Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

Discussion in 'Translation and Text Composition Projects' started by JayJay, May 26, 2008.

  1. JayJay Member

    Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Guess I'll start in english and we'll switch as it becomes necessary. All Swefags welcome!

    Alright, I have a basic layout that I'm gonna go with, it's a double-side flyer for printing to both sides of A4 paper and folding once, if that makes sense. I'm going with a bit more lulz this time, because I believe that's one of the most important things that separate us from the scilons. I don't think it's overkill, but it's enough. I think it's important to have an explanation of what Anonymous is, and why lulz are important in combatting the scilons, so I'm trying to go with that.

    I have one part that I refuse to take away, and it's a link for scilons interested in what our inofficial leader has to say about our mission. Rick Astley will give them his immortal words of wisdom should they decide to type in the link. :fuckyou:

    First part should explain what the church will say about us in their defence (religious bigots, pimply-faced teenagers, evil weapon-dealing terrorists hired by the psychs) and why that's wrong.

    Second part should be some information on the church (probably the most substantial part), both what the costs of it are, what they pay Sea Org members and what they've done that's bad. This is where we should probably namefag their swedish schools, drug rehab, etc.

    Third part should be about how to become Anonymous, with some helpful links (this is where the scilons get sent to our fearless leader Rick). I'm thinking enturb, whyweprotest, goanonymous and would be good choices of sites to link to, but it's still up in the air. There could also be relevant links with the preceding sections, I'm not sure.

    Give me your thoughts.
  2. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Put a wink smiley or something like that along with the rick roll link so that people can see it's meant to be a joke.

    Other than that, the disposition looks good, though I think starting with why the CoS is bad is a better idea. So if people just read parts of it, they'll get the important info - that they should stay away from CoS!
  3. Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Great initiative! I think that many of your ideas are very workable. :flowers:

    I myself strongly believe that less is more. A good configuration is a half A4 sheet printed on both sides. First page should be aesthetic with graphics and little but catchy text, to be presented at the handout moment. The back of the papers should have more info and some very short links, easy to type into browsers, in case the reader decides to search further. :text:

    Great work!

  4. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Good point, we can also add more sections to the Anonymous bit, such as both having "Vad är Anonymous?" and "Varför har ni masker?"

    First section is general Scilon info, please edit, remove sentences, add stuff, rewrite the entire thing if you want and we'll see. Keep in mind I'm trying to keep the tinfoil out, only things that are well known with dox should go in.

    It's a bit verbose, but I think it's a pretty good summary. Unfortunately it eats up an entire page (that's A5 with header included), but I think this is the most wordy section, really, so the rest will probably fit.
  5. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Missed this part, sorry, was already replying to the post above before.

    I think we should probably have both folded double-sided A4 and double sided A5 as you say (or I think that's what you mean), like two different flyers?
    Some people are really not interested in Googling stuff at all, so as long as it doesn't go overboard I think something a bit more information heavy is good, especially for people willing to take the stress test. Not like a booklet, though, that'd be a bit heavy both on info and resources.
  6. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    How's this?

    This opens up for the Anonymous part.

    "Tyvärr är det inte det enda de gör mot sina kritiker..."

    And then we go on about harrassing and all, the reason why we wear masks, and bam! We're on the subject of Anonymous. Go witha line like "Så även om vi är maskerade betyder det inte att vi har något att dölja förutom våra personliga identiteter - av säkerhetssjäl. Vi står för yttrandefrihet och sanning, och vi står upp för alla de familjer som blivit splittrade, alla de personer som fått sina liv förstörda"

    And then talk aout what we do and how we do it.

    Oh and about Times New Roman... Please don't write in Times New Roman for your flyers. It matters. Really.
  7. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    I like it, except the ending is a bit off. They DO talk to us at times, I've talked to Scientologists after I became critical of them years back. Since most anons aren't labeled SPs they can't really avoid it.

