Ta'ziyeh: Political Theatre and Propaganda in Shiite Islam (Green=Good, Red=Bad)

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  1. Summary:
    - Most Iranians are devout Shiite Muslims
    - An opportunity exists to win them over to the protesters cause for a free Iran by appealing to the rich history of Shia martyrdom and struggle against Sunni usurpation, oppression and tyranny
    - The good guys in Shiite history wear green (check)
    - The bad guys wear red
    - The greatest villain in the Shiite mind is Yazid I and his troops at the Battle of Karbala
    - Shia passionately commemorate the Battle of Karbala, with plays called Ta'ziyeh of the Green vs Red battle every year
    - Red v Green and analogy to the early martyrs creates a powerful imagery in the Shiite mind of which side is virtuous and righteous and which is evil, tyrannical and a usurper.

    - Create imagery (shop) that paints the Basiji, IRC and other oppressors as coloured red against the green of the protesters.
    - Create imagery of Achmedinajad and Khatamei as Yazid and his generals.
    - Create imagery that compares the deaths and struggles of the protesters to the those of the early Shiite martyrs
    - Share it, get it out the world and into Iran, get text in Farsi (Persian)

    Ta'ziyeh: Political Theatre and Propaganda in Shiite Islam (Green=Good, Red=Bad)

    Most Iranians are devout Shiite Muslims, and the culture of Shiite Islam has from its origins and throughout its history been a repressed political movement fighting against the tyranny of Sunni overlords.

    It is very easy for a devout Shiite to see in a political struggle against tyranny the same struggle waged by the Shia of the past, particularly the martyrdom of the sons of Ali, Husayn and Abbas in the Battle of Karbala on Ashura by the forces of Yazid I and his soldier Shamr.

    Yazid I usurped, stole the leadership, of the Muslim world from its rightful heirs, the sons of Ali, the descendants of the Prophet.

    Shia passionately commemorate the Battle of Karbala every year on the date of Ashura (the next is the 27th December 2009). They openly cry, mortify their flesh, parade and mourn in a state of religious ecstasy. Through Ashura the politics of Karbala passionately resonates with every Shiite Muslim.

    Yazid I is the epitome of a tyrant and a usurper in the Shiite mind, and he is passionately hated as such.

    Shiite conduct a passion play called Ta'ziyeh or Taziyeh on Ashura of the Martyrdom of Husayn, his infant son Ali al-Asghar and Abbas by the tyrant Yazid.

    Husayn and his good guys wear green, Yazid and the bad guys wear red:

    Shemr mass murdering the Seyeds (Descendants of Prophet Mohammed)

    Massacre of Karbala by the troops of Yazid

    Yazidis capturing Hussein's family

    Hussein, Abbas (brother), Zeynab (sister) and martyred 6 month old Ali Asghar (son)

    More here:
    Iran Politics Club: Ashura: This is Shiite Islam! - Culture of Mourn & Death (Part 5) Ahreeman X

    Creating our own political imagery of Ta'ziyeh for use in the protests:

    Today in Iran the good guys in Green fight against the tyranny of the usurper Achmedinajad and Khatamei.

    The choice of green as the colour of their struggle sends a powerful message in the Shiite Mind.

    What cansend an even more powerful image into the minds of the Iranian devout, who may be wavering on who to support, is if we produced images where the Basiji, the IRC and the other oppressors wore red against the protesters green, and make the powerful imagery of Karbala and the Ta'ziyeh passion plays complete.

    Produce imagery of Achmedinajad and Khatamei in the clothing of Yazid and his troops.

    Look for the scenes of the Ta'ziyeh and find analogous real life and death reenactments on the streets of Iran today between the good guys in green and the tyrants in red.

    The particular styles of martyrdom of the early Shia and Imams by Sunni tyrants should be replicated (shopped) as political imagery. Through this the anologies of the deaths of today's matrys in Iran can assume the same unquestionable virtue and righteousness in the Shia mind as their early martyrs like Husyan.

    We can help win over the wavering devout of Iran, who might otherwise support the regime.
  2. More red vs green ta'ziyeh photos:

    Shemr killing all Seyeds (Descendants of Prophet Mohammed)

    Shemr beheading Hussein and killing his young son

    Shemr had no mercy

    Kaffir Yazidis had cut off Seyed al Shohada's head
  3. KKAABB Member

    OP - you're good at this. Good work.
  4. ramin.ger Member

    True. This reflects the soul of iranians. Its perfect.

    It reflects the peaceful protesters that are slaughtered by the regime-troops.
    The regime interrupts those celebrations in iran to tell some bs. I dont think
    they cellebrate that event, also.

    Perfect there is a plan. Very smart!

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