Sweden's insane child pr0n law; can we do something about it?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. SOJOA Member

    That has absoutely nothing to do with what this guy posted.
  2. Trev6 Member

    word clear "Unintended Consequences".

    Also, stop being a retard.

  3. Anonymous Member

    Is it just me or does the Cof$ seems to have a database containing almost every sex offenders/child molester?
  4. Anonymous Member

    There is a scene in "Midsummer nights dream" where a donkey-man is caressed and fondled by a group of fairies, usually played by children.
    It's pretty 'sturbing really.
  5. none given Member

    Talent scouting I guess.
  6. Sepulture Member

    Hate to say it but, NYPA. Write letters to the government and take it somewhere else. This isn't a CP law forum, whether it's animated or small breasted 50 year olds or not. Bringing it to people's attention is fine, asking people to do something about it is another. Write your letters to the government and then take your post to another site.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, it's not like there was an Op dedicated entirely to material falsely labeled as CP to justify censoring things like small-breasted porn.
  8. Breadfish Member

    Sent some hardcore loli to help support, going to set up my email spammer soon and spam them.
  9. Dragononymous Member

    You know that's illegal in some countries right?
    just sayan..
  10. Breadfish Member

    The loli or the email spammer?
    If its the email spammer I don't really care.
    If its the loli, its legal here.
  11. Dragononymous Member

    both in Sweden
  12. Anonymous Member

    What country are you in, Japan?
  13. Breadfish Member

    I'm in the US just so you know.
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Saul Goodman Member

    Child porn art or depictions? Get a new hobby.
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Saul Goodman Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    No, this is naughty

  19. This is an issue bringing up charged emotions from many. "Oh noes the children!" Being arrested for possessing drawn depictions of illegal acts is overboard IMO. However, could you plan not fail because they filter out all e-mail containing attachments/embedded images? Wondering. Not motivated enough myself to become involved.
  20. feynman137 Member

    I didnt read the whole thread, but i find this law insane as well, though my reason for it is a bit different from yours. You see those people cant help it that they find childs sexually attractive, and by watching drawn child pornography they find a victimless alternative to satisfy their needs. In 2008 here in germany a campaign started, to help those that never got into trouble with the law to find ways to live with this attraction towards children without harming any children. You would be surpßrised how many are out there. Now what shall they do ? Quite a few of them said that drawn child pornography would help them find an outlet for their needs and i say if it stays with drawn CP and the help of a therapist thats fine by me !
    I find this law even counterproductive. I mean if it doesnt matter if you watch drawn or real CP, most will watch real CP again. I mean if you get into trouble with the law anyway, it should at least be worth it, right ? So they achieve the exact opposite of what they wanted to achieve !!! MORONS !!!!!

    In real pornography the actors usually show their paßport into the camera to proove they are of age (usually that part isnt oin the consumers version). So if you draw a paßport which shows your loli may look like a 7year old, but is really 21, you should be fine, or not ?

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