The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by AnonLover, Feb 6, 2009.

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    Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    for those who know the long sordid history here re: Gerry being the most hated person in DM's book and #1 on the cult's shit list due to his background of being LRH's personal archivist who first found out many of the truths the world now mocks on a daily basis, this is absolutely priceless!! i lol'd till i cried...

    "The Admissions" he's referring is perhaps one of the greatest leaks of all time, even tho it predates anon...

    and the short version of gerry's story here for any who havent heard it before....

    And the sexy version of Gerry's story here, for those who missed it:
    maisonneuve :: eclectic curiosity : Scientology's Holy War
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    re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    nice ^_^
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    re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    Bump for epic prequel.
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    So, it turns out that the ENTIRE TRIAL TRANSCRIPT of Gerry's 1984 trial before Judge Breckenridge is available on Gerry's website (minus 3 pages they don't have). It started on 19 April and goes through May 1984 and into June, with Judge Breckenridge's EPIC judgment handed down on 20 June 1984.

    Basically, Gerry had charge of documents about Hubbard, with Hubbard's approval. The church then alleged that he had stolen or "converted" them - a legal expression. The CoS and MarySue Hubbard sued. Gerry argued in his defence that he didn't convert the documents (didn't steal them).

    Here's what Gerry's lawyer had to say to the Judge, outlining the facts:
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    "he was in a state of total fear because he thought the organization was not only to kill him but they were going to sue him"
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    any info on what this "current" attack on Gerry is?
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    I have just been reading over the admissions they are a little TL:DR so here are the high points:

    It would seem who ever wrote them (and I assume hubbard did) was trying to get over a masturbation problem that as a child he was told would make him go insane, was hypnotizing himself to enjoy sex with women, and had an admitted love for Jack Parsons.

    The fear of snakes in his bed could be freudian but it seems that his parents and family members didn't like him he needed to remind himself that their opinions where worthless and tried to continue to respect them along with self affirmations that he was a good writer.

    He wanted to feel that he was the prince of his part of the universe, that government could never harm him, and that he had (what I assume to be) a spiritual guardian that would dictate his stories to him.

    He believed that his own mind did not work the "way that any human mind" did, he had a super strong spiritual strength and wanted to be merciless to anyone who crossed him and reminded himself to be somewhat sociopathic about it.

    It does suggest that Hubbard did believe in both hypnotism and the occult but IMO neither of the two where working very well for him.
  11. Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    Sounds like a case of Extreme Narcissism to me. The Homo Novus theory fits in quite well with that. ( I have not read the OP just Mr. Fydes hypothesis)
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    Well Spoken Gerry! I will help to mirror the video.
  13. Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    Maisonneuve ling not working?
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    Gerry's a brave man.
    Will mirror.
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    i have a suspicion... not entirely sure this is correct but 1-2 weeks prior to this video there was posts on a.r.s showing up doing a piss poor job of trying to debunk the admissions. none of the ones i skimmed were of any real substance... barely more than spam imho. the only interesting thing was when these posts were on top, the anti-psych idiot spam that typically buries anything worthwhile suddenly stopped.

    but amusing none the less cuz there was several documents Gerry unleashed in 2000, and it was the other stuff that got the most notice and lash back when it was fresh hot news. the admissions were basically denied, scoffed at and ignored by scilon camp. but over the years they have ultimately caused the biggest stink and have convinced many a disgruntled member that couldnt understand or come to grips with all the contradicitons in hubbard's in bs - that everything LRH did was just bad shit all ways around. and the admissions ended up being the tipping point towards "waking up" for so many exscn.

    thus in the OP i say i lol'd till i cried when i seen this vid... the ramifications of this particular leak were slow in the build up, but ended up being an all out tsunami in the long run. and after all these years of being ignored & ha-ha'd as obvious fakery, the scilons finally made an extremely weak & half assed attempt on a.r.s. to discredit 'em and put forth the idea Gerry wrote them himself.

    essentially they farted in gerry's direction & Gerry took it to a whole other level by responding on the tubes & shoving a ramrod up DM's ass in such a way thats bringing even more attention to the worst of the worst shit ever leaked. they went trolling for minnows and caught a shark - a whole new level of "pulled it in" lulz imo. OG learning new harpooning tricks from anon? heh, moar liekly than you think!! ;)
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    In 1984, Scientology lawyer Barrett Litt implicitly admitted that Hubbard wrote them:

    Clearwater Sun, 16 May 1984, "Witness: Hubbard used black magic":
    Of course, "out of context" wouldn't be an issue if Hubbard didn't write them.

