

    For decades US communist parties have been getting covert financial support from Russia which uses them to spread disinfo and civil unrest. I'm guessing Putin is giggling like a school girl right now cuz he gets to play games of controlled opposition in the US like he does at home.
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    That's true. In fact conservative Republicans used to shun far right extremists. William F Buckley once said that the “mischievous unreality” of the John Birchers “placed a great weight on the back of responsible conservatives.” But by the 1970s the sensible right were crawling into bed with far right groups because they wanted their votes. Extremists are black-and-white thinkers vulnerable to manipulation. Associate your political enemies with a group's vision of evil while linking your party with their vision of goodness and you've got a loyal voter for a lifetime.

    Old guard Republican leaders contained and controlled the John Birchers, anti-taxers, theocrats, and neo-Confederates for a long time. But then the OG died. Sad. Now the Republicans --once the party of Lincoln and Eisenhower-- are under the thumb of a baby-man.
    Your head is probably full of wrong ideas about race because that is a strange thing to love. Do you love blue eyed people more than brown eyed people?

    Also, you can enjoy something, like your home town and its history, without turning your enjoyment into a political struggle against others who don't feel the same way.
    This thread is about the alt-right. Are you trying to tell me that the alt-right isn't led by Neo-Nazis?

    "Don't fuck Nazis.

    Advice for all sexual persuasions.
  17. You may claim to oppose Antifa all you want, even more, your claims may be even true, but the fact that you used the word "fascist" in this exact post to refer to a group of people solely on the basis that they love their country and want to protect it from external threat by any means necessary or that they support the President of their (and yours I suppose) country shows that you're no better than Antifa.

    Communism cannot work because it's inherently illogical and unfair. Why the fuck would I give you anything for free? Fuck you! Give me something in return or get the fuck out! I worked hard for my shit, and it's mine. If you want shit, you need to work hard for it too. I don't want to give anything for free to anyone. No matter what you call it, even if it's through taxes, if I'm forced to do so, it is theft. I don't want any part of my salary to go to some lazy ass motherfucker who won't go to work and will suck off the state instead to feed a pathological family whose kids will be thugs in the future and possibly beat me up to death because they happened to be drunk and stumble upon me on the street at night.

    Communism is inherently unfair because it assumes that everyone deserves the same outcome. Prepare for the final redpill: no one deserves anything. Everyone needs to work for anything they want.

    You don't deserve shit. You are not necessary. You are not smart. You are not beautiful. You are not special. You are not talented. You are just one of 7 or 8 billion people in the world. Nobody gives a single fuck about you, and the world certainly won't lose anything valuable when you die. You are only valuable to yourself and to your family. So don't expect anyone from outside that close circle to want to put any of their hard work to you so you can spend that on drugs and alcohol.

    I agree with the last part, I figured that might be the reason why some less intelligent and more ignorant people might think communism is good. Nazis openly said "we want to kill people and grab land", while communists managed to fool people with their lies about revolution and helping the poor. But the truth is that Nazis' death toll is laughable. It's a fucking joke. In comparison with communists' death toll. Communism is the second most murderous ideology I have ever heard of (though there may be more that I haven't heard of).

    I feel like one can't be THIS retarded, so I just assume that if someone identifies as a communist or agrees with any one communist or marxist idea, they're an evil person. Of course, I'm not retarded like those lefty fags in the US and I won't "punch a commie", but if a time comes when commies decide to "revolt" (with arms) again, I will gladly kill every communist motherfucker, regardless of their sex or age, that stands in my way.

    People naturally want to keep to their social groups, so that's not a problem. Some marginal exceptions aside, everyone will rather be around people they have the most (culture, race, social status) in common with. You can see that in your so-called "multicultural" countries - every race and every culture keeps to themselves and forms semi-closed enclaves where, except for Islamic enclaves, people of other cultures and races may enter, but it's not like they'll be at home. That is a problem, because in this system, a kind of countries within countries, or cities within cities, form. No one noticed the problem until it became violent, but with Islamic immigration to Europe, the Muslim enclaves that formed started housing terrorists, because they're of the same culture. And Europe can't fight terrorists, because "muh personal responsibility", "muh civil rights", "not all Muslims" etc. Europe needs to deport each and every single one of the immigrants accepted into its territory in the last few years, because it is impossible to infiltrate the enclaves to anyone outside, it is impossible to control people there, it is impossible to distinguish regular people from terrorists until it's too late. Fuck their civil rights and fuck where they want to live in. The original citizens of their own countries, the ones that built those countries and accepted immigrants as guests, should be a priority and if their safety is threatened by some of the immigrants, and there is no way to distinguish the good immigrants from the bad ones, well, a pity, but fuck them all. It's not like a genocide is the only way out. Europe just needs to deport them and secure their borders for the future. No need for violence.

