SYDNEY protests in the future POST HERE

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SAHARA, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. SAHARA Member

    Hello, anonymous.
    If anybody has any plans for protests in Sydney, voice them here.
    We are in dire need of them. Scientology has been left unchecked.
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  2. Gottabrain Member

    I miss the Syd-Anons! Bring it on, would love to go.
  3. SAHARA Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. Oldfag here, willing to contribute if someone organises
  6. firebug Member

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  7. inspired Member

    Birthday celebrations sounds like fun. Anonymous loves to party.

    It has not gone unnoticed that Virginia Stewart has been getting chatty again recently:

    And more recently, the RPF base has found itself in the news once again:

    I'm ready where needed.


    Forgot to mention the handing out of The Way to Happiness booklets in Sydney on International Happiness Day:
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  8. Incompleted. Member

  9. Gottabrain Member

    No, your link is NOT helpful. Stop it.

    I have campervan for out-of towners who may want to come, can sleep 3 singles.

    Count me in. Anons still hv my number, right?
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  10. Am so tempted to make the trip. This sounds like fun
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  11. MOD EDIT: Are you fucking insane?
  12. inspired Member

    Since this thread mentions Sydney I will drop this info here. If it is better placed elsewhere, please advise. There is a WISE Success Summit to be held at Harbord Diggers (80 Evans Street, Freshwater) on June 8 and 9, 2013. Contact is Matt Reeves. Mob: 0413 239 150 Phone: 9638-7900 Fax: 9638-4388 E-mail: Snail mail: WISE Asia Pacific, Executive Director: Mr. Matt Reeves, 20, Dorahy Street, Dundas, NSW, 2117.
  13. auzie anon Member

    just a Sydney anon hear. any plans for more protests past October 2013? i mean November is comeing and we all know what that means for anonymous.....
    remember remember... the fifth of November...

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