Sydney psychologist and Transformation Guru is front-end for Scientology ideas

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Enturbulette Member

    Since you are of a serious turn of mind, let me offer some assistance to you and perhaps others that you know who you hope will post here. First I have to suggest that you take a little time to do some research - look up the origin of the meme "lulz" and Anonymous' intimate relationship with said meme. Spend a few hours online looking into how Anonymous went about protesting Scientology starting in 2008 - a VERY effective approach which is the first time Scientology faced a foe that caused it real damage and got very good information out to its victims and to the public. This approach includes both a serious and non-serious side. Look up the meaning of "moralfag" and "lulzfag" please.

    You stated that "This forum seems to be the only place where people are warning others about him, which troubles me." Presumably you are troubled because more warnings aren't in more places, not because the only place people are being warned is here. At any rate, understand a little more about Anon culture and tactics and not only will your respect grow for their methods, but you might end up having a laugh along the way. Generally, no admonishment is going to alter Anon culture, so if you hope people use this forum who are unfamiliar with it, then your better understanding of it can only be helpful to all concerned. Your final task is to make a pun using "faecestious". Good luck and thanks for bringing information on this charlatan here to share.
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  2. Well, that unleashed a storm of protest! That must be a good thing as no-one had posted for a year before I started this. Nevertheless and notwithstanding the existing ethos of vile and yet humorous banter which I am being told is the way of this forum, I am peculiarly resistant to group dynamics where there is peer pressure to conform, so I don't intend to read up on memes, etc., but I would like to state again that this forum which has been doing work to expose Scientology has now crossed paths with others trying to do the same with Core Energetics, and Robert Kirby. So, if this is to work here (and my reference to this being troubling that it is the only such forum was not a slur on the forum, but was that it is the only one), there has to be an understanding from the other members of this forum that people who have done Core Energetics are particularly wary of easily made anonymous expressions designed to defame. This is what they have learnt to identify as the "mask", the facade people use to hide behind to protect themselves while they deflect the focus onto others, and please believe me, it will put off people wishing to post here if this particular string is riddled with mask, and they won't write anything. They, like me, will have no interest in taking on a style of posting, where people anonymously slur, in order to belong to a group, where that is the time-honoured way. We are a bit sick of groups. There is a lot wrong with Core Energetics, particularly the way it doesn't create any long lasting transformation and people keep re-processing the same issues over and over, but what at stake here is more about Robert Kirby and letting others know that there are a lot of people out there angry and disillusioned with him and his work. It may well be that his secret connection with Scientology is part of this, and this is where I would like to ask the existing members of this forum to tolerate the seriousness of the intention of starting a movement to pull in testimony from those who have come out the other side, of wasting years of their life believing in a false premise, wasting money and not finding the happiness in their lives, which was supposed to come from doing Core Energetics work and which some people desperately wanted. Some people were very vulnerable and now they bear the scars of disappointment as well. Maybe later, we can get light hearted about this, but not yet.
  3. Pique Member

    Welcome to you [USER=75846]kristiane sutherland[/USER] . I hope the forum can be helpful to you and other victims of Robert Kirby scamming.

    You may wish to read the stickied threads in the New Member Area. They will help you gain understanding of the way things get down around WWP.

    Please consider that anonymous users of this forum, and others, have been remarkably successful in taking on and bringing the light of day to the scams of scientology. Having a light-hearted approach has contributed to that success in a major way. Suggesting people be more serious about things will not end well. I hope you can fit in. Srsly. :)
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  4. Having re-read the new member's area to see if I am missing something, I find:

    "Our role has been to provide a stable platform to discuss legal methods of protest and information dissemination."
    "Frank debate and a certain amount of trolling is acceptable here. Posting graphic images, launching personal attacks, and making undocumented claims are not acceptable."

    No mention of having a sense of humour or things will not end well for you.

