Tehran Burning

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Dafi Fools, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. Dafi Fools Member

    This is a small dedication from us to all of the brave in Iran

    Dafi Fools - Tehran Burning

    Maz of Dafi Fools
  2. basiji jakesh

  3. East meets West

    One thing I have discovered from these posts is the missing link between the east and the west: bad music-video's being exploited on Youtube. Seriously, people can make a greater impact by posting video footage of police brutality/injured protesters, than they can by slicing together a photo montage to the tune of some song.

    I give credit to those Iranian students who are fighting against injustice, because a lot of other people are too docile and warped to take a stand against voter fraud if it occurred in their country. Whether or not these protests will amount to anything remains to be seen. Considering that the Iranian military is conservative-based, most soldiers would probably be more than willing to resort to extensively violent measures against student and civilians if things continue to go out of control (like in Tienanmen Square).

    I think that during turbulent times such as these, governments show their true face to the people of whom they claim to represent.

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