Thank you, all the old veterens.

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by itsme, Feb 23, 2008.

  1. itsme Member

    Thank you, all the old veterens.

    I've been a completely silent critic of Scientology for over 15 years, only speaking about it to close friends or on message boards that already knew agreed with me. I didn't want to seem crazy. I'm not an activist, and I'm certainly no conspiracy theorist, and I like to keep the image of being niether.

    Until now, of course, with a lot of people who feel the same way. No, I'm not an ex-sci . . . nor have I ever personally known one.

    In fact, I would never have known about any of it without a late night on AOL, thinking the whole thing was weird after a John Travolta interview (Cruise wasn't thier messiah yet), and finding Operation Clambake on AltaVista's search engine (or maybe it was Lycos, I don't remember anymore). Then XenuTV. Then God knows what, with story after story pissing me off more and more. Not in my backyard (as long as it meant that I didn't have to do anything or sound crazy).

    Thank you, to all the old soldiers of this war, keeping it going where I don't know that I would have--against much greater odds than their are now. I'm ashamed that I waited until numbers were on my side before speaking out. You are all really brave, seriously really brave and with little to no "real world" support this whole time.

    I just want all of you old hands (from inside and out of the organization) to know that I, personally, am here until the end of this. Weeks, months, or years . . . I'm not going anywhere and you have at least one more solid ally that you probably won't ever meet.

    EDIT: OK before anyone says anything, I don't know where I got 15 from because I meant 10. Jesus. Still, over a decade. There's nothing I've cared about for a decade, regardless what the subject was.
  2. Re: Thank you, all the old veterens.

    Same here. Good stuff

    :guyfawkes: :lrhcries:
  3. saerat Member

    Re: Thank you, all the old veterens.

    what the OP said o.o
  4. jeannie36832 Member

    Re: Thank you, all the old veterens.

    6 years here of thinking that this nobody mom couldn't make a difference anyway. But now I am no longer a nobody, I am Anonymous and I can make a difference.
  5. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Thank you, all the old veterens.

    yeah, me too. i found years ago, but i couldnt do nothing by myself. but now we can! i love being anonymous. :guyfawkes:
  6. An0nand0n Member

    Re: Thank you, all the old veterens.

    Yeah, I'm the same myself. I've known there was something a bit off about Scientology for years but just had it filed away along with the Moonies, Raelians and other somewhat kooky small time religions- i.e. I thought they were odd enough to avoid but not bad enough to protest about. I saw the 1st Anon vid and decided to look into it and well, I know it's a cliche, but Scientology: it's worse than you think! I couldn't believe what the buggers are getting away with. Magoo, WBM et al are awesome and have my undying resepect. Without their years of hard work and putting up with shit none of this would have ever been possible. If any read this, you guys rock!

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