    Can we move on now, without re-visiting my lack of sense of humour, to the business of inviting discussion about Robert Kirby and Core/Heart/Corporate/Quantam Energetics
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Do you have any news on what he's up to these days?
  6. hello-kitty-graphic.png
  7. RightOn Member

    "WA organiser once went underneath Kirby's house and into his garage and found over 70 Scientology lectures in their own hard clear plastic enclosures lined around the wall of the garage. "

    COS material for insulation. Another good use for it.
  8. and show what he is doing and the principles behind it, with filtered testimonials, with, of course, not a hint of discontent from anyone who has done his work. The positive spin and transformation stuff is derived, not from Core Energetics, but is Robert Kirby’s. It is similar to the Abraham-Hicks Vortex stuff and leads equally to nowhere.
  9. Anonymous Member


    So, what's the next step?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Now, we just wait for other people to post, or at the very least, there is now a warning up for people thinking of doing Robert Kirby’s workshops, so that they will take pause
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  12. Your story touches me deeply.
    Gradually I lost my false illusions of people who are in power.
    And especially when there is abuse of power on the backs of the poor people.
    What is if not to use it abuse and deceive people.
    Be in positions of authority do we never will give the right to operate
    poor.In my life I am a manager since 15 years, and operates
    my own business in website domain . And never have a conflict with my staf
    regarding my authority. otherwise I always concider
    that my staf was largely responssable of my success in business.
    Using power for fighting abuse over people not for Own Benefits.
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  13. pbs

  14. pbs

  15. disgusted Member

  16. disgusted Member

    I recently did a course with Robert Kirby and I am utterly disturbed by this mans ethics! About 6 years ago I had 2 major nervous breakdowns. Prior to taking his course I was never asked if my mental state was able to cope with a course of this magnitude.
  17. no excuses Member

    I would love to discuss whats going on at the moment with me and Robert and what hes has done to me
  18. Anonymous Member

    If you have valid documentation of your claims about what has allegedly been done to you by Mr. Robert Kirby, spill it here. Evidence is much appreciated at WWP. Claims of abuse without evidence? Cool story bro'...
  19. Anonymous Member

    I heard the guru Kirby changed his name to Kumare
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Really? Is that the same faggot??? Who knew??? Dox plox.
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  21. no excuses Member

    I have been working with Robert for the last year doing his 4 pillars plus a few private sessions quite a few thousand dollars later woke up to face the reality that he has been subtily putting me down, calling me names never been able to say anything without cutting me off, because i was used to such treatment and thats why i went there in the first place it didnt register until i went to a private session and he called me a dodo bird, so now i started to feel something was wrong, i said to myself i was never going back, i knew he would eventually ring me trying to sell me something else, so last thursday he rang and asked why he hadnt seen me lately so I told him that the thought of him was making me sick and i was never coming back, he asked me why i didnt confront him at the time and said I couldnt, he then said to me that if I cant stand up for my self that means im a loser, after i got off the phone it really hit my core and felt the pain of it , ive never had suicidal thoughts before until that moment and it hurt, I emailed robert to cancel an appointment and to tell him why he would call me a loser and asked for my money back but i got a reply saying that I talk about
    myself as a loser , it was a misunderstanding he offered my a free course and 2 free private sessions, so he just turned the whole thing around to suit himself, he lied blantantly, he is invested in keeping everyone coming back and at a certain level of awareness all under his control, now in hindsight it all makes sense, he knew which women to seduce with his attention to keep them feeling good , he is a real master manipulator, The good thing is that karma catches up eventually
  22. Anonymous Member

    You may have an opportunity to arrange for charging the person with fraud, IF you can supply evidence.

    Did you record the telephone call(s)?

    Have you kept all the email exchanges?

    Do you have a collection of all paper documents involved, contracts, receipts, cancelled cheques, etc?

    If not, you're just another person that got taken by a fraudster. It happens every day, to many thousands of gullible people.

    Perhaps you'll be wiser for it in your future. If the pitch ever sounds too good to be true? Guess what? It's false!
  23. no excuses Member

  24. no excuses Member

    I would be happy if other people get to know what sort of a person Robert actually is, and they get to know that there are such dishonest and dispicable people who prey on other people misfortunes, I have emails that have been sentback and forth receipts etc, the money doesnt matter as much as exposing him does.
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  25. Hi There :)

    Firstly, love the work of anonymous.

