thank you, thank you and thank you

Discussion in 'Iran' started by roozbehk, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Know that the American people are behind you, in front of you and fully support you. You are all in my thoughts. Be safe and stay strong. The whole world is watching. Much love, brothers and sisters of the human race!
  2. There are many people around the world through sites such as this and Twitter showing support for the people of Iran and their fight for Democracy no matter which political party they are affiliated with. So I have a suggestion that may help to sway those who protest for the side that wants to keep oppressive leaders and maybe ignorant to their lies and oppression.

    Is it at all possible on large poster paper for someone to write out the messages that people of the world send Iranians in support and then to hand these out to be carried at the next protest. My hope is that people who may believe the current governments lies were to see how many people of the world such as America in their hearts want them to obtain democracy and only want peace for them then some, who may be on the edge of deciding which way to go, may from these messages be pushed to think further.

    These protests, I believe, would be getting many people thinking is the government right for us? Is what he tells us about America and other Western countries and their hate for us true? Letting them know it isn't may be one of the most powerful things that can be done.
  3. I Ran Hubbard Member

  4. To the people of Iran: The people of the United States wish you love and we wish you all of the best. Don't give up. The whole world IS watching. We are all doing what little part we can to help. You are an inspiration to us all. BE SAFE! STAY STRONG! STAY VIGILANT!
  5. Zendebaad iran-e azaad!!!


    Doostan-e aziz-e Iran va doostan-e Irani-ha,
    (My dear Iranian friends and the friends of Iranians,)

    Har keshvar-e azaad ke deedeh, va shenideh, va khoondeh chi dareh mishe dar kheeyaboon-ha va koocheh-ha ye Iran poshtetoon vaistadan va dardaatoon-ra meekeshan.
    (Every free country who has seen, and has heard, and has read what is happening in the streets and alleyways in Iran is standing behind you, and feels your pain.)

    Tamaameh donya cheshmesh be Iran negah meekoneh.
    (The whole world is looking at Iran.)

    Quodratesh-ra darinn, va meetoonin haq'hetoonoh begireen.
    (You have the power, and can claim your justice.)

    Hamishe darr monajataam,
    (Always in my prayers,)

    Doostet az-Ostralia.
    (Your friend from Australia.)
  6. I have absolutely no idea how you guys found the one way to unite the entire world, but you did. Good fucking job.
  7. Jaymes from America wishing Iran safety, justice, freedom and democracy!
  8. During the 80s my father fought in the Solidarity movement for justice and democracy and against communism. It took them a decade to get their freedom. I hope and wish it will come as soon as possible to the people of Iran.
  9. American people Must Know That We are Like You ! We Are Bloody People ... Not Of things That You see on TV About our government or damn President or Leader is not Like us !
  10. The words spoken already in this thread are the only words that I feel have meaning and therefore I will echo:

    The whole world is watching. You inspire us. Today, we are all Iranians. Fight by peace. Protest for your rights. And don't stop believing in your God given right.

    Sending love, respect, and hope from America.

    I believe in a free Iran.
  11. Ducttape2021 Member

    To Iranians

    We are your brothers and sisters of humanity. Nationalities and race cease to be barriers when the longing for freedom is cried out by so many and so sincerely. Distance is no factor, we will continue to help you in any way we can, and continue to look for more ways to help.
  12. You actually made me cry. I'm from India and we all are with you.
  13. Hang on in there, brother; change can come, from the oddest of places.

    We are out here, and we are with you.

    Religion, race, creed, nation, means nothing; freedom rules all.

    And, to quote `Also, your english is WAY better than my Farsi.` cylon002.gif

    we want to be heard
  15. MikeInIreland Member

    God bless you all and keep you safe, until you win your freedom. We are always with you in spirit and whenever possible, with you in person.

    A broken hand works, but not a broken heart.
    Persian Proverb
  16. Keep up the good fight! Something good will come of this.

    Despite the ban on foreign media coverage, the whole world is watching and witnessing the injustices and brutality you are facing. We are following you intently on twitter, youtube, flickr, blogs, and sites like this one.

    Stay safe.
  17. starfish Member

    Thank you, thank you, thank you

    I appreciate your condolences with Iranian people. It is a very hard time for us, and this makes us happy to know that they are people around the world like you my brothers and sisters.We feel we are not alone, and there are people who hear our voice.
  18. starfish Member

    Despite the ban and blockage of every possible media in Iran (short message, mobile , internet, facebook , yahoo messenger, msn messenger, skype, twitter youtube , bbc news ,blogs and.... ) we find a way to bring our voice to the world.
  19. starfish Member

    Thank you Roozbeh, you did a great job. I live in Iran too . It makes us hopeful to know that we have so many friends like these good people around the world who understand what we say and what we do. don't be worried about your English. I can help you too with translation.
  20. no, thank you

    To you and everyone there protesting for their rights and for the truth, thank you for putting your lives on the line for what you believe in. I hear the stories on the radio, and they make me believe that Democracy is still alive in the world somewhere. In the US, we are all complacent and let our leaders do as they may, for the most part. We are politically lazy because we have our image of having the Best Government Ever, so how could anything be wrong? I hope this is changing, if only little by little.