    "But what if someone doesn't want to be deported?". That doesn't matter. A criminal doesn't want to be arrested and put in prison, but if he resists, he will be forced. In war, civilians don't want to leave their homes, but if the area is being evacuated and they resist, they will be forced. Your personal freedom can be sacrificed in extreme cases. So, if immigrants resist deportation, they should be forced. That's simple. I'm not even aware of any country NOT having laws allowing the police or military to use force in such a situation.

    Not Antifa, the left in general, which Antifa is a part of.

    Well, in fact I hate people in general, but I hate white people less than I hate black people or asian people or whatever other people, because I have more in common with white people than other races.

    Your assumption that my political struggle (although it's a silly way to put it, because I just shitpost on the Internet) needs to be against anything. If anything, I view mein kampf (ha ha) as a struggle not against, but for something, that is the preservation of things that I relate to, some of them being more important to me, and some less. Circles.

    There are people more important and less important to you. That is, if you're a mentally healthy, well-developed person. Like, the most important is your close family. Then, there's friends. Then there's people at work/school. Then, people in your city. Then, your country and your culture (because usually it's a culture of the people of your country). Then there might be your continent, if you really care about that. Then, there's race. You might add something in between, but in general, there are circles of people and ideas that are more important to you than other ones. The smaller and closer the circle, the more important to you it is.

    So, I give more fucks about my family than friends, about friends than people in work etc. The same applies to culture and race. I love the culture of my people, it made me who I am with all the good and bad, and I love my race, because we share some traits that I consider beautiful. I recognize the threat that comes with mixing the races and cultures, the threat of destroying their distinctiveness. Funny thing, I don't really care if cultures other than mine or races other than mine disappear. I don't give a fuck. They might disappear, as long as mine doesn't. But that doesn't change the fact that, despite me not giving a fuck about others, I (and others who share the same idea) came up with a simple solution that will not only preserve my circles, but also other people's circles, without the risk of threatening them: segregation.

    Segregation is not war. There is no need for killing. There is only the need for people to mind their own business and keep with their own, which is a natural thing to do and was always a case, until the Internet became popular. Now, that we can easily communicate with the people from the other end of the globe, we become closer to those who are distant, but we also become distant to those who are close. That needs to stop, because that's against the human nature, leads to abominations like leftist movements of white people calling for the genocide of white people, or of women calling for the genocide of men, and it's going to destroy us if we don't stop it, if not in this century, then in the next one.
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  18. The Internet Member

    You should read, "Guns, Germs, and Steel." It explains why technology happened to advance more quickly in Eurasia as compared to Africa and the Americas. Essentially, it's easier to travel east and west versus north and south.

    That little bit of mixing of cultures across Europe and Asia was good for humanity.
  19. I haven't read the book and I don't know anything about the author, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he is a raging lefty and I'm hesitant to consider his book a quality source of information. That, plus I would argue that it is not how hard travel is in any direction that made Africa not advance as fast as Europe and Asia, but rather African people's tribal cultures, tribe wars and general barbarity. Like, killing a guy who managed to grow some plants in an organized and efficient way for the crops, rather than cooperating with him to produce more crops.

    Look at all the charity that collects money, food, medicine, clothes, food and whatnot to ship it to Africa. There's hundreds of them and they worked for decades, 24/7 every months. Tons of money and goods is being shipped to Africa regularly, the Catholic Church that Africa-loving leftists hate so much is the major charitable organization, collecting money and goods and sending missionaries to feed, heal and teach little niglets. And nothing changes. With all the effort our organizations and our cultures put into making it better for Africa, it is still the same shithole it always was. Whose fault it is? Certainly not ours.

    Nobody is holding Africa back. It holds itself back.

    I'm pretty sure you'll shrug that off as "unreliable source" (which you have all the right to do so seeing as I did the same to your book recommendation) because it's from a private blog, and it was posted on 4chin (OH MY GOD /pol/! It must be all lies), but I'd recommend that you read this little story about what happened to Johannesburg after the fall of the apartheid. It's certainly shorter than Guns, Germs and Steel.
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  20. Since it appears that there is no place on this Earth that is to anonymous racist troglodyte's liking, I would heartily support his segregation from the rest of us, to somewhere else. Immigration might be problematic, though.:(
  21. Xenu
  22. The Internet Member

    This is the most important thing I'm ever going to tell you so please listen:

    Facts are not political.

    Okay that's it you can go back to half paying attention to what I say.
  23. The Internet Member

    The Americas also lagged behind Eurasia technologically. I'm assuming you'd explain that with the same hypothesis you use to explain Africa: there is something innate in certain peoples that prevents them from making scientific and technical progress.

    Thus we have two groups of people worthing of disdain: native Americans and Africans.