    In 1986, Church of Scientology International confirmed that they were written by Hubbard:

    6 Dec 1986, "Church of Scientology of California v. Gerald Armstrong: Mutual release of all claims and settlement agreement":
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    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    According to Gerry, someone had sent him a a letter with a copy of Hubbard's Affirmations.
    He then posted them on the internet, but destroyed the copy afterwards pursuiant to the wishes of the person, who had sent him the letter.
    Gerry said that at least two persons could confirm the authenticity of the Affirmations, namely Robert Vaughn Young and Stacy Brooks.
    I have however not seen a confirmation of the authenticity yet by anyone else than Gerry himself.

    Also i don't understand why the person, who had sent him the Affirmations would ask him to destroy the copy. This doesn't make sense to me.
    Maybe he was afraid, that his identity could somehow be revealed, if Gerry posted a scan of the original Affirmations. But i don't see how.
  18. RHill Member

    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    Do you ever wonder as well why the "Affirmations," which the Church got back in 1986, were never independently authenticated by the Church of Scientology in order to clear Hubbard's name? (Not that this would clear Hubbard's proven track record of consistently lying about himself...)

    Finger prints. DNA. Litigious, vicious, corrupt organization. What is there to not understand?
  19. blank Member

    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    But this has nothing to do with Gerry's story how he received the Affirmations.

    Finger prints, maybe.
    But DNA doesn't show up in a scan. I mean Gerry could have first scanned the original and then uploaded the scan to the internet to have a definite proof for its authenticity.
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    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    Good video!

    I wonder (hypothetically, of course) what might happen if some people or person published an e-book for sale online of these Admissions?

    Do you think the cult lawyers would come back with a copyright claim?
    Interesting conjecture..
  22. Mutante Member

    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    Why for sale particularly, rather than a Wikileak?
  23. Nataku Member

    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    Trolling for a copyright claim, to prove their authenticity.
  24. AnonLover Member

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    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    Head full of AIDS. My bad.

    $15 a copy and sue me in England.
  26. Anonylemmi Member

    Re: Gerry Armstrong's Message to David Miscavige

    A very common spy trick is to modify individual copies with a specific typo, font change etc. Then note who they are given to. A leaked copy can then be traced back to a specific person by the scan.
  27. Anon1720 Member

    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    I loved this bit - too much lol'ing:


  28. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    And for the rest of his sad, drugged-up, sordid life.
    I'd have quoted the whole thing, but reading it over more than once causes massive farting I hear (and drives dogs crazy) :D
    I wish that the edited parts of Flubbernutz's burblings still existed, liek '...hearing a virgin's screams...' etc. etc., oh well, just have to make do eh (pukes and laughs), good fucking gravey!

    Moar needed, linx and DL's etc!
  29. Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard


    "Snakes are not dangerous to you. There are no snakes in the bottom of
    your bed."

    "Your stomach trouble you used as an excuse to keep the Navy from
    punishing you. You are free of the Navy. You have no further reason to
    have a weak stomach."

    "Your eyes are getting progressively better. They became bad when you
    used them as an excuse to escape the naval academy. "

    "Your foot was an alibi. The injury is no longer needed. It is well.
    You have perfect and lovely feet."

    "You can sing beautifully. Your voice can imitate any singer. Your
    tones are round and true. You have no superstitions about singing at
    any time. Your oratory is magnificent. Your voice tones perfect, your
    choice of words marvelous, your logic unassailable."

    Also, anyone explain these??

  31. Re: The Admissions of L Ron Hubbard

    Havelock Elllis wrote the first text book on homosexuality in the late 19th century. Sounds like Hubbard became obsessed with the case studies and was trying to convince himself that he wasn't excited by the idea of Victorian buttsecks.
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    L. Ron Hubbard as sad, oversexed schlub: The very personal writings his admirers never discuss

    By Tony Ortega, July 30, 2016


    Hey, gang. We spent all day yesterday reading two manuscripts from people who were kind enough to give us advance looks at their upcoming books. It was great stuff, and we’re glad we got to see it, but it meant we blew the whole day without a chance to make any phone calls. So please don’t be too disappointed with us if we start off the weekend with something we threw together pretty quickly.

    We were reminded, never mind how, of one of L. Ron Hubbard’s most fascinating bodies of work, perhaps the most revealing pieces of writing he ever did. But it’s nothing the Church of Scientology has on sale. And you never hear Hubbard’s ardent admirers ever mention it.

    We’re talking about “The Admissions,” a document that Gerry Armstrong was good enough to put online in the year 2000. Gerry, you’ll recall, had access to an incredible trove of Hubbard’s personal writings, and he found the Admissions, or “Affirmations” among them.

    In 2012, Ohio State University professor Hugh Urban wrote about the Affirmations as a key document for understanding how Hubbard’s affinity for Aleister Crowley and the occult had informed Scientology itself, and he encouraged us to publish some of the document at the Village Voice. Here’s what he said about the strange and very personal material:

    Continued here:
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