The ACTA Fight Returns: What Is at Stake and What You Can Do

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Quentinanon, Jan 27, 2012.

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  3. Hands down, the best site for Anti-ACTA activism in the EU is La Quadrature du Net, who seem to be the French equivalent of the USA's Electronic Freedom Foundation or the UK's Open Rights Group

    Everything you need to know, and extensive options for what to do next.
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  4. Boris Korczak Member

    Why don't we just tell the world that a new era of neo-fascism and neo-communism is here and freedom of speech is something our governments are afraid of. Both Joe Stalin and Adolf Hitler Schickelgruber would be so proud of ACTA. They both had it under different names.
    Stay safe.
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    Be counted:
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    So what about this? Are we overreacting on ACTA?
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    Well, to me Michael Geist has more credibility than a Trolls News anchor whose main argument is that ACTA "is not the end of the internet" (oh we should wait for that before opposing anything?):
    There used to be a "three strikes and you're out" in ACTA, a clear demonstration that public interests organizations were left out of the secret drafting, this in itself is a huge flaw in the whole thing, which should just be scrapped and started over in a proper way, where *all* stakeholders are represented, and all negociations are open to public scrutiny.
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    Yeah, amazing how those moral crusaders always turn out to be monsters. You'd think people would've learned from their history, but alas they never do.
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    Yep, all seven billion of us. That is the true number of stakeholders.
    What we have now is politicians who have no interest in the free exchange of ideas are in charge of the means of discussion.
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    Now Ars Technica . This is no troll

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    Camel. Nose. Tent.
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    Without Wikipedia, I would have no clue what the heck that meant. Now I know and, yeah, exactly.
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  16. The link also points out that ACTA has been drafted in secret, signed into law without the due process that accompanies laws, and seeks to create a legally binding framework for copyright enforement outside of established political and judicial process

    Have a look -

    Oh, and don't forget that once ACTA is signed in, an unelected, unaccountable committee consisting mainly of rightsholders and lobbyists, have the absolute right to change it in any way they see fit. This isn't tinfoil, this is how ACTA works. So maybe some of the nastier bits have been excised... But they can be put right back, on a whim.
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  17. adhocrat Member

    It's a good metaphor to have in one's quiver.

    The Sacketts are finding out what the lack of legal access means, but their problems come from government agencies, not private industries.The EPA has claimed that it cannot be sued, that any landowner must wait for the EPA to sue them. The courts are saying "Now wait a minute."
    The EPA is declaring a $37,500 fine PER DAY. Total to date over $40M.

    Let me speculate a bit. What if the bills that the various players wanted for their industry were already written, just waiting for the proper moment to come along. But they know that throwing out some new restraint on trade and other freedoms takes some careful husbandry. So the bills get sent out to see what the reaction is. Trial balloons, you could say. These trial balloons are not to get legislation passed. They are to gauge public sentiment.

    And since people soon get used to hearing about these types of bills many soon start to assume there really is something to it. "There must be something to it, Mabel. Why else would it always be in the news?"

    After 8 or 10 or 20 versions, it becomes part of the norm, and when an 'emergency' comes along, the old bill gets a new name and it passes, 2, 5, 10 years after first being introduced.

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