Support for Bradley Manning- summer 2012

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Yet he's the one behind bars, confusing huh?
  3. Not confusing at all. People in power want to stay in power, and don't give two shits about what it takes to stay there. "Infuriating" is the word I would use, especially regarding the documented torture he suffered.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Research "military criminal orders".
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    Not really a valid point when discussing leaking information as no orders are given. The perpetrator is working on his own.

    Try again.
  6. Anonymous Member

    It's naive to think this is some kind of power issue, it's about rank and file having their own agendas and making it clear it won't be welcomed. It's about keeping control.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    *Keeping secrets.

  8. Anonymous Member

    You seem to be struggling , I'm pretty sure this was to counter the argument of soldiers having no morals and having to just take orders to kill. try to follow the context.
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    Rule 154. Every combatant has a duty to disobey a manifestly unlawful order.
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    Fraid it was a counter to rank and file acting on their own, giving out info etc. nice try though.
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    So what if the soldier is a desk jockey? 154 don't apply! Manning wasn't given orders, he acted alone on his own agenda.
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    While the vid is shocking how does it answer the desk jockey point?
  18. Anonymous Member

    You feel that a "desk jockey" has no obligation to report or expose criminal actions?

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    Oh. And how about the desk jockeys flying Predator drones by remote control, are they excused too?
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    Interesting how you fail to stay on topic, the point made was rule 154, every soldier has the duty to disobey a manifestly illegal order, to which I replied that manning was not given any order, he released info off his own back so no order given, then a vid is posted that has no relevance to the discussion except for shock factor, then when questioned about its relevance you then enquire about desk jockeys responsibilities and predator drone pilots! Interesting tactics, if a little confusing.
  21. Anonymous Member

    He wasn't ordered to keep things secret? Good to know.
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    Somebody is scared of the thought police...I think its you !
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    Not the point. You sign up for the forces you are just a gear in a massive machine. That's not for you because your a "free thinker" then don't put your ink on the line, quite a simple concept really.
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    It's not illegal to keep a secret! Shocking eh!
  25. Anonymous Member

    "I was just following orders."
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    I wasn't following the orders which I was not given.
  27. Anonymous Member

    You obviously have problems following anything, inc a thought process.
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    RADIO PAUL will be covering this topic on his show tonight. I know he is looking for callers.
  31. day late and a $ short but

    some anon needs to stop drinking the kool aid
    go out and get a good shag
    and rinse the fucking brain out

    that land of the brave, home of the free shizz is just as deadly as any elwrong shizz
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  33. Herro Member

    More importantly, is Bradley Manning gay? Someone told me he was and if so this is just another clear example of the homosexual agenda trying to undermine our military so America can be taken over by the secret gay mullah cabal in Iran. FACTS.
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  34. thanks for the link anon

    stunning job on drawing out the horrific details - not just on Manning but for everyone - Radio Paul - i feel ashamed that i never noticed what was and is happening
    donations page

    So where are the newspapers? Why aren't they speaking out?

    Who ever expected amnesty international to be protesting inhumane treatment by the AMERICAN gov't on its OWN citizens???

    If the USA isn't at war with another country then it is at war with its own citizens - and just forgot to tell them while slipping them a roofie to stop them noticing

    wow just wow
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  35. The Gay Nigger Association of America and Goatse Security would disagree.
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  37. decker Member

    Just have to say that Manning is a hero. Twisted yes but he have done more for the world then most of us trolls here !

    Assange on the other hand: is a glory bitch, he needs to understand that he is not greater then the movement. He is not the face of anything other then the "Cult of Julian Paul Assange".

    Openleaks is what wikileaks was in the begining before Assange elevated himself to god of truth. He is a power whore, just my 2cent...

    Yeah you can bash me....
  38. Anonymous Member

    I won't bash you I agree on Manning and honestly was not aware of Julian's history. I think that a young military man did what he thought was best and now will probably be sentenced to life at leavenworth. That is truly unfortunate for him I think he did a great thing. Assange is I suppose the public face so he receives along with scorn by the US.
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    All the fandango about Assange has drawn attention from the content of Wikileaks. The DOS attacks on Wikileaks is keeping us from the recent info dump on Strafor. Same shit, different day.

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