    Say, I notice that white supremacists have not particularly distinguished themselves intellectually. They make up only a tiny percentage of the tenured professors at our leading universities. They aren't Nobel Laureates. I'm not aware of any winning a Fields medal. Have segregationists contributed medical breakthroughs? I can't think of any myself.

    Polling data show a strong correlation between pro-segregationist views and a lack of education beyond high school. Perhaps there is something innate in white supremacists holding them back...

    Damn we are now up to three groups of people we need to hate: Africans, native Americans, and white supremacists.

  24. I have it on good authority that quotas are extremely tight on Marcab re. racist troglodytes.

    And don't even think about Arslycus.
  25. The Internet Member

    If you moved to the equator then gradually, over many generations, your descendants would become black. Similarly a black person who relocates closer to the poles will eventually have white descendants. This change in melanin concentration in the skin happens because of the relationship between sunlight and two particular vitamins: folate and vitamin D.

    Skin exposure to UV light helps our bodies to produce vitamin D which we need to prevent rickets. But UV light breaks down folate and that's dangerous because low folate levels in pregnant women causes birth defects.

    So if you're a black person living at a high latitude where the sunlight is less intense you'll have good folate levels but you won't make enough vitamin D to prevent rickets. And if you're a white person living near the equator you'll make plenty of vitamin D but your offspring will suffer more birth defects. Over time natural selection will favor the most adaptive level of melanin for a given latitude.

    Quiz: Why do we have white and black people on our planet?
    Answer: Different sunlight intensities at different lattitudes.

    However it's important to note that distinct races are nothing more than an illusion.

    If you started at the equator and walked northward toward the pole you wouldn't appreciate racial differences. You might notice a gradual shift in skin tone from dark to light but everyone around you each mile of your journey would look basically the same.

    tl;dr: Race is not really a thing separating us from each other.
  26. The Internet Member

    Thank God our ancestors didn't demand a fixed culture like you want because cultures all around the world are full of derp and ignorance humans need to clean up.

    Science has flourished in places where many cultures trade and interact but not so much where cultures have been more isolated geographically. Your dream of an enduring white culture will curse your descendants, if you manage to have any who survive your unpleasant cities filled with "fuck you I've got mine" people.
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator
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  28. More from the link
    "his book The Homo and the Negro, O’Meara says that gay white men represent the best of what Western culture has to offer because of their "intelligence" and "beauty," and that "Negroes" represent the worst, being incapable of "achievement." Donovan calls women "whores" and "bitches," and, when a questioner on Reddit asked him his views of the Holocaust, responded, "What is this Holocaust thing? I’m drawing a blank."
    Sounds like the worst of American manhood"
  29. The Internet Member

    Vice's Elle Reeve talks with Richard Spencer about the alt-right. She thinks he's a fraud manipulating a group united only by hate, primarily for self-promotion.
  30. The Internet Member

    The Slate article Dis found is pretty interesting. The far right PR aimed at male homosexuals is a political wedge strategy meant to disrupt LBGTQ alliances. Also, associating male homosexuality with the far right is a way to muddy the meaning of "progressive."

    Gay men joining fascist movements are thinking with their dicks and not their brains. Because they are the first to go once a nation goes full fascist retard.

    It probably would be a good idea for a smart person to write a book explaining legit politics versus crazy politics. Because we shouldn't waste time on gays promoting "kill all the gays" movements. Yet I keep seeing self-contradictory activism on my YouTubes.

    ...So why are white nationalists smiling in our (male homosexual) direction? Most importantly, because it worked in Europe. In Holland, France, Germany, and Sweden, white nationalists have deliberately used LGBTQ people and Muslims as a wedge against one another. Polls show that over one third of French gay men supported Le Pen in the recent election despite her promise to end same-sex marriage, and in Germany, the far-right AfD recently tapped an out lesbian banker to run for chancellor. (The AfD is even more hostile to actual pro-gay policies than France's National Front is.) Sweden's fascist party organized an LGBTQ pride parade through Muslim neighborhoods, and of course, in Holland, Pim Fortuyn and later Geert Wilders tried to make "Islam" synonymous with "hatred of gays." Their ultimate goal was to make hatred of immigrants "progressive."

    Bringing queer people in, in both Europe and America, is a way to grow the neo-fascist movement. It is also a way to court millennials, who are consistently supportive of gay rights even when they swing conservative on other issues. It's a testament to the fact that, in some ways, the queer movement has already won the battle for public opinion. The far right could not beat us, so they decided to join us—in the most superficial way possible.

    Ultimately, it's a form of pinkwashing, which YourDictionary defines as “the practice of representing something … as gay-friendly in order to soften or downplay aspects of its reputation considered negative.” How could Le Pen, or Wilders, or other open racists be so bad when they like queer people?

