Sydney psychologist and Transformation Guru is front-end for Scientology ideas

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. anonysamvines Member

    ah fuck i lost my detailed, well excuted response to halfway through when i accidently closed the page

    since i have been named and quoted - not exactly sure why tho honey can you elaborate? not that i object to being named and quoted (ps samvines aint my real name either fyi, just as it is a gender neutral name and no such inferences should be put on that) i just like to understand why so i can take the pat on the back or the rebuke and see if i agree or disagree - and act accordingly

    was i oppressing or supporting her - if oppressing i would have expected you to quote the one where i told her she was welcome to start (and pay for) her own dedicated Kirby site if she didn't like the way this one works and fuck you - statements i still stand by - i don't believe everything i read on t webz but i do believe and stand by everything i write

    but please do elaborate
    then i may craft my response again
    you may find it useful - especially where i point out the pressure kristiane used to try to get US to conform to HER standards otherwise she was gonna spit her dummy and refuse to play with us (which she is perfectly entitled to - just as we are free to respond any way we choose)

    i may even be bothered later to do it anyway just cos

    especially since you assume erroneously that most of the members of wwp are ex clams - as opposed to people who have/are educating themselves about clams, cults and clam speak to understand what we are protesting and why - in order to make such protests effective in order to help the poor suckers who do get sucked in .
    Ex clams are a subset of wwp not the set - nor is everyone an ex chanologist or do i mean 4chan or witp and all the other terms and subsets i personally don't belong to or tbh understand what they all are

    doesn't bode well for your clear, logical, academic thesis if that is typical of your conclusions - how exactly did you come to that conclusion? where did you obtain your statistics?

    but i do take your point that we should put more weight on your opinion because you say you are a phd student studying living cult leaders - i will even do you the courtesy of not asking for DOX since we like anonymity here and take you at your word

    and i am sure there are a few phd grads and more on this board that could even give you a few pointers on crafting your thesis and prepping for your board where any such mistaken conclusions will be brought up
    not me tho i aint that bright
    or am i

    pro tip grad boards don't like walls of words any more than anons
    paragraphs is your friend (deliberate use of is)
    tl:dr = abstract
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  2. Internetzin Member

    Sorry, stream of consciousness tards me up again!
  3. Well, you sure killed that one Sam Vines, with your smug, self-absorbed, self satisfied, vainglorious rubbish. As if, it was always all about you. I hope you found yourself a girlfriend and gave your hand a rest.
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  4. Enturbulette Member

    Honestly, you can be quite obnoxious. Work with that, you might just be getting the hang of things.
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  5. I've been reading this thread and it seems to have gone off topic again. Lets get back to what it is really about Robert Kirby - Is he or WAS he a scientologist?

    How do we get testimonials from the people who have worked with him in the past or proof that he is associated with scientology?
  6. Quentinanon Member

    It is also possible that Kirby is involved with Metapsychology, a spinoff of scientology from the mid-1980's.
  7. Yes, he was/is still definitely involved with Scientology. He kept a room in his basement with framed sayings from Scientology. Apparently what he teaches now, called the four pillars of something or other is based upon Scientology, but most telling of all, is the need for absolute control of his students he exerted, followed by repeated purges of those who he couldn't control. This all would have been better if he hadn't kept it a total secret that he was a Scientologist. I believe he is still up to his old tricks, which means he is damaging people with his "work" and the insidious way he turned Core Energetics into a cult of his own personality. Thanks for suggesting that this thread gets back on topic.
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  8. I did several work shops and was sharing his bed in weeks. Robert kirby told me that we were soul mates that we would be together that he was just honouring my process. He fucked me physically mentally and emotionally even charged me for it. He doesn't heal people he breaks them.
  9. Yes, I have heard that so many times, you aren't the only one. I wonder if you could find me on Facebook and we could have a talk about him. He may well have cleaned up his act by now, but he has left such a trail of damage, including with me, that it helps to share it with others who have also been so affected.
  10. Marcela505 Member

    Hi there,

    My best friend has become very involved with Robert Kirby and Core Energetics over the past few years and I have become very worried about him. He is spending thousands on programmes with Kirby to "change his life". He met Kirby a few years ago when he had just broken up with his ex. Since then he has slowly become more and more involved with Core Energetics and other programmes Kirby runs.

    It is the constant large financial investments and the regular digging up of past traumas that worries me. I also feel it is strange to promise instant change in exchange for large amounts of money. The whole thing just seems off and my friend doesn't seem to be that much happier since this has all started.

    When we are together now all he does is talk in this new age jargon and it is difficult to have a conversation about anything real. I have tried to voice my concerns to him but he doesn't listen. I am meeting with him again this week so I will most likely try to talk to him about it again.

