The 25 Most Damning Celebrity Interviews: Tom Cruise Takes #1 and #3

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by failboat, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. failboat Member
    What was #2? Charlie Sheen's Tiger Blood interview, of course.

    EDIT: Basically, you have Tom freaking out because Scientology helped get him a wifey, and Tom freaking out because Scientology told him that psychs are bad.
    Lesson: Scientology helps you give career-derailing interviews.
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  2. Random guy Member

    May I nominate this one for the 3rd place?

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  3. He wasn't freaking out, he has just conned himself into believing his shitty overacting is real emotion.
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  4. moarxenu Member

    Pauline Kael on Tom Cruise's acting: "Knowing the camera is on him produces nothing but fraudulence."
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  5. Anonymous Member

    The only way to get close to Tom Cruise's level of insanity is to take more cocaine than anyone else in Hollywood.
  6. RightOn Member

    lol this is great.
    And Battelfield Earth one of the worst movies evar
    How is that Scientology tech working for you boys?
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  7. failboat Member

  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    Charlie Sheen says paid millions to blackmailers to keep HIV secret | Reuters

    Charlie Sheen, the wayward star of U.S. television comedy "Two and A Half Men," said on Tuesday he was diagnosed as HIV positive some four years ago and had been extorted for more than $10 million to keep the information quiet.

    Sheen, 50, told NBC's "Today" TV show he was speaking out because he was being blackmailed, and to refute tabloid reports that he has AIDS and was spreading it to others.

    "I have to put a stop to this onslaught, this barrage of attacks and of subtruths and very harmful and mercurial stories," he said.

    "I am here to admit that I am in fact HIV positive," Sheen said, adding he was "not entirely sure" how he contracted the virus.

    Sheen acknowledged he had paid "upwards of $10 million" in recent years to "desperate charlatans" for their silence about his condition.

    The actor, who is three times divorced and has dated many porn stars, said it was "impossible" that he had transmitted the virus to anyone else. He said he "always led with condoms and honesty when it came to my condition."

    But former porn star Bree Olson, one of the "goddesses" who lived with Sheen for a year four years ago, said on Tuesday he had never informed her of his HIV status.

    "Never said anything. Ever. 'I'm clean,' he told me. 'I'm clean, I'm clean'," Olson told Howard Stern in a radio interview on Tuesday. Olson, who said she has since tested negative for HIV, made similar statements to entertainment TV show "Inside Edition."

    Sheen's spokesman declined to comment when asked about Olson's remarks.

    Continued here:
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  9. The Wrong Guy Member

    You want derail? I'll give you derail.

    Dark & Disgusting! Charlie’s FIVE Secret Sex Tapes EXPOSED | Radar Online

    HIV+ Sheen paid millions to hide XXX videos with men, movie stars, and more!

    Not only was Charlie Sheen once the highest paid actor on television — he was also the best paying casting agent in the sex tape business!

    The former Two and a Half Men star was forced to pay out millions of dollars in frantic hush money to ensure at least five home-recorded XXX videos were never made public, has exclusively learned.

    The troubled actor — who last week announced he is HIV positive — forked out at least $10 million on the raunchy recordings, which depict him with various sexual partners, including men, women — and in one case — a transsexual, multiple sources revealed.

    Yesterday, Radar revealed how Sheen was seen on one tape performing oral sex on an unknown male lover. An editor for this site viewed recordings that also showed him smoking what appeared to be a crack cocaine pipe.

    Now Radar can reveal:

    * Sheen had a tryst with a gay Hollywood gadfly, who sources said remained in possession of a home video of the pair indulging in hardcore sex;

    * A wild romp with a transsexual was secretly recorded and used against him in a blackmail plot;

    * Sheen was caught on a fourth tape in a ménage à trois with a different male lover and his ex-wife Brooke Mueller;

    * Another one of Sheen’s pals once hopped into bed with him and Mueller while the actor was vacationing in Aspen over the Christmas holidays in 2009 — an incident which later led to Sheen grabbing Mueller by the throat, pinning her to a bed and holding a four-inch pocketknife to her throat while threatening to kill her.

