TAKE ACTION: Contact Embassies & Consulates demanding an immediate Halt to Executions

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    Sending letters saves lives. Demand an immediate halt to executions by sending a letter to Iranian embassies and consulates worldwide. Submit your letter to help make the people of Iran HEARD.

    Amnesty International has, for the past 49 years, used public advocacy campaigns to to draw attention to cases just as these. To date, over 44,000 people have been released because of Amnesty’s letters, petitions, and other forms of public advocacy.

    In Iran, public advocacy campaigns have already resulted in the release of several prisoners. Newsweek correspondent, Maziar Bahari, for example, was released after “several hundred authors, journalists, and filmmakers from around the world, including several Nobel prize winners, [signed] petitions asking for his release.”

    Another imprisoned activist, Koroush Zaim, was imprisoned (again) after the disputed June 2009 election. His son, musician and activist Turaj Zaim, committed to a 2 week hunger strike in an attempt to garner attention for his father and pressure the government to release his father. Turaj did not finish his hunger strike, as 12 days into it, his father was released from prison in Iran.

    Halt Executions – Campaign Letters
    To this end, U4I is facilitating several public advocacy campaigns to assist in garnering international attention for the various detainees and those at risk of execution. The effort can be as simple as changing your Facebook or Twitter profile icons to reflect the action, or can be as in depth as sending a letter to Iranian embassies and consulates around the globe.

    Letters are e-mailed directly to embassies and consulates around the world. The letters are currently available in English, Farsi, French, and Germany. As of today (3/31) over 1,500 messages have been sent.

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