    Wondering if theres anyone here I can chat to beforehand, all advice welcome.
  11. Here we have this expression NOT YOUR PERSONAL ARMY.
    For example
  13. Can someone please confirm if this is the same Robert Kirby who now talks about "Heartfelt", Life mastery and Leadership programs?

    I'm now worried because my friend is hooked and this is all he talks about. He's been doing his programs for 2yrs paying heaps of money and now even got his fiancee on to it.

  14. tried to post but hit the button wrong. yes definitely 100% its the same person. take care
  15. Yes all this is true. Many years ago I was there. He became deeply involved with Scientology both here and in America. He went to some school they have over there for a short time. And he started using their techniques in his workshops. It was very sad to see as he once was a very talented man who did help some people unfortunately he manipulated many things for his own ends.
  16. He rebranded again. It's now Breakthrough Brilliance. Be careful people!
  17. I was possibly his first Australian target. Was involved for years. I can only say I'm lucky to have got away when I did. Reading this is blowing my mind as I was on my own in his abuses, and stepped away into an entirely different life but over the years haunted by his treatment and being blocked to my own personal development or anything of that ilk out of fear of getting caught in something so damaging again.
  18. JadeAlexis Member

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to add to this that my friend told me under total secrecy that she did a session with Robert Kirby and he removed some of her clothing against her wishes and touched her inappropriately.

    She also saw him having other non-professional interactions with female participants in his workshop spaces. She said that she didn’t want to do anymore workshops with him after she realised that he was out of integrity and he refused to give her money back which was in the thousands.

    He is a master emotional manipulator and profits off the vulnerability and confusion of people with trauma. I don’t think the information he applies to his work is wrong, but I do think that he has some integrity issues.
  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Thanks Jade
  20. Hi, I just wanted to post here to thank people (especially Kristiane and others who have actually participated in Kirby's workshops and were open about their very negative experiences) for this discussion. I was involved in Kirby's workshops in 2019 and was having a very terrible and confusing time as a result. This thread - which was the only thing I could find online that confirmed some of my suspicions about Kirby - helped save my sanity and helped me to extricate myself from Kirby and his work. I have decided to add an account of my experiences with Kirby in the hope that these might similarly help others who have (very unfortunately for them) fallen under his influence.

    I got tangled up with Kirby because I work as a therapist and I had an interest in trying some core energetics work or bioenergetics work. This type of work was recommended to me to try by someone in Canada who I respect and who personally felt they got a lot out of it. I looked around in Sydney for a while to try and find a practitioner. I only managed to find one person and went to a few sessions with her but didn't enjoy working with her or feel like she was a good fit for me. A couple of years later, I psychotherapist studied with (for a Masters program at university, so it was a credible qualification) told me she was doing work with Kirby and recommended his work. Anyway, I had wanted to try some body work for a while because I had mainly only done talk therapy previously and core energetics and then Kirby personally were recommended to me by two reputable practitioners, so I didn't feel like there was anything dubious about the situation at that stage.

    I was initially impressed with Kirby's group work because I felt that I was encouraged to express emotion to a greater degree than I ever had been previously and that this had benefits for dissolving some of my internalised shame - like many who are attracted to therapy and become therapists, I have trauma in my background and shame has been a bit of an ongoing challenge for me. However, I'm not someone who is good at being blindly obedient and I ran into problems whenever I had questions about Kirby's approach. For example, at one group workshop, there was a woman who had difficulties with over-eating and Kirby suggested that this must have been because she had been sexually assaulted when young but perhaps didn't remember it. I was appalled by this as I didn't see how it could possibly be good therapeutic practice to suggest to someone that they had abuse experiences they weren't aware of but, when I challenged it, Kirby and some of his long-term followers turned on me. There were also other occasions when I was not compliant enough with Kirby's demands and views in the group work where Kirby dealt with it by criticising and shaming me in front of the rest of the group.

    Of course, this should have been enough for me to drop out of Kirby's program. But I didn't do this for a number of reasons. One of them is that Kirby's business model involves spending thousands of dollars upfront, I had grave doubts that I would be able to get a refund of even a portion of this from him, and I wanted to get my money's worth. Another was that there were aspects of what he was doing in the group work that I was finding interesting, different to anything I had ever experienced before, and potentially of benefit to me (I still think that, although much of what Kirby does is just garbage, I did get some benefits from his work amidst all the abuse, which is what made the experience so confusing). A third reason - which others have alluded to in their posts - is that Kirby preys on the vulnerabilities of people with trauma and abuse backgrounds. Every time I had some sort of issue with him this would be reframed as some sort of problem with me and my current personality organisation, which I could transcend if I kept doing his work. I was susceptible to this because of my trauma background but also because of my desire to grow in my personal and emotional development and the belief that I should be open to feedback. I don't think I would be susceptible now because, since the very confusing experience with Kirby, I have done a lot of reading about cult dynamics to try and understand how I got myself into the predicament I was in with him. Part of the issue was that it wasn't only Kirby himself that was giving me certain views, he had trained a coterie of followers to be blindly obedient to him and I was also getting feedback from them that they agreed I had the same issues, and that they had previously had similar problems and had benefited from working with Kirby on them. On one occasion, when I got really angry and argued with Kirby about his behaviours in one of the groups, one of his followers told me that she, too, used to hate him but she had worked through this over time and realised it was her own problem with aggression - now she deeply admired the man. Anyhow, it felt like being in psychological quick sand with my perspective of the world being repeatedly questioned and destabilised.