    There is another potential benefit: If white supremacists can equate "Muslims" with attacks on LGBTQ people—and women—they might be able to attract liberals and moderates into a kind of anti-immigrant "big tent." This would complement their effort to portray racism as “pro-worker.” It’s hardly incidental that both Donovan and O’Meara see themselves as anti-capitalist. Like the many gay men who joined Hitler’s SA (the unit led by the out Ernst Röhm), they see a Nazi-like movement as somehow offering salvation from both antigay and economic oppression. (Of course, Hitler ultimately slaughtered Röhm and other SA gay men in the Night of the Long Knives.)

    The far right is attempting to seduce gay men in some of the same ways the early Nazi movement reached out to them, before mowing queers down in the name of fascist ideals. Only two days after the massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last year, white-nationalist meme producer (and proud homophobe)Butch Leghorn wrote on the alt-right website The Right Stuff, "This shooting [is] a very valuable wedge issue. … We simply need to hammer this issue … Spread this meeting. Drive this wedge. Smash their coalition. Make it cool to be anti-Muslim because Liberalism." Butch and his co-activists put out a plethora of memes for the occasion with, for example, a rainbow flag and the words FUCK ISLAM, and the phrases, "To be pro-Islam is to be anti-Gay … Daddy's gonna build a wall and keep you safe." Said Leghorn on The Right Stuff: "We are currently driving this wedge as deeply as possible to break off the Pro-Gay coalition into the Trump camp."
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  31. I hope for all our sakes that this tiny movement can be 'memed' out of existence as easily as it was dreamt up, because when pretty boys start marching in lock-step with criminal thugs bent on nothing else but inflicting violence upon innocent people, we already know what could happen, don't we?

    I hope that we don't wait until someone is stuffing me and mine into one of Richard Spencer's ovens before he and his fan-bois are taught the error of their ways.
  32. The Internet Member

    ^We're working on it.

    The alt-right say a lot of contradictory things and they're using wedge strategies. So when you call them fascists they go, "Oh you're over-reacting. Look at Milo and our black nationalist friends." They're more slippery than old-school Nazis.

    To get a fascist movement going you need a class of people to hate. Once you popularize hatred toward a group you can aim that hatred at others. The trick is to normalize a feeling that civil rights are not human rights. That's the crack you need to open in the foundation of a modern, liberal democracy before you can sabotage its checks and balances. Next you get your guys into office. Once in power your guys simply assert their authority to decide who is and isn't worthy of civil rights.

    If I were playing Hitler 2.0 I'd pick a group nobody likes much for my wedge strategy --e.g., people convicted of certain crimes. Currently the alt right are using "illegal immigrants," but they can't stop themselves from hating on all immigrants so their wedge is not as successful as it might be. It's much easier to argue that "illegals" shouldn't have rights than it is to argue that immigrants shouldn't have rights.

    Once the idea that some people don't have rights becomes popular you can normalize vigilante justice. You can de-sensitize people to frank public cruelty. That's easiest when members of a hated group are identifiable across the street. So authoritarians have long used racial differences to divide and conquer. But there are examples of racially identical people forming enduring caste systems. Example:

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  33. So refreshing, so calming and reassuring, to read your searingly incisive and accurate words, TI, and to know that there are others who understand and can articulate, better than I can, the mechanisms that drive the overthrow of democracy and the descent into barbarism and ultimate destruction.

    It's going to take more than banging up the odd lachrymose skinhead moron to prevent it, with the regime now in power.
  34. The Internet Member

    feels good man.jpg

    On the eve of the God Emperor's inauguration, Stevie Banton calls a top secret summit to broker a truce between the alt-right and the "alt-lite". The presidency of Domald Tromp depends on their cooperation. Can they come together?

    This 14,000 word gay erotic novella follows Anglo Andren from The Daily Spermer, Richie P Spendler from the Rad Dix Journal, Mark Renovich from The Gorilla Headspace, Garvin McAnus from the Pride Boys, Mark Penoch from The Right Stiff, and other alt-right luminaries as their intertwining paths to D.C. lead them down a hot slippery road toward forbidden desires and untrammeled sexual depravity.

    Suddenly, the alt-right makes perfect sense.
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  35. ITT: TI probes the darker recesses of the alt-right, so you don't have to

  36. The Internet Member

    Jason Kessler organized the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville. He has a company, Unity and Security for America, Inc. When I have time Imma google to find out what links to that. Maybe there will be clues to the fat cats funding this bullshit. Here's one connection:
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  37. The Internet Member

    Milo is at a Karaoke bar in Texas with some alt right buddies. He sings America the Beautiful and people give the sieg heil at the end. So he milks the last line a couple of times. Later he says he didn't notice the Nazi salutes. Also he'd not a Nazi because he has a black husband.

    People are going to get tired of the "I'm not a Nazi but..." game pretty soon, I suspect.

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