    But the Iranian people are shouting to the heavens and making sure that a lie does not go unchecked, even in the face of death. So many of us are with you in spirit, even if we can not be there in person. Be strong.

    Thank you!
  21. jaywelch61 Member

    We're praying for you in America, and we're with you.

    Freedom isn't free, but it's worth fighting for. I'm glad to see your people are taking a stand for what is right, and I want you to know that we are all behind you every step of the way.
  22. Another American who believes you

    I believe you. We had a similar experience under George W. Bush. I consider Ahmadinijad to be the Iranian equivalent. I shuddered when Bush declared Iran as part of the so called "Axis of Evil". I didn't vote for him, and I wish I had protested like you are when our election was stolen. Thanks for having the guts a lot of Americans didn't have back in 2000.

    What you are doing is an inspiration to the world. We are watching and keeping you in our thoughts. Stay strong. The world has got your back.
  23. AquaMan Member


    I (and maybe "we", but won't speak for others) wish Iranians the best of luck, and when I have the time I'll be looking into how to support from umpteen thousand miles away.

    And in regards to the "Bush stole the election" stuff, how about taking the partisan faggotry to another forum? You know the one. This one is for supporting the people of Iran, not trotting out shit covered elsewhere that means fuck-all to the situation in Iran.
  24. We are With You!

    The people of the world are with you! Know that what you are doing is being supported by people all over the planet and we are praying and hoping and spreading the word for you. I am starting to see green handmade signs in windows (we have one) with messages of solidarity. People are changing their facebook and twitter pictures to green. People are wearing green to work and talking with others about what is going on.

    But most of all, we are witnessing your efforts and your courage. Keep peaceful, and keep marching...we are with you!

    You have already changed things for the better.
  25. With you

    I'm going out to buy a green scarf. May we all live to see peace and freedom in Iran.
  26. We in the Netherlands are behind you too.
    Good luck over there.
  27. thank you thank you thank you

    No need for violence or fear.
    You have already won.
    The beauty of all loving hearts in purity, bless you tenderly.
    The world is with you.
  28. US solidarity

  29. Hi there

    Keep up the protest, the current goverment sucks! I wish you a lot of freedom.

    Greetz from Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  30. IranProud Member

    Dorod be hamegi,
    any pone could give me/us an update about the situation in iran/tehran

    Love you all
  31. Its not about that. Some of his actions "including asking twitter to stay open and showing concern about the response to some of the protests" show that he does care. The problem is if the US were to actively get involved any more then that it would only serve to hurt the Iranian cause. The Middle-eastern world would just use it against them.
  32. There's also the possibility that internal/sleeper American agents are in Iran helping the protesters as well.
  33. suport from chile

    a big hug to all iranians from chile, seeing photographs of you it was like pictures from santiago, like tehran we have mountains and like you we fought for ending abuse, don't give up.

    un abrazo de chile!
  34. Your words....

    The tears well up in my eyes! I see your plight every day and it hurts me to the core!! Stand strong and be proud! For YOU are a true human! MUCH peace and love from your friends, brothers, sisters and everyone else that hears your voice... Not just listens... HEARS!! I may live in England but right now my heart is in Persia!

    Gary Woodhouse... Brighton, England!

    PS... Come get me you dictating pieces of shit! WE are NOT afraid of you! The world has something for you... it's called our feet and we intend to use them to kick your sorry asses back to the stone age!
  35. I, amongst all others, follow your situation. I cannot find words to say how much I appreciate your courage and how deeply moved I am. I hope from all my heart that you're not going to try to to fight violence with violence... We all know what kind of a circle that has created and how humanity has suffered - and also how hard it is to fight peacefully against those who continue the tradition of blood baths.

    We, you, are the ones to change this.

    It's wonderful how completely your matter unites us all around the world.

    You're in my prayers this evening here in Finland, Helsinki.

    Looking forward to a great future.
  36. Fancy Member

    Maybe Iran can teach Americans and the world something that we forgot.

    We are one people one planet. Stand with freedom from the USA.
  37. The world is behind you. Right now, we are all Iranians. All well, and if you have the time, please let us know how the situation is on the inside. My thoughts are with you.
  38. cussbunny Member

    You have inspired millions of people the world over.

    America has been bitterly divided between our two political parties for years, yet we are all united today in support of YOU.

    I have not done a single bit of work this week at the office - I have been writing letters to media, to Obama, blogging, enlisting help to set up proxies, reading news/twitter feeds/blogs, translating Iranian websites from Farsi to English, talking to Iranians - one in Tehran who has become very dear to me, who I lost communication with today... praying for him, his wife, and their little girl... all I have done since Saturday afternoon, is try and help in every way I can.

    And there are SO many people like me. Doing the same. Doing more. Look at this site! These guys are amazing, and I thank them to.

    We all love you. We are all behind you. You have the whole world in your corner.

    Be safe and be strong.

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