"Teh Internet is Serious Business" (new play)

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by fishypants, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. BLiP Member

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  2. fishypants Moderator

    You're right, that review's a stinker. Made me laugh though.
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  3. /b/

    For four guys who are moar at home hunched over a computer,in total seclusion. they did surprisingly well. One could feel their nervousness from a thousand yards out. Biella, however, did a superb job of keeping the ship in full sail.
    Never, in their wildest dreams, did they ever think it would get to this point in their lives. And I'll bet good money on that.
  4. /b/

    I just wanted to say - I urge all british anons to go and see this play. Don't pan it bad and chortle if you haven't seen it. Srsly .. Go and see it. FUCK!, You may even have a really good time. And how bad can that be.
  5. [IMG]
  6. /b/


    WTF an i doing? ... I'm looking at a brighter future.

  7. /b/

    ^ am doing.
  8. fishypants Moderator

    Ill-fitting bra? Bad taste in interior decor?

    I see the spade, is that meant to be the 'mindfuck'?
  9. Arct1ch3art Member

    I would love to see it, I have heard nothing but good stuff.
  10. Arct1ch3art Member

    Five fingers, not including the thumb
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  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    Well spotted AH and urrrgghh :)
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  12. Arct1ch3art Member

    Spank you very much :) When it comes to those things I will not stop trying to figure it out or else i'll go mad lol
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  13. fishypants Moderator


    Still, my bra/decor point remains valid.
  14. Arct1ch3art Member

    They are like a B cup, although she looks grr ;) lol
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  15. Thanks for posting that video, made me smile. I always liked Topiary, Kayla on the other hand I was always suspicious of but after hearing him talking about why he chose that name I've softened up a bit, makes more sense. To hear Kayla speak about Anon becoming more politicized I think that's cool coming from a guy who was around during the original /i/nsurgency days. As for that rat snitch Sabu, may he choke on a turkey bone this thanksgiving and his son get beautiful presents this Christmas at the orphanage.
  16. What do you mean with "original"? /b/ is for any bastard..

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