    As if the group work wasn't confusing enough, I had a number of private individual sessions with Kirby where his behaviour veered increasingly out of control. He would insult and berate me to trigger me into anger, on the pretext that I needed to let out the aggression in my 'lower self'. At first, I tried to accept this based on the idea I did have some internalised anger to release and this was just his technique for promoting this. But then his words and behaviour became increasingly more bizarre. At one point, in response to his insults, I told him he was making me feel like I was the most messed up person out there and he responded 'You're nothing like as messed up as my ex-wife'. I couldn't see how his ex-wife came into things or was relevant in any way but, like others have mentioned on this thread, he didn't have clean boundaries with female clients (I believe he repeatedly hinted at there being some sort of sexualised connection between us although I also think he didn't have any real interest in me and did this purely to exploit and manipulate me.). In the same therapy session where he made the comments about his ex-wife, he told me that the woman with the over-eating difficulties was influenced by 'the devil'. That session was so inappropriate and bizarre that I decided not to go back to a private session with him ever again. I was still involved in group sessions for a very short period (there were only a couple of sessions left till the end of the program I had paid for) and in one of these the 'deep tissue massage' by members of the group, which Kirby encouraged for the purposes of emotional release, left me with severe bruising all over my legs. When I complained to Kirby about this he told me 'when an area of the body is contracted, any intervention feels like abuse and, for some, bruises easily.'

    It was about this time that I started researching Kirby because I knew there was something terribly wrong with his behaviours and I found this thread. Shortly afterwards, I became aware of the sexual abuse Jade mentions above. The woman involved contacted me and told me what had happened and I was the first one in the group she told because the abuse had happened to her in a private therapy session that was scheduled directly after mine and we had overlapped and seen each other on the day in question. I, immediately, believed her because, by this time (especially in the private sessions above) I had ample evidence that Kirby was quite abusive and unhinged. I then dropped out of Kirby's work. Kirby challenged me about why I was dropping out and not going on to the next group program like most participants. I told him outright that I had heard he had sexually abused a client and he reacted by trying to discredit her behaviour and personality and telling me she could not be trusted because she was badmouthing everyone in the group. I made it clear that I thought he was lying and the texts he sent me to try and persuade me I was wrong - when I was in the process of extricating myself - would make anyone's hair stand on end. I have had no contact with him since then.

    I made multiple efforts to warn others in the group about Kirby. Most of these group members were so under Kirby's spell that they just brushed aside what I had to say. One person told me she believed me but felt like she was getting something out of his work and so was going to continue despite his personal shortcomings (this struck me as the type of untenable rationale people had for continuing to work with perpetrators like Harvey Weinstein). The bonds I had made in the group with decent people (which, more than Kirby himself - given all the issues I had experienced with him - kept me attending till the end of the group program I had paid for) disintegrated as soon as I left the group. Shortly afterwards, I had a bad accident and needed surgery but didn't hear from any of these people who, only a few weeks earlier, had been continually professing their love and support. All of this had a terrible impact on me in terms of a level of disillusionment with other people, and their ethics (especially in terms of continuing to work with a perpetrator of sexual abuse once they knew about the abuse), which I had never experienced before. I guess cultic brainwashing accounts for a lot of things.

    I was also very disappointed with the police. Kirby had been reported to the police for sexual abuse. I understand that sexual abuse allegations are very hard to prove. However, there seemed to be a trail of women subject to sexual abuse my Kirby over the years and I thought it would be fairly easy for them to unearth corroborating evidence from a range of victims. They didn't do this and my understanding is that Kirby has now returned from Australia to the US, so the opportunity to do so has passed.

    Unfortunately, I think that Kirby continues to have free reign to victimise more and more people. I just hope some of them out there are able to find this material from others who have been victimised and so they will know they aren't alone and they shouldn't discredit their own perceptions, no matter what lies are being fed to them. My thoughts are with anyone else out there who is contending with the damage Kirby has inflicted on their lives.
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