Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

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  1. Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Well there was no partial nudity this time (personal disappointment), but there was no shortage of drama. Two police turned up at the raid to determine where we were going and when (ie which streets we would be travelling on). They didn't ask if we had a permit (which they usually do), so it appeared that we were expected. Shortly afterwards the Senior Constable who had taken our statements at the incident where Fatman was assaulted turned up with subpeonas for Fatman and myself, and also for Zhent (who was not at the protest). Two other protesters agreed to appear in court as witnesses and gave their details to the Senior Constable.

    On our way to the raid, we were followed by the police (we had an escort, presumably for our safety). Apparently (I did not see this), we were also followed by a couple of Scientologists, who were hurling abuse at us, so the escort was probably a good idea. Not sure if the police saw this, or documented this.

    The trial is set for the 21st of December 2010. Anonymous will have a nice Christmas present from Scientology. And some nice footage (finally).

    The raid itself was pretty uneventful, we proceeded to Hercules St and Anzo. Because we did not have Kookaburra and Gottabrain, we didn't have so much of a focus on speeches (although there were some singing speeches - I didn't get that on video, but I hope someone else did).

    At Hercules street, one of the scilons came over to us and started 'handling' us. Because there was no event on, and because there was virtually no traffic at Hercules St, we allowed it. She claimed to have only been new to Scientology. I am not in Scientology deep but.. When I mentioned to her that Shelley Miscavige has been missing for 6 years and is probably being held against her will, she didn't bat a eyelid. Her TRs were well and truly in.

    She was a big human rights activist (ie CCHR) and knew a lot about Scientology. There was no getting through to her. At some point in the communication, she got a phonecall (probably from Tojo) telling her to come into the org). While she was handling me, I was still photgraphing Scilons going into and out of the building, so it was presumably a waste of he time.

    Most notably, Edward Dickey, our whale rights activist was not present for the first time in many months at ANZO. This is very unusual and I can think of two reasons as to why he was not there:
    1) He is in the RPF (With his mother BTW). Edward was photographed coming over to our side of the protest and grabbing fatmans megaphone (no fifys please, its the megaphone he grabbed), and of course, they have an outstanding assault case). Also, the whale protesting thing was all videod last raid as you know.
    2) Blown in Anzo has mentioned on ESMB that Edward Dickey's mother is on the RPF. A few people mentioned that we should talk to Edward about this. He has a right to know. Maybe they didn't want communication between us and him on this issue.

    Pics and vids to follow.

    Also I left without taking the signs. Oops. Sorry Fatman. Please don't assault me. Actually, on second thoughts, if you wear some of the outfits Yellow posted on asyd, you CAN hurt me.


  2. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Yes, it is true, Joseph Kingi, Scientologist, plead not guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm (hit over ear resulted in ruptured eardrum) against a person half his size and age. Coincidentally, the man is an ex-boxer.

    The lady as Hercules was undoubtedly a Scientologist, there is no doubting it, her mannerisms and beliefs fitted directly in with Scientology and their view on things. She attempted to divert the conversation, on several occasions, to Catholics. Furthermore, her "human rights activism" seems to be presenting itself as a mouthpiece for the CCHR, she didn't seem to present the idea that psychiatry is good in ANY way and again conflated the practice with the science and make the whole big pharma argument (albeit with more logic than I'd imagine from a Scientologist).

    I'm hoping we see Edward "I love whales" Dickey again. I know just how to handle him.
  3. Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Hmm, you guys had a wierdo lady there too?
    We had one talking to us - she said she wasn't a scilon but she was there for marriage counselling then she said 'thetan cleansing' then went back to marriage counselling.
  4. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    She may have been referring to theta healing, but I don't know enough about it to comment. Our weirdo lady was bonkers.
  5. Gottabrain Member

    Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Hey Guys!

    Great job. Sorry to hear about the hassle. You know I'll be there to offer support at the court date.

    btw, how about posting when the raids are here on WWP or on exscn next time? Or even my FB?
  6. Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Handlers. I had one ot the last raid who had a brother in the Sea Org but wasn't in too deep. They seem to lie a lot. My guess is their orders are to distract us and nothing else. The ones who really come up and want to know why we are protesting are indignant and not in control.
    Sorry to hear that's why you weren't there. We should be smarter next time. Also, it's not a hassle. The court case is a gift to Anonymous for no DDoS attacks for 2 years.

  7. OTBT Member

    Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Thought you Sydney anons might enjoy this 1983 boasting from scilons.

    ... < blah blah blah expansion blah tech drivel blah blah >

    ... < blah blah blah expansion blah tech drivel blah blah >



  8. thefatman Member

    Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    Funnily enough that date was a Thursday at 2pm. They even opened the org at stats time. Fucking fail.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Sydney 20 November 2010 postraid - Assaults to go to court

    This was an infamous Bulletin, btw. It still makes me shudder. This marked the beginning of the end of Scientology as most knew it. Notice reference to an LRH "interview" with the Rocky Mountain News? No actual interview, just answers to questions posed. This was during the Hubbard dead?, alive? or incompetent? time period. What's funny is the person who answered the questions, whether hubbard or not, states Hubbard not involved in church dealings. But in same bulletin quotes from Hubbard's issue in 1983. So hard to keep lies straight.

    This was when Miscavige was ramping up the Management mafia force, although it was 1982 when all the legal and corporate manipulation was taking place behind closed doors. By 1983 when this Bulletin came out, anyone within grabbing distance was randomly slammed on the cans to find out if they had unkind thoughts about management. Thought Crimes were born (like in Tom Cruise's Minority Report). And who can forget the Rise of the Finance Police (lol).

    This Bulletin was a major desperate act of PR. 1982-1983 there was a mass exodus, staff and public alike. Opening up Australia and Germany was a big deal. Especially an AO in Australia. But boasts of not losing any lawsuits that year was odd. Miscavige took credit for anything that actually was going up. Do you suppose that he'll likewise take credit for Australia going down?

    Also, most Sci's thought Hubbard was either dead or so ill as to be incapacitated.

    Few bought into that Rocky Mountain story. For one thing, it didn't sound like Hubbard's usual rambling, or phrasing. Second, "he" stated he'd not been involved in Sci for 17, knew nothing about it. Third, "he" stated that he'd probably be returning (physically) to Hollywood, and later, if movie made of Battlefield Earth, he'd be physically on location in Colorado. Like that would ever happen.

    For those interested, here's links to a few docs about it
    Background and Notes, LRH purported 3 letters as proof of being alive
    10 February 1983 First of three letters purportedly from L. Ron Hubbard

    Rocky Mountain News, Feb 20, 1983 L Ron Hubbard “Interview”

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