    “Brooke regularly filmed their bedroom antics,” dished one source. “When she threatened to publicly release a tape recorded in Aspen, Charlie exploded.”

    Radar’s bombshell disclosure is the untold story of Sheen’s stunning interview with NBC TODAY show host Matt Lauer, in which the ex-Anger Management star confessed he’d paid at least $10 million to numerous people to stop them revealing his HIV status.

    He described the supposed blackmail as his “truth becoming their treason.”

    Disclosed a source, “Charlie did not want his HIV secret being revealed to the world, but the reality is — in too many cases to keep count — he was caught on video as well! These are hardcore sex tapes. He was paying to ensure they never saw the light of day — in addition to ensuring the individuals did not disclose his medical condition.”

    The source added that a number of the sex tapes had been shopped to various media outlets for years.

    “Ultimately, these people realized that Charlie would pay much, much more than any media organization — to ensure the sex tapes were destroyed,” said the insider.

    Continued here:

    HIV Positive Charlie Sheen Bled All Over Floor During Wild Porn Star Party | Radar Online

    Charlie Sheen was so reckless after learning he had HIV, he even sliced open his leg during a wild party bender, spilling blood all over the floor, his longtime assistant claims in a tell-all interview.

    According to Sheen’s right-hand man Steve Han, 34, the troubled actor— who as The National Enquirer exclusively reported, learned he was HIV positive in 2011— bled all over the carpet and even on an iPad while he was surrounded by porn stars and friends during one wild night in mid-2012.

    When a pal lunged forward to sop up the 50-year-old’s “tiger blood,” Sheen, high on crack cocaine, suddenly flipped.

    “Don’t touch my blood, I got this!” he allegedly screamed.

    In an interview with the Daily Mail, Han claims he knew something was wrong, but had no idea what was really going on.

    According to the assistant, Sheen didn’t divulge his secret diagnosis until celebrating the New Year in 2013.

    ‘He just came out with it, ‘I’m HIV positive’, he was so blasé about it,” Han recalls. He was very strong about it, he said ‘It’s okay, don’t cry, I’m not dying, things will get better.”

    When asked how he contracted the virus, Sheen shrugged, “I fucked up.”

    Continued here:


    WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen's HIV Transsexual Lover Dead | The National Enquirer

    Charlie Sheen had his dangerous HIV Positive sexual secret exposed by The National Enquirer — and now a transsexual hooker is dead!

    The new issue of The Enquirer is on newsstands now — with the shocking tale of how the transsexual hooker who Sheen blamed for giving him the virus has disappeared and reportedly died!

    Our reporters have the inside story about how the she-male hooker starred in what Sheen insiders called the "tranny tape," as filmed during one of the tragic star's wild parties!

    “It was out of control," a source told The Enquirer.

    "Booze, crack, hookers — both women and transsexuals — he had everything!"

    Read all about how Sheen paid off the hooker in hush money, and then hushed things up while blaming the transsexual for his own HIV infection!

    The new Enquirer's 10-Page Special Report unveils even more of Sheen's bizarre secrets in the aftermath of the world learning he carries the deadly virus that leads to AIDS!

    • Discover how many of his sex partners may have been directly or indirectly exposed to HIV by Sheen's behavior!
    • Learn even more details of the multiple sex tapes that Sheen spent $10 million to hide!
    • The Enquirer names the 14 Hollywood starlets potentially exposed to HIV after swapping spit with Sheen on his "Anger Management" sitcom!
    • And learn of Sheen's suicidal rages in the wake of his HIV exposure!

    The story of the biggest showbiz scandal of the year has just begun — and The Enquirer has all the deadly details!

  10. Kilia Member

    Yep, that's a derail for sure, TWG! :)
  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Continuing with the derail, here are some more episodes of How To Fuck Up Your Life, by Charlie Sheen.

