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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Oct 12, 2012.

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    I'm looking for people who are willing to spend some time getting the truth out about what's going on with the Syria conflict by editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia has been made into a tool for the Western intervention in Syria and this needs to change. There is no "civil war" going on, rather it's war between the Western powers and the Syrian dictator Assad and with the people of Syria caught in the crossfire.

    any taker?
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    I need people to help me stop the war that is being waged on Syria. This will be done by exposing the lies told by the mainstream media about a civil war between the people of Syria and the regime. This war is actually between the US and Europe and the syrian regime with the people caught in the middle. I want to spread the truth by editing the right wikipedia article and I'm looking for people who want to do a good deed for the defenseless.

    Answer this if you're interested, it would be great if you already have Wikipedia account and used to editing.
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    Time to stock up:

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  5. ASSAD IS A DICK, we all know that, you need more planes stopped in Turkey carrieng Russian guns ans Amo
  6. By the way Assad president of Syria I have my big cock in your little pooper, you filthy fuck. I do not take you seriously. Assad you are a big fat looser who sucks on his fathers unwashed cock.

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  7. :).

    Faggots like the op have been spamming comments sections of online press since this all began.
    Or defacing websites like Reuters.
    It's not doing much good though.
    Assad is fucked in the long run.
  8. What the hell in this world the bastard and murderer americans and europeans care about democracy???
    what they have done in Iraq? What they have done in Libya? they fight against Al-Qaida and now supporting them in Syria and Libya?

    The shit of the world is Israel and the cause of the problem in the whole world

    to all those think that there is revolution going in Syria are wrong, the mother fuckers governments of United Kingdom, USA, France, Saudia Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are behind all the bloodshed in Syria

    What if some government gives weapons and armed terrorists to IRA to fight against UK and then calling it revolution, this is exactly what is going on in Syria

    Please open your eyes and stop watching lies what BBC, CNN, FOX etc.. tells you
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    Funny how the Powers haven't seen fit to militarily exploit the death of their provincial governor ambassador in Benghazi. Maybe, for once, it wasn't a false flag op. That, or the Empire's resources are already way overstretched. Maybe both.

    Exactly. "Israel" is the only country in the world which both has nuclear weapons in quantity and refuses to declare its formal borders.Agreeing with Mel Gibson puts one in a rather dodgily-regarded camp, but the truth is the truth, no matter who utters it.

    Quoted for fucking truth.

    Interesting how Turkey is being used as the cat's paw in Syria. Naturally, no one (besides Sibel Edmonds) has even come close to discovering Turkey's role in the events of "9/11". If Americans knew, Turkey would be one mass grave right about now.

    Nah. These people, including a number of the supposedly enlightened here, refuse to get their news from anywhere else. Convenience is King, just flip on the idiot box. It's not called that for nothing. They enjoy their brainwashing, mixed in with exhortations to buy sugar and plastic.

    The world's gone to Hell. Might as well enjoy the time we have left best we can.
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    Why hello there Assad. Your tears are delicious.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Fix'd that for ya :)
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  13. Herro Member

    Hey you, America INVENTED freedom. So shut it.
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    A most inauspicious return. Why don't you go back to whatever it was you were doing while you were away. We have enough idiots fagging up threads as it is.
  15. Anonymous Member

    You jelly because the pro is here.

    Interesting claims. Care to back that diarrhea up with dox?

    Otherwise, you know what you can do. (Hint: Don't let the door smack you on the ass on the way out)

    Read the response from above. I'll even shorten it for you: Dox or GTFO.
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    Wrong, again.
  17. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator


    While you are entitled to your opinion (because you are not providing any form of documentation or facts to support your claim), many WWP are not interested in vandalizing Wikipedia nor participating in this mess.

    Feel free to be mad at me saying this. I got better things to do than listen to unfounded, borderline fanatical, opinion from somebody wanting a personal army.
  18. Anonymous Member

    We seem to be getting a lot of new threads in this vein lately, including some outfag who got all butthurt because we wouldn't join in his crusade againt Starbucks...
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    Getting the truth while spreading lies ?
    Kill yourself.
  20. Bilderbob Member

    The truth about Syria is derelict Muslims are recruited into "al-Qaeda" and sent there to die. Meaning that the Syrian rebels are terrorists, and we pay Assad to kill them for us.

    That's the "civil war" in Syria.
  21. Anonymous Member

    The IRA got large amounts of funding from the Irish community in New York. The US government did fuck-all about that. I think the key point here is that Assad is a dictator, which Maggie (whose faults were many and varied) was not.

    I certainly hope the Syrian rebels (or at least, the ones who don't want to replace a dictatorship with a theocracy) are getting some kind of backing from Western governments.

    Trying to help overthrow a dictator would seem to me the only humanitarian thing to do.

