Supreme Court allows strip searches for any offense

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by mongrel, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Herro Member

    Right, and justice goes to the highest bidder. Wonderful.

    Markets are great for exchanging goods. The mistake so many people, yourself included, make is assuming that markets are some universal mechanism that can be applied to anything. They just don't work that way, never have. Just about every time we try it without any modification (such as government regulation) things go oh so wrong and people like yourself are left scratching your heads. But instead of revisiting the flawed and baseless axiomatic assumptions on which these theories are based, you say well we didn't make it free enough or resort back to thought experiments completely divorced from the day to say realities of human interaction.Thats the main problem with your views adhocrat. They're based on conditions that simply don't exist.

    As for not addressing the thing you say, I don't think you realize what you're saying. Policing is defined partly in relation to institutionalized legal systems. Police are agents of the state tasked with enforcing the formal legal code of a society. You privatize police and get rid of the state, then it's something entirely different. And it's not just terminology. You fundamentally change the role of "the police" in society.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Hmm. I wonder if I should buy my policing from the Mafia, the Indian Posse, or the West Side Boyz.
    Maybe I could tender it out.
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  3. Clever Name Member

    I hear that works just dandy overseas.

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  4. adhocrat Member

    I was being exact. Policing is not done necessarily by police. I police the yard most every day, I police my neighborhood and it has nothing to do with the State, only with the action.

    In part I was trolling you, because you are so incredibly literal. But it is also the fact that your posts are so imprecise that you can mean anything, meaning your posts mean nothing. Just random words that aren't related to actual concepts or reality.

    People police people. Having one group of people with special privileges is a contradiction in a society that is supposed to be equal.

    In your society, there are pigs with more privileges than the other pigs. That is not and can never be a just society.
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  5. Herro Member

    Are you still stuck on this special privileges thing? I think I've explained to you three or four times now why your whole issue with that is based on faulty reasoning. I shouldn't be surprised, I don't think you've actually meaningfully responded to anything I've said in this thread. Just shifting to some other topic or saying that everything I say is nonsense. I don't take it personally or anything, but it's kind of silly.
  6. adhocrat Member

    Some pigs are more equal than others. That is your moral premise.
    I reject it as invalid. Whether before god or by nature, we are all equally one human being.
  7. Herro Member

    No, my premise is that pigs have differing "privileges" based upon their responsibilities and or expertise. Again, take the example of a medical doctor. He or she is allowed to give his or her patient powerful drugs, I am not allowed to give you powerful drugs. Does that invalidate the entire foundation of our society?
  8. adhocrat Member

    Actually, yes it does. You seem to think I need permission to do what is right. That is really the perfect sheeple attitude, hence highly destructive of an adult society, where people are responsible people.

    You seem to think that others have the perfect right to deny you things based not on your judgement, but on theirs. So you have to be entirely trusting in their abilities and motives, something I would not be so happy about myself. I trust me, and I trust those I choose to trust, not strangers with unknown incentives, motives and reasons.
    Say your are on a couple pills, blood pressure and cholesterol. You have to see the doctor every year or so in order to get her signature on a piece of paper in order to be allowed to buy the drugs you know you need. If you are unable to pay for a doctor's visit, that means you cannot obtain the drugs.

    So that permission is really not about safety but about control.
    What a system.
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  9. Herro Member

    So you're saying I'm as qualified to give out drugs as someone who has spent years and years of study and practice on the matter. I gotta say bro, you grossly overestimate my competence. But if you seem to think that prescriptions are a fundamental assault on society, I'm not sure what else there is to be said. I mean the type of society you're describing sounds worse than the status quo, warts and all. Oh, but I forgot, free markets + magick = utopia. Right?
  10. PresidentShaw Member

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  11. That's logical thinking eh? Dismissing the fact that the doctor has to earn a living so needs to charge for his services. Of course if you do ignore that important fact you could! You could not! How did you come to the conclusion it's about control? By who? The doctors? You line of thinking has no reasoning, just obsession!
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  12. Anonymous Member

    oh snap!

  13. I like how trusting strangers with unknown incentives, motives and reasons is exactly what you are advocating.
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  14. adhocrat Member

    I love how you swoop into a thread, make your snarky comment then disappear.
    I love you too.
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  15. PresidentShaw Member

    I love how you conveniently ignore everything that would require you to rethink your position.
  16. adhocrat Member

    Let's position is to encourage peace, freedom and prosperity.

    So what exactly do you want me to rethink?

