Tampa Raids at USF and Ybor

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Persephone, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Persephone Member

    Tampa Raids at USF and Ybor

    Tampafags, you're disappointing me. We need RAIDZ.

    I'm thinking a Hug Raid or a leading-up-to-fair game thing with Twister or Red Rover or something like that. Need at least 2 more people. We invite people to play Twister or Duck, Duck, Goose (renamed Xenu, Xenu, SP or OT, OT, SP!) WITH us, and explain Game Over to them. We do games for like 3 minute bursts then go Professor on their ass for about 2 or 3, then go back.

    I have chauffeur skillz, we need a date and time. Preferably like... AT LEAST one a week until the 10th.

    Also... Anonymous car wash/donations raid on a major intersection. (Kinda like those AIDS funds people) How freaking awesome, right? Then if we get the monies needed, we could get a Florida State Anonymous flag printed up.

    PLZ, Tampafags. Jesus, where the fuck are you? Finals is over, ain't it? Sheesh.
  2. Guerillanon Member

    Re: Tampa Raids at USF and Ybor

    I'll bring this up in the IRC tonight but you got me for it.

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