Tehran Jange Attack Basij: Iran Election Video

Discussion in 'Videos' started by ConciousGood, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. ConciousGood Member

    Tehran Jange Iran Election Video

  2. damesh garm, kiram to kose jadeo abade felestin
  3. Nathan Explosion says: "Yeah, that was pretty brutal, I gotta admit."
  4. bahman Member

    Cool song

    This is a really good song... I know actually some friends that has heard of these guys in Tehran... Real messed up I heard...
  5. very good

    very good.. love this song, and I dont even know what they are saying
  6. love it

    I love this!
  7. freepersia Member

  8. love this.. this is a great song and a really good persian rap group.
  9. Ian-IRAN Member

    The war came at a great cost in lives and economic damage - a half a million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers as well as civilians are believed to have died in the war with many more injured and wounded - but brought neither reparations nor change in borders. The conflict is often compared to World War I, in that the tactics used closely mirrored those of World War I, including large scale trench warfare, manned machine-gun posts, bayonet charges, use of barbed wire across trenches, human wave attacks across no-mans land, and extensive use of chemical weapons such as mustard gas against Iranian troops and civilians as well as Iraqi Kurds. At the time, the UN Security Council issued statements that "chemical weapons had been used in the war." However, in these UN statements Iraq was not mentioned by name, so it has been said that "the international community remained silent as Iraq used weapons of mass destruction against Iranian as well as Iraqi Kurds" and it is believe that "United States prevented the UN from condemning Iraq

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