Suspicious sites

Discussion in 'Education, Research and Inside Reports' started by fluffbomb, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. fluffbomb Member

    Suspicious sites

    I have read a few comments about compounds, bunkers, and mentions of a converted mine (?)

    Just how many "secret lairs" are there?

    And what do we suppose these locations are for?

    Just curious.
    Please move this if it's in the wrong section, just finished a 12 hr night shift, tired and slightly dazed. :shock:
  2. Anon1OfLegion Member

    Re: Suspicious sites

    * One bunker is supposedly for the archival for L. Ron Hubard's writtings & 'tech'.
    * There are RPFs (aka Gulags for those non-scientologists, no jokes, read the ex-scientology forums for their stories)
    ? There was mention of an actual slave labor gold mine BUT, I have to take that one with a grain of salt since I have not seen any real documentation or stories on that. It very well may be that someone confused Scientology's affinity for naming locations 'gold _____' to make them think it was an actual gold mine.
  3. Re: Suspicious sites

    Google Map locations of Secret Vaults: ... &z=17&om=1
    Petrolia, California; vault ... &z=14&om=1
    Trementina, New Mexico; vault. Airstrip, switchback road down to vault, large house to W of logo is Tom & Katie's weekend hideaway. ... iwloc=addr
    Creston, California; LRH's hideaway where he died. ... &z=16&om=1
    Twin Peaks, California; vault, mystery refrigerated vans - cryogenics?

    The double circle logo is that of CST, the controlling entity for the cult. It is intended to be seen from space should humanity be wiped out and our thetans return in alien bodies in search of LRH's writings, preserved in the vaults. The Twin Peaks vault site does not have the CST logo.

    Look on Google Earth for annotations.
  4. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: Suspicious sites

    i read something today about tom building some kind of undergroung bunker underneath his house..

    is them some kindof "last days" reveleatiions shit going on?

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