    And i could say the same exact thing back to you. For instance, you now see that taxes are used to kill innocent people. So why still support them? Why not rethink that position?
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  17. PresidentShaw Member

    I like how you ignore every argument that would require you to rethink your positions.

    The world is not all black and white you see. Taxes indeed are used to kill people, that is true. Taxes are also used to pay for my healthcare in canada, and to pay for public services that are very much needed, like hydro quebec (nationalized cheap as hell electricity) or for students to get government grants etc.

    So why do you refuse to understand that the world cannot be simplified in such black & white terms is what I am asking I guess.
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  18. Yup every single penny is dumped into the nightmare state run murder factory and nothing else.
  19. Herro Member

    You realize now you have literally gotten to the point where you are saying "WHY DO YOU HATE FREEDOM!?!?"
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  20. uh, oh adhocrat you've seemed to have pressed the right buttons. Here comes the freedom police.
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  21. PresidentShaw Member

    Elaborate please
  22. Herro Member

    Why do you hate America's firefighters?
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  23. PresidentShaw Member

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  24. adhocrat Member

    So you having health care is worth innocent people being murdered in Afghanistan.

    One murdered person is a moral horror. One dollar penny of our tax money is all it takes for me and you to share in that murder and senseless death. This is what you want, it seems. You say because only 1% of my money is being used to kill and murder, I should just accept it.

    I am so glad I am finally understanding your true positions in the matter.
    Very enlightening.
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  25. adhocrat Member

  26. failboat Member

    This is such a stunning indictment of adhocrat, and it is so telling that he has failed to respond to it, that I think it bears reposting.

    This is why..... I don't want private police.


    On a related note, George Zimmerman's been arrested for 2nd degree murder, so he might very well be experiencing the fruits of the Supreme Court ruling that is the subject of this thread - if anyone wants to take bets.
  27. Herro Member

    You really, really need to read though that book on logical fallacies again broseph. This shit is comedy gold. Let's have fun with logic, adhocrat style. Taxes are used to provide health care to sick children. Why do you want children to die from disease adhocrat?
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  28. adhocrat Member

    Ah Spike, it's amazing to watch an animal that feels threatened. He's like a wolf caught in a bear trap, he lashes out in anger and fear, not knowing that the person he is trying to bite and scratch is trying to get his foot out of the vise and save his life.

    You can't take it personally but you do want to avoid those nasty unintended bites.
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  29. Herro Member

    I don't think you're doing a very good job of saving him :(
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  30. Anonymous Member

    His is gonna be the Most Wanted Ass in prison, if he ever makes it there.
    With the tenor of today's government, they might just try deporting him to Mexico LOL
  31. I'm trying to figure out what in the world makes you think this. I never said anything of the kind. I just pointed out that while the system isn't perfect, you have to be a complete retard to want to throw out the whole thing including the parts that work.

    Why is this concept so hard for you?
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  32. Another fine example of diversion instead of replying to questions.

    I'm more convinced every day that adhocrat is in fact Sheldon.
  33. adhocrat Member

    Why is it so hard for you to understand that each of us are responsible for what is done in our name?

    If I spend 8 hours working, and give someone 3 hours pay in order for him to protect me, then I am responsible for what he does in my name. If he then goes out and murders people and I say "Oh. He just murdered three people. Hmmm, but he's still providing me with health care, so it's all right" that is stone cold evil, and that is our current system.

    This is enough talk about this. If you aren't willing to even look at alternatives, there's nothing left to say. You accept murder as the price we pay for modern society. I say that isn't a society at all, merely a mob.

    Reminds me of The Lottery.
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  34. Well if you wanted a definition of moonbattery...........there you go!
  35. Herro Member

    Lol. Oh god the irony. IT'S KILLIN ME!!!!
  36. PresidentShaw Member

    It's amazing how you respond to me pointing that things are not always black & white with a statement about how things are black & white.
  37. The only alternative you seem to consider is Anarchy. This has multiple obvious problems that are MUCH worse than the status quo, but of course this has been pointed out to you like a billion times.
  38. Completely random post, or some sort of in joke between adhocrat and his sidekick/sock
  39. lulzgasm Member

    Why do I need to when I got you to fetch the dox for me?
    Good boy. Now here's your biscuit. *patpat*

    You're not all endowed with my massive fucking cawk, either.
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  40. lulzgasm Member

    Unfortunately yes. :(
    Alas, we're truly that stupid.
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