Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by exOT8Michael, Jun 21, 2009.

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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

  3. Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    I know it's supposed to be terrible, but the idea of a bunch of senior scilon execs playing full contact musical chairs for their jobs is the funniest shit I've ever heard.
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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    The funniest part was when the musical chairs game was over and it was decided where everyone would be shipped off to. Then Dave decides they'll need some sort of uniforms.....

    copypasta from OCMB original article by BFG - Operation Clambake Message Board :: View topic - MUSICAL CHAIRS - INT BASE STYLE - PART 2

    Just when everybody thought that the torture was over, Dave says “Well, you have got to have uniforms too”

    Dave then asked the CC INT team if they could think of someone who they thought was hip or cool. Becket Wells was brought up as a person that was up on the latest fashions and styles. “Good” Dave says, “get him up here.”

    Dave makes sure everyone knows that the same rules apply; NO ONE tells Becket what is happening or says anything to him at all. ONLY Dave is allowed to talk to him.

    Becket walks in and Dave tell him that we are all doing an exercise and that Dave wants him to pick out some uniform parts for some crew to wear. He asks Becket to describe the most hideous outfit that anyone would ever want to wear.

    The outfit would end up being:

    1. Pink running shoes
    2. White socks that went past the knee
    3. A huge Cowboy belt buckle
    4. Bright green short shorts
    5. A pirate shirt with 4 inch black buttons on the chest
    6. Fluorescent yellow waist pack
    7. Red Riding hood - hood

    “That is Hideous” Dave said and then thanked Becket for his help.

    As Becket left the room, Dave Miscavige turned to the CC Int team and said that that would be their uniform and that they had to wear it whenever they were in ANY public areas. He also specifically added that they could not EVER pick trash up with any sort of tool. It always hand to be handled with the hands, same with ashtrays, they were to dig the butts out with their bare hands and no tools could ever be used except in the case of toilets or urinals - they could use a sponge or greenies, but no gloves or extended brushes.

    Just when we thought it all was over and we could at least get off to out Conts. Dave asked that each group pick one person amongst themselves that everybody could agree was the worst of the pack. The most out ethics, most disliked whatever. The least liked person from each group was singled out. By this time, how could it get any worse?

    Dave said that each of these most disliked people would be writing the issue assigning one OTHER group to the Cont they were being sent to! And it would be signed COMMANDER.

    So Mark Ingber who was going to Canada, was writing the issue for the PAC group and it was going to be coming from COMMANDER MARK INGBER. This was being done for all the groups and everybody had an issue that was being written by someone who was also being offloaded, but just not to the same area!

    Each group had their issues written up by hand. Each group was then charged with getting the issues proofread, typed and copied and ready for distribution.

    Once all this was done. Dave gave everybody a final pep talk. He asked if anyone had anything to say. NO one did. He said that the buses would be ready to leave at 6AM. It was now 1AM. Each person would need to be ready to go and NO items would be going with them except for the clothes on their backs.

    Of course, anyone with spouses had already secured for the night, anyone who had friends, family, co-workers or people that they wanted to talk to before leaving were unable to be contacted. The buses would be long gone BEFORE any of these people would be coming in for post.

    All of the phones were ripped out of the room so that no calls could be made to other parts of the base where staff might be working late. All communication lines were cut. About 30 minutes after the meeting had ended, there were a few people saying how this was the “last chance people would have to make things right in their S.O. careers” and that “if they made the Conts expand, they probably would be able to come back to the Int Base one day far, far in the future.”

    An hour later, all the different groups had found their way back to their little space under a desk or in a chair and most people had gone to sleep for the night. Sobs and faint crying could be heard for hours throughout the room. If you were not crying yourself to sleep that night, someone else was doing the crying for you.
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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Exactly, that is one of the best videos ever!
  6. Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Frakkin awesome....I just pray that other media outlets pick this up.
  7. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Props to the creator of this epicness.

    When I think of DM's reaction....

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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Video is down.

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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Video in OP link works for me.
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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    So all these defectors are 'habitual liars'?

    They ever testify on Scientology's behalf when they were still in, say, on the Lisa Macpherson case and why none of it was the cult's fault? Was everything they said then a lie?
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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    I bet this was his response.
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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    First I watched it............. 1240492892536.gif
  13. Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Holy shit. David Miscavige is hilarious!
  14. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    His humor is always at the price of someone else....
  15. Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    It's very hard to imagine people actually subjecting themselves to such sadistic, humiliating, dehumanizing treatment by such a miserable, back-stabbing, cowardly little prick. Imho, It's the result of long term, extremely dangerous Scientology processing. Gradually over time these processes, training routines, auditing, reading, courses, etc. take over every moment of your life. It is such a dangerous group dynamic with a totally vicious, dictatorial chain of command that allows a psychopath like David Miscavige to rule over people in this way. Intelligent people going along with this disgraceful game of musical chairs for their very lives after giving countless hours and years of service. It's insane. David Miscavige is going to be put out of his misery 1 way or another now. I admire those of you exes who overcame the hold and now spend so much of your time trying to help those left behind. I've got several family members among them and i'm extremely grateful to Anonymous, Old guard, New guard, lulzy guard, everyone who contributes in any way. It's amazing to see the results and finally believe there is hope to get everyone out and a real chance to finally put this lying, scamming, child abusing cult enterprise that calls itself the church of scientology out of business for good.
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    Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    New raiding uniform for playing musical chairs?
  17. Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    lol, no doubt, it's too easy sometimes
  18. Re: Tampa Bay DM expose: the video

    Hopefully not anymore.

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