  22. Anonymous Member

    You have it ass backwards.
    "Al Qaeda" are being used to take down al-Assad, otherwise there wouldn't be so much fucking carping at the US Mouth of War State Department about how al-Assad "needs to go".
  23. Bilderbob Member

    I feel I'm right.
  24. Bilderbob Member

    POOR MARIE COLVIN...... just like that bus driver!!!!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Yes, well, by all means, don't let the facts get in your way :)
  26. Anonymous Member

    We're watching Al-Jazeera. And they are not too happy with Assad either. He is nothing but a blood-thirsty dictator who was not shy to use cluster bombs on his own civilian population.

    Syria is one of the poorest countries in the world. Syrians always work in Lebanon [also not too rich] and Turkey to make ends meet. They've been ruled by the Assad "monarchy" for decades. They have no freedoms.
    And yes....I know, you probably think that Israel is the demon. But Israel is actually quite happy with Assad being in power and keeping the status quo, because Assad keeps the Israeli/Syrian border quiet. So you can't quite blame Israel or its allies in interfering. Israel only bombed one convoy that was leading missiles to Hizballah in Lebanon.
    The uprising in Syria truly did come from the bottom up, from the oppressed and poor people of Syria.
    Syria is not a playground for the Western Powers. Well, maybe for Russia, who wants to keep its naval base in Syria. That's why Russia de facto granted Assad refuge and Assad lives on a Russian military ship in the Mediterranean.
    Also - you're asking us to stop watching BCC, CNN, Fox? Assad doesn't even allow them on the Syrian territory to cover the conflict. So much for the freedom of speech.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Dox or STFU.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    You're so obviously a shill, that you overtalked and contradicted yourself.
    You the same sayan hanging around the Palestine threads?
  31. Anonymous Member

    Is New York Times enough of a "Dox?"

    Syria Unleashes Cluster Bombs on Town, Punishing Civilians

    MAREA, Syria — The plane came in from the southeast late in the afternoon, releasing its weapons in a single pass. Within seconds, scores of finned bomblets struck and exploded on the homes and narrow streets of this small Syrian town.
    After the screams and the desperate gathering of the victims, the staff at the local Freedom Hospital counted 4 dead and 23 wounded. All were civilians, doctors and residents said.
    Many forms of violence and hardship have befallen Syria’s people as the country’s civil war has escalated this year. But the Syrian government’s attack here on Dec. 12 pointed to one of the war’s irrefutable patterns: the deliberate targeting of civilians by President Bashar al-Assad’s military, in this case with a weapon that is impossible to use precisely.
    More at
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I research plenty. It's just my source is not RT (Russia Today) - a channel owed by the Russian government who de facto gave Assad a political refuge. There are reports that Assad currently lives on a Russian military ship with his family, and only flies in to meetings in Syria on a helicopter.
    Russia has traditionally been Syria's ally and has a big naval base in Syria. Russia is desperate for Assad to stay in power and be strong. Israel likes weak Assad, who will be too focused on domestic trouble to orchestrate Hizballah's attacks on Israel from Lebanon.
  34. Dox on the report/rumour of Assad on Russian naval vessel.
    Russia and China have vessels on the Syrian coast,they have been there a long time.
    If Assad is anywhere its going to close to the Alawite strong holds.
    Assad would have to fly over rebel held territory east of Damascus if he was on a Russian ship.
  35. Bilderbob Member

    Is it true Syria gets major UFO activity? I see rumors but then nothing comes of it... no Nephilim or anything.
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  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Bilderbob Member


    I figured that's what the chemical weapons are about, like in that movie by Steven Spielberg.

    "Don't go to Syria- it's dangerous!"

    "Okay, I won't..."

    Ha ha ha.
  39. Anonymous Member

    You could turn "stupid" into a full-time job, I'll bet :)
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  40. A regime that utilizes its entire army and resources including tanks, shells, MIG warplanes, helicopters, phosphorus, cluster bombs, and its newest addition to it's destructive arsenal, scud missiles, to suppress the syrian people and the syrian resistance known as the free syrian army, doesn't need more propaganda and lies on it's side, 2 years ago it our revolution started out peaceful with millions of protestors marching in the street shouting "freedom" and "the syrian people shall not be humiliated" but the regime has not spared a single rocket, bullet, shell, bomb, trying to stop us as it got aid from countries like russia, china, iran and militia groups like hezbollah in lebanon, and that inevitably forced honorable syrian soldiers to defect from assad's army and form a simple guerrilla warfare fighting force to retaliate against assad's attacks on civilians and cities, the rest of the world did nothing but arrange meetings and "condemn" massacres mainly because we have no oil or advantages in syria hence the world is in no hurry to get rid of assad, in fact the west's manipulation of the actual situation on the ground in trying to make the rebels seem sinister or "extremist" has led to many ignorant people like this OP, anyways the revolution is far too great and complicated to explain in one thread and everything I mentioned is constantly documented using civilian amateur cameras used daily by simple syrian civilians or activists in an attempt to document all of assad's crimes and massacres, and a few actual news reporters who snuck into syria since the regime put a ban on all news channels and reporters in an attempt to block us from the rest of the world and to cover up their crimes....have a nice day, please do your research before you post anything about a topic as sensitive and as obvious as and bashar al assad can kiss my ass

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