    I also want to somehow mention that they continue to be sentenced in court all over the world, because otherwise they'll just pull their sneaky bullshit like "oh that was long ago and doesn't happen anymore".

    Not sure what you mean about Times New Roman, but I don't plan on using it or any font like it. I mean maybe some similar font for a specific purpose, but not for regular text.
  8. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    ^ Point there. I guess I can come up with a better ending. About Times New Roman, it's not as comfortable on the eyes as other fonts.... so use other fonts :p
  9. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Made a few changes, I noticed the child labor thing within the context is a bit misleading, they haven't been sentenced in court for it at any point to my knowledge (though there are plenty of credible witnesses to it). It's not tinfoil, exactly, but it's so complex we'd need an entire flyer to explain it.

    Also: Ignore any font or anything of the sort at the moment, this part is just to get the info-text right. The font on the flyer is currently Bitstream Vera Sans if anyone's interested, it's pretty close to Arial.

    I'm thinking of writing some more, but I came down with a cold so I'm a bit out of it today.
  10. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    A flyer about the Sea Org would be quite nice. For easy info, look here

    About that thing I wrote, if we can just change the ending just a tad we'd be good to go on that one, yes? How about

    I want that smiley there. For lulz. We need to keep writing though. So this would be half a page, filling up one side of an A5(?) flier, if we're to print on both sides.

    Next up: Info on Anonymous!
  11. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    lulz good job, I really like that ending since it's one of the most frequent allegations. Changing immediately to incorporate that.

    I wrote a short thing on Anonymous, but I'm not sure of the quality.

    Does anyone have a link to the higher res version of the :fuckyou: smiley? It might be useful for other purposes aswell.
  12. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Oh awesome indeed! Thanks, man.

    Made some changes to the Anon parts, split into two sections and added some info. It now fits perfectly, which is good.

  13. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    ^ Sanning och humor rather than humor och sanning. Otherwise it loos good. I was just thinkingt to maybe mention world of warcraft fans instead of Everquest fans for the sake of public knowledge. But that's not too important.

    Good job :)
  14. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Alright, probably a better reference considering the link WoW --> South Park --> Scientology, aswell as being better known right now.

    Now I just need a regular guy fawkes mask clipart thing for the front page and I have a workable flyer that I can upload. I'll include all source files as usual, and this time I'll try to get the fonts included properly.:frustration:
  15. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    PRELIMINARY VERSION DONE (might need changes, but I like the text. thanks to Hombre for the help):RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

    Quick hack as far as layout goes, pretty much, I'm just a hobbyist without much time or expensive programs so cut me some slack :fuckyou:

    If there's anything to fix, I'll fix it stat. I don't even know if these will print properly (no access to printer). PM me for EPS/SLA versions, I decided not to include them to conserve space.

    Also, I saw there was a swedish/finnish flyer here:
    Might be worth checking out, haven't taken the time to read through it but it looks really nice. Might waste a lot of ink (that's why I go with mostly white flyers, btw).
  16. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    It looks solid enough, as I've said :)
  17. bletas Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Läste igenom foldern och den kändes överlag ganska bra. Det som kan förbättras är:

    Försök få bort ”a wall of text hits YOU for 9000 points of damage”-känslan. Men det kommer sedan antar jag när den blir lite mer layoutad och får lite roligare formatering.

    Man kanske bör byta:
    fast det finns en hel del videoklipp, så man får leta lite eller kombinera med andra sökord
    det finns många videoklipp, så kombinera gärna med andra sökord och leta lite
    Så att det känns lite mindre talspråk eller kanske man kan fimpa den här delen helt, efter som hur man söker på youtube är kanske inte så viktigt i sammanhanget?

    Man kanske också kan byta dessa ord till dessa synonymer:
    Just därför är vi det perfekta motståndet mot en humorbefriad organisation som arbetar med att [STRIKE]ljuga om[/STRIKE] sprida lögner, trakassera och hota kritiker till tystnad.

    Google är din vän, [STRIKE]så leta gärna[/STRIKE] sök gärna mer information själv!

