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Discussion in 'Media' started by Psychic Cupcake, Feb 2, 2008.

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  1. Terrible, Terrible Article ... ?id=694358

    I do not even know where to begin. I coud forgive it if it was out-dated, but it isn't. It looks like smeone took pieces from every article that's been written over the past week and crammed them together without looking at it. Stuff like Anon calling itself an "Internet hate-machine" and general misinformed crap. A complete screw up of the description of the Googlebomb (Did they even bother taking a second to try googling it?) and the fact that they say the Message to Scientology video has over 600,000 views (which it did... over a week ago). Terrible journalism at its finest, Ladies and Gentlemen.
  2. Massive complaints campaign goooooooooooooooooo.
  3. Gotta admit, they do a pretty decent job of getting mainstream media to ignore/ally with their criminal organization.
  4. from their "Contact Us" page :

    It was Fox, not Anonymous, that refers to Anonymous as "internet hate machine".

    This are serious complaint.
    This are serious content errors.
  5. Kamizar Member

    I know right?

    The information is out there, clearly in front of their faces, yet they ignore it, purposefully, I have a question for you Times, for you and every other News organization that chooses to not research both sides fully and fairly, "Is selling your soul worth it?"
  6. Anon883 Member

    It's funny how the $cienos all say that we have 'wrong information'. It's what they always say nowadays.
  7. IBoughtADog Member

    Hey look, our good friend Terryeo commented again!
  8. Anonawhat Member

    What did she say? It's showing no comments for me.
  9. Kamizar Member

    Nice fucking try Terryeo, internet is OUR playground, and if there's one thing we're more inclined to stop than the Co$ its internet regulation...
  10. Anonawhat Member

    Haha her response makes no sense.
  11. The funny thing about her response is the fact that she seems to believe the internet's primary purpose is to serve religious, business and government functions; de facto, though, is to be a free forum where nobody can worry about expressing their ideas and fear persecution (i.e. CoS).
    Well, except the furries.
  12. ClearEngram Member

  13. centurion Member

    AnonMomAnon is awesome
  14. Unaware Member

    Yea, that's just a reprint of an earlier article. It's also on Fox News and a variety of other websites. Just email them and tell them the page is outdated and incorrect.
  15. Atomosk Member

  16. One of the respondents is Terryeo! He/She got banned from Wikipedia for instigating revert wars and harassing people who wrote critical Scientology articles.
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