    Charlie Sheen Caught On Tape Threatening To Pay $20K To Have Ex-Fiancée’s ‘Head Kicked In’

    'This piece of shit needs to be fucking buried,' blasts delusional maniac.

    Martin Sheen Has Given Up On ‘Monster’ Son Charlie

    Death threats probe is the last straw for 'West Wing' star.

    Hollywood Reject Charlie Sheen Takes HIV Tour International, Books European Shows

    Troubled actor promises to get 'up close and personal' in London and Stockholm.

    Charlie Sheen's HIV story will be told by The National Enquirer

    ...The National Enquirer’s editor-in-chief, Dylan Howard, is being courted by multiple publishing houses to write about his four-year battle to break the news of Sheen’s infection with the deadly virus. “The more intriguing story is how it was covered up for so long,” says a source involved in the negotiations.

    Charlie Sheen is 'sued by American Express after he fails to pay almost $300K Platinum card balance'
  12. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Maybe he just felt badly about everyone calling Amy Winehouse "Amy Trainwreck" and this was his way of covering her. Maybe it's all been a giant put-on. Maybe I'll wake up tomorrow and Bill Cosby won't have raped anybody and Charlie Sheen will be cute and funny again and we can all leave our kids in the loving hands of those sweet Roman Catholic priests like we used to.

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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Charlie Sheen Sued (Again) for Exposing Ex-Girlfriend to HIV | Variety


    An ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen has filed a lawsuit accusing him of exposing her to HIV, and then dissuading her from taking antiretroviral drugs.

    Neither Sheen nor the ex-girlfriend are identified by name in the suit, which was filed Thursday in L.A. County Superior Court. However, the defendant — referred to as “confidential male defendant” — is said to have learned he was HIV positive in 2011, and given national TV interviews about his HIV status on Nov. 17, 2015, and June 21, 2016. Sheen learned he was HIV positive in 2011, and he publicly revealed it on “The Today Show” on Nov. 17, 2015. He gave an update on the program on June 21, 2016.

    The plaintiff is identified only as Jane Doe, and is described as a “Russian émigré.”

    This is the second time that Sheen has been sued for allegedly exposing an ex-girlfriend to the virus. Scottine Ross, his ex-fiance, filed a similar suit in December 2015, alleging physical and emotional abuse in addition to HIV exposure. That suit was referred to arbitration.

    According to the new lawsuit, the plaintiff met Sheen in September 2015, and they quickly began a sexual relationship. She says she asked him whether he had any sexually transmitted diseases, and he repeatedly assured her that he was “fine.” She says that at first, they used latex condoms but they did have unprotected oral sex. On Oct. 26, 2015, they had unprotected intercourse for the first time, she alleges.

    Afterward, she says that Sheen told her that he was in fact HIV positive, and gave her two pills to prevent transmission. The plaintiff became alarmed and upset, and sought emergency medical treatment the next day. She was told she would have to take antiretroviral medication for several weeks.

    A few days later, she and Sheen argued about the exposure, according to the suit. He blamed her for the exposure and told her he was “noble” for telling her about his HIV status at all. He also said he had not previously disclosed his HIV status because it was “none of [her] f—ing business.” He also told her that the drugs she had been prescribed were unnecessary, and told her not to believe “the convenient rumors of the medical community.”

    He also made bizarre statements, according to the suit, including that “Apocalypse” had “cleansed” her soul and that he could “see the future,” and she was going to be fine.

    “This is more about … not if, but when you do come down with this [HIV], that we’re together and at least we have each other,” the suit quotes him as saying.

    In addition, the suit alleges that he made repeated use of the n-word, describing himself as “the dumbest f—ing n—– in the room.” He also referred to other women he had slept with and who were threatening him with legal action over HIV exposure as “f—ing n—–s” who had committed “treason,” which was “punishable by death.”

    The new lawsuit explains that the defendant is not named because the plaintiff signed a non-disclosure agreement. Gary Dordick, the plaintiff’s attorney, is seeking to invalidate the agreement on the theory that it was coerced.

    Sheen’s attorney, Martin Singer, was unavailable for comment.


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