    I don't know if this is helpful to the person unhappy with their treatment or not, but figured I would pass on the information anyway.

    Aalthough this thread is titled "Sydney psychologist and transofrmation guru is front end for Scientology ideas" and his own "About Me" section waxes lyrical about his clinical psychology quals, this man is not registered with the Psychology Board of Australia (at least not as Robert Kirby?). Anyway, I checked because as a registered psych myself I know that clients can make complaints through the Psychology Board of Australia (PBA) which is regulated by AHPRA. The PBA has adopted the Australian Psychological Society's (APS) code of ethics so as a registered psychologist, we need to adhere to them. You can find a copy of the APS code of ethics here:

    One of the big problems here is that although restrictions apply to all who want to use the title 'psychologist' in any form in all states and territories of Australia, the terms 'psychotherapist', 'social worker', and 'counsellor' is currently self-regulated with several organisations campaigning for government regulation.

    In my career I have come across people working as counselors who hadn't even finished Year 10, had no training whatsoever in psychology, counselling etc, "treating" women who had experienced extreme trauma from DV. That is just one example....I shudder to think about what goes on honestly

    I guess my message to no excuses and anybody else is.......really do your research on practitioners, and in the case of untoward behaviour, please document it without proof you won't get far unfortunately.

    Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend

  26. Typoe error in my post..apologies

    Towards the end it should be "counsellor". I left one L out :)
  27. wow, it just isn't my night for typing is it?

    Type-error not typoe error

    Ha@ myself
  28. It sounds very familiar. There are many, many people angry and disillusioned with him for the damage he has done to them with his manipuation. I’m sure karma does already catch up with him because of this and when he gets to the pearly gates, St. Peter will be sending him off for a long, long time in Purgatory to review and feel what it was like for us to be so damaged by him. For sure, he will have read this thread by now, because I am sure his paranoia that people are out to pull him down is alive and well, and at last his paranoia has a basis, so Robert, hear this: You will not be spending time with God, the Father, the Son or the Holy Ghost, despite all your frequent appeals to them, but you will be going to a much less pleasant place. This thread is now working...please anyone else post your experiences with Robert Kirby here.
  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Kirby? He sucks. Total hoser. I'd like to belt him. If I ever got the chance to push him around properly, I could really clean up.
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  30. anonysamvines Member

    now now Johnny did you not understand kristiane's admonishment not to be anything other than deadly serious?

    she has decided she has the authority to say what is and is not acceptable. maybe she only means on this thread
    i say fuck you kristiane
    if you don't like it feel free to go create (and pay for) your own website so yours is the number one search result on google. THERE you can decide the manner in which people post

    for someone who is so on the track of enlightenment and resistant to the tactics of group and peer pressure she sure doesn't object to using the same tactics herself
    she doesn't roll our way so we shouldn't either - we should be jumping to her tune - in our sandpit
    and that annoys me

    the thread and exposing charlatans taking suckers money doesn't annoy me tho
  31. Haha, well, in print is the only way you will ever get to do that with me anonysamvines, but don’t despair you always have the way we roll here the way we roll here the way we roll here, as y’all keep saying you like to do with each other
  32. anonysamvines Member

    lol yep
    and you still get to say whatever you want - as do i
    none of us get to dictate how others behave - no matter how much we think it would be better if only

    that is what an early responder was trying to warn you of when they said it wouldn't end well
    but you and this thread got off lightly - anons tend to not respond well to being told what to do and how to behave no matter how well intended