    Kan vara dumt att begränsa sig också i ett tidigt skede, att avskeda bra idéer pga bläck.
    Frågan är ska vi skriva ut dom privat eller känner någon till ett bra ställe man kan skriva ut dom på, utan att det blir för dyrt. Jag vet att jag kan skriva ut några hundra sådana här på jobbet. Problemet är väl att man måste häfta ihop sidorna, och sedan vika dom.

  18. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    ^Kan fixa texten, men just nu hinner jag inte med att göra något mer avancerat.

    Det vore bra om andra har tid att göra layout, semester är nästa vecka för mig.
  19. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Nej :p

    Bara skriv ut pa bada sidorna av pappret och vik sedan. Har inte fliern framfor mig, men om inte annat kan du gora en basic edit sa att det blir ratt.

    En framsida, sen oppnar man, far tva sidor text och pa baksidan om hur man joinar anonymous.

    Jag kan fa ut 50-100 sana har.
  20. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace
    Fixat igen, smiley hamnade på fel ställe efter förra ändringen, plus vi protesterar mot scientologin och inte folk som är scientologer. Ladda ner senaste. :)
  21. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Till senare raids (efter demon och framåt): Behövs info-flyers om dianetik, Sea Org, kanske även en specifik om Fair Game (det finns en hel del att berätta). Tror några har börjat redan på de projekten, men vet inte säkert. Fill me in.

    Fortsätt med vad ni hinner med, jag hjälper gärna till när jag har mer tid igen. :)
  22. Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    Har några funderingar på flyer1-mittuppslag.pdf.

    Sorry om det inkommer lite sent. :(

    Nedan kommer förslag på ändrade meningar:

    • "...frontgrupper som Narconon (kvacksalveri-"rehabilitering" av drogmissbrukare)..."
    • "Om du någon gång stöter på deras stresstest, kom då ihåg att även om just det testet är gratis, kommer fortsatt kontakt med Scientologkyrkan att stå dig dyrt - och det inte bara ekonomiskt."
    • "En av de större skillnaderna mellan den här ”religionen” och andra religioner - såsom Kristendom, Islam, Hinduism m.fl. - är att Scientologin inte är gratis..."
    • "...kronor, tvingas långtidsmedlemmar bryta upp med familj..."
    • "Till skillnad från Scientologkyrkan som inte är intresserad av att sanningen kommer fram, uppmanar vi alla att bilda sig en egen uppfattning om detta. Fråga gärna representanter av Scientologkyrkan om de saker som vi tar upp och..."
    • "...Internet-terrorister..."
    • "Just därför är vi det perfekta motståndet mot en organisation som arbetar med att sprida lögner, trakassera och hota kritiker till tystnad - en organisation som saknar självkritik för att inte ens tala om humor."
    • "Vi är även Internets officiella slutboss och har såpass hög level att inte ens fanatiska World of Warcraft-fans skulle kunna komma åt oss."[Kursivera meningen? Minska fonten något? Lägga till en smiley efter denna mening?]

  23. JayJay Member

    Re: Swefag thread of flyer composition is go!

    ^har fixat en del, några saker känns lite överflödigt då det nämns på andra ställen och jag försöker hålla det inom ramarna. Lade till referens till låtsasskolan Studema, dock blev det lite för tajt med plats för att förklara Narconon. Tror vi kan få in mer bra info med en bättre layout, dock ingen tid som sagt. :)

    Tack för tipsen, hinner dock inte med något mer just nu. vill någon ha källfiler så PM:a som sagt så kan jag skicka dem så kan mer fixas under juni på samma flyers, annars kan man ju bara ta texten och klistra in strategist i existerande mallar om någon har ngt hyfsat layout program.

    RapidShare Webhosting + Webspace

    Hursomhelst, sprid PDF-arna, det blir dock sista versionen innan semestern tyvärr. Jag ser fram emot att fortsätta arbetet senare. :guyfawkes:

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