Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by everanonymous, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. anonymizzz Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    that would be so much more awesome-o though.
  2. Anon4fl Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Amazing lets see them deny it after you make this public
  3. Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Is this catalogged yet.

    Also, posting in epic thread.
  4. moarxenu Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    My input is white, and comes in a glass bottle.
  5. anonyleaks Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Just so you know, if you were to xerox or scan all of the printed materials it would take you nearly two years to do so - I know it takes Bridge and New Era close a day or better to print out a full set of basics (covers not included) and they have million dollar pieces of equipment.
  6. i'mglib Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)


    I've always wanted to know what was in the PTS/SP course. I'll bet it's hilarious.

    Are there tapes?
  7. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    I gotta chime in and say it anyway: ANYTHING pre squirreling is valuable, the older the better.

    I would love to see claims of LRH being a Doctor and physicist, commander McBragg of the Pacific fleet.

    (read: check the sleeves and publish dates, there could be great lulz to be had)
  8. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

  9. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Hence I mentioned book scanning experience is probably wanted.

    There do exist specific scanners for books which can make it a breeze to do, non-destructively. I'm sure there may also be services and/or college campuses which you can get it done at.

    Book scanning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has some information on both destructive & non-destructive methods.
  10. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Mid to high res photos up the book (all four corners of the pages shown as to deter claims of not showing all data) is another option.
  11. GrogStat Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    This is probably the fastest way & still OCRable.
  12. AnonLenore Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Yes. I still need to get the cord to record it all. But it will be available as soon as I get it.
  13. Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    $6-$10 for a AUX cord (to plug into the headphone jack of the stereo and the AUX/MIC port on a PC/Laptop) at Radio Shack and need a recorder program like the built in Sound Recorder on WinXP.
  14. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Make sure that you take close-ups of the front of the e-meters, with the appropriate stickers installed (wouldn't want you to be in violation with the FDA). That way, when the pictures are referenced, the world (and Co$) can see the PROPER way to display the warnings.
  15. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    I thought the PTS/SP course was already leaked here.
  16. everanonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    we'll list what we have and the hive can tell us what is already out there and what they want us to leak.
  17. rawrz Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    /r/ any hot female anons to pose nude with e-meters for the playboy thread....
  18. everanonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

  19. The Shinigami Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    "All About Radiation: by a Nuclear Physicist and a Medical Doctor."

    Inside book sleeve reads: "Atomic Radiation is a subject which interests the minds of every thinking man and woman of this world.

    In this book we have the sane and sober views of a Medical Doctor on the physical facts and consequences of the actual atomic blast and the diseases resulting from it.

    L. Ron Hubbard, one of America's first nuclear physicists, famed author and explorer, has comprehensively analyzed these facts and related them to human livingness, governments and the security of the world..."

    ^^This what you're looking for? :cake2:
  20. DiaSciRev Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)


    I came.
  21. Hostile Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)


    this is probably the biggest example of ANONYMOUS DELIVERS out there....

    so.... even if we do get it scanned and set up in pdfs on the intertoobs, no one person's going to ever be able to read them all...

    should we prioritize them as to lulziness/discrediting to scientology so we can use time effectively?
  22. Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Every copying service will require the written approval of the copyright holder, a "right to copy", before they will even touch the books. I don't think that Co$ is going to be happy about issuing a right to copy.

  23. anonyleaks Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Shit to leak:

    • Advanced Procedures & Axioms Extension Course
    • Introductory and demonstration processes
    • Assists Processing Handbook
    • Knowingness
    • Fact VS Fiction
    • Hubbard Dissemination Course
    • Personal Integrity Course
    • What is Scientology?
    • Marriage HATS
    • Modern Management Technology Defined
    • ...OT 3 (duh?!)
    • The FOIA handbook
    • key to life course (hilarious shit)
  24. r3bus Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    So long as only excerpts of the books/audio are used ( The lulziest ones of course! ), this falls under Fair Use, because it is newsworthy, or criticism/analysis.
  25. Lorelei Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)


    I'm sorry for all the crap you'll have to read to sift out the LULZiest parts, but the fact that you have the opportunity to do it at all is AMAZING.

    Time to "learn U sum books"? Hee.
  26. everanonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    yeah i updated the OP with links to pictures of all the books
  27. r3bus Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Who is the bearded dude on some of the book covers supposed to be? He looks a lot like the old dude that appears in that bad scilon influenced cartoon movie.
  28. Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    holy boxes of boredom batman!

    RON - MASTER MARINER hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  29. carsondude Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Long live Anon.
  30. AnonLenore Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    The December Lecture Charts of L. Ron Hubbard Philadelphia Doctorate Course


    megaupload: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Each page is numbered. Sorry about the quality this scanner was made for home use and much smaller pages, tried to get most of the page on each.
  31. everanonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Tech Archive - The Hubbard Key To Life Course - a set on Flickr

    yes we do. though we're missing the #1 book(s) and #2B and #2C and any other books that might be between each number set.
  32. the_cloak Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Whoa, the man predicted 888!
  33. LRonAnon Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    maaRf floote blatgrAff
  34. carsondude Member

  35. everanonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    ok i'm being told most of the Technical Bulletins have already been leaked on wikileaks (though we have #9 and #10 that they don't have on there)

    can anyone review the list for things that already exist out there and of the remaining books what would be more important/lulzy to leak?

    this is a lot of stuff. i don't wanna get through scanning a whole book, let alone a series, to find out it's already out there.
  36. Lorelei Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Good grief. What is that scribbling supposed to mean?

    It looks like psychotic "math." I worked for a shrink as a personal assistant, and all her psychotics wrote bizarre stuff like that, usually trying to use simple A=1, B=2 alphabet ciphers to prove the existence of God and the Devil and so on. Weird..

    A couple of months ago, I was watching a show, Intervention, on A&E, and an addict who was stripping and begging weird dudes to buy her booze (both to feed her addiction) and who was out of her mind due to alcohol abuse and some other drug (meth?) was writing all kinds of crap like that down for her "future best seller". Too bad she misspelled "Christ." I also saw some really retarded basic arithmetic mistakes. :p Think that this might have affected her calculations in any way? She had concluded that her math and code-breaking meant she was the Devil, IIRC, but her explanation while off her nut was not much more logical or meaningful than her scrawlings. (Also, I think this person was mentioned in a later airing of the show as either being in jail or still addicted.) GAH.

    Anyway, to get back on topic: what is all that nonsense supposed to MEAN? Is there any explanation of the wingnut batshit crazy scribblings?

    Inquiring minds are inquiring, and wish to know MOAR.
  37. everanonymous Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    he explains it here in the last quote: Refund and Reparation - Book: 8-8008

    tl;dr: yeah, they're batshit crazy scribblings :)
  38. carsondude Member

    Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    Here is the current list of wikileaks.

    Long live anon.
  39. Re: Tech Treasure Trove (teaser)

    A couple of things to think about, DMCA is only US law, not international law. If placed on a hosting service outside of the US = no dmca issues. if you look over at The Pirate Bay legal notices you will see they enturbulate whiners rather well. Is there any swedish scientology law suits going on at the moment that some of this vast amount of booty could be submitted as evidence with? As with the submittal of the original xenu crap it would become publically accessable to anyone who wants it as described here at Yours for however much it is to post to your location.

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