    and oh such a cruel (tho gentle and humorous) rejection of what wasn't actually an offer
    but are you sure you don't want to reconsider?
    and remember you don't even know if i am a man or woman or even transgender
  33. Well I thought that was a very good reply Kristiane. I have been following this thread with interest for some time, and I have to say something here, which I gather may not be well received by some members, but it has to be said. I am doing a thesis on living cult leaders, their charisma and pulling power and the behaviours which change in the cult members so that they eventually exhibit one conforming behaviour, and also what happens to members who don’t conform. Obviously, this site is useful to me, because it is mostly made up of ex-members of Scientology, and it is one of many websites I pay attention to. Robert Kirby also came to my attention a year ago, and I went to Sydney to do some workshops with him, under the guise of a participant. Undoubtedly, he has that ability to mesmerise and then control people, which is characteristic of cult leaders. Digging deeper, I found that people who have been doing his “work” for a few years are convinced that it will heal them of unhealthy behaviour patterns and they will become successful and achieve what they should have, but haven’t yet. I met no-one who was “there”, and a few people who clearly weren’t, but thought they were. It is all familiar territory in what happens to people’s belief systems in other cults too, like Scientology. But I need to say that Robert Kirby is not a charlatan taking people’s money. He is much more dangerous than that, because I saw people under his sway and it seems he has a history of then rejecting and purging people who had done his work for years, and no-one present knows why because they have all gone, and he himself alludes to the past saying vague things like he wasn’t appreciated. He doesn’t seem to be able to exist without the adulation of others. So, I was interested to read about various people’s testimony on this thread, because I could not find anyone who would tell me what had happened. So, I think you should give this woman, Kristiane, a chance, rather than attack and threaten her (“it may not end well for you” for God’s sake…what a blunt threat!), because she is trying to do what no-one else is doing, and that, on a website where the members get extremely upset about her asking for the thread to remain on topic. And this is the part, which I have to say, which won’t be liked: people who once were in a cult, when they leave, rejecting everything to do with that cult, invariably find themselves in another. And there is an insistence by some members here that others, new members, fit in with “the way we roll here”, which she has mocked, rightfully, I would think. The question is Have you substituted one cult, Scientology, for another?, even if it is an anti-cult cult. Why did so many members get so angry and tell her to fit in or leave when she said please keep it serious and still do, months after? It strikes me as strange. I would respectfully like to know the fear underlying this, given that I imagine many members have suffered a lot of trauma at the hands of Scientology, which has left them angry and troubled. And please give Kristiane a break…she’s on your side.
  34. Anonymous Member

    I observe as well and stay objective also I firmly do not believe the members of this site have substituted one cult for another. They, in my opinion have varied viewpoints which I find refreshing as well as educational. Any society on this planet with free-mind thought process are not going to follow the same path. Diversity, freedom of expression and derision are to be expected within all groups so you take from it what you can.
  35. Anonymous Member

    You do know that every single member of Scientology that was around at the beginning who didn't leave of their own accord has been purged right?
  36. Pique Member

    Now there is your first mistake. Some? Yes. Most? Not even close.
    Kinda throws your premise into a tailspin......
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  37. Internetzin Member

    I wonder why it is that you think this loose group is mostly made up of ex scientologists, are you sure. I believe it was pique who suggested kristianne respect 'the way we roll' believe it or not that was kindly intentioned advice meant to save Kristianne winding up ridiculed by a group of people who feel equally as passionate about their causes as she does about hers, up to and including free speech. The good people of this group use humor to vent the steam built up doing the hard work undertaken daily (mostly seriously). The things I have seen on this site have left me variously, bemused, confused, deeply confronted, saddened beyond all measure, However this I can assure you these people deserve all the lulz they can muster because Scientology is not palatable for any of us. While I can understand Kristianne' perspective, and I know people very into the 'Energy cult' and they are in my experience quite damaged people who can't tolerate rough play. But it is completely unreasonable to tell people how they should act around you. As far as the rough humor and sometimes cruel barbs that happen here, I have also witnessed great compassion and camaraderie. I have seen people of this board self moderate the levels of abuse and even turn on each other when victimization sets in. You see it has it's own elegant system of checks and balances, and should be admired for that, not changed.
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  38. grebe Member

    TT needs moar carriage returns and teh concise.
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