Support for Bradley Manning- summer 2012

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jul 15, 2012.

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    1500 hrs - US Embassy - Vigil for Bradley Manning

    As PFC B Manning is facing another motion hearing in the US, there will be a silent vigil facing the US embassy in London for 30min followed by a period of information exchange and some songs.
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    This is David House, journalist, that is being questioned in court.
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    The case is falling apart
    The “Collateral Murder” video was unclassified. Coombs wanted language in the charges to make it clear that classified, not unclassified information, is only kind of information one could reasonably argue would cause harm to the US.
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    manning is a hero
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    Be careful who you put on a pedestal.
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    Manning is a fucking traitor. He has joined a long line of misguided individuals who were arrogant enough to think their personal opinion trumped national security and betrayed the oath they took when they joined the military.
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    Hey! What has happened to innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?
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    4:30 PM EST Harm (or lack thereof) was argued. Military prosecutor Ashden Fein argued for the government that harm was not relevant because, if damage occurred, it would have happened “after the fact.” Manning would have had to have known that the damage would have happened (or not happened) for any discussion of harm to be relevant. Defense attorney David Coombs argued it would be relevant to whether he had “honest belief” that the information could cause harm. He expressed concern that the government would get to discuss information that Manning allegedly released in a “vacuum.”
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    4:59 PM EST The defense was sure that Under Secretary of State for Management, Ambassador Patrick Kennedy, testified before Congress on December 7 and 9 in 2010. They even have tried to depose him so they could have evidence on what he said to Congress. But the State Department apparently told the military prosecutors that they could not find any records or witnesses who appeared before Congress on those days. Major Ashden Fein told the court the testimony Kennedy gave was really just “informal conversation with staffers.” The State Department did a briefing but the military prosecutors—we are supposed to believe—”found nothing.”
    Coombs stood up to respond to these surreal statements that don’t seem to be truthful at all. They “couldn’t even identify who talked to Congress” from the State Department, he said.
    “State Department cannot identify who talked to Congress?” He went on, “I don’t even know how to compartmentalize that in my mind.” So, what we basically have here is a situation where they were like, “I’ll meet you at Chili’s at 6 and we’ll talk,” he suggested. Baffling.
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    It went out when the one man crusades started
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    *Cough*....reatard, maybe if "National security " wasn't such a joke i would bother replying intelligently too you however, im going go for the internet approach and just call you a fag.

    well done sir, well done your my new favorite unsuccesful troll!


    Solidarity with all Hactivists. site back down white hats
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    No it didn't.
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    National security? When you get one retard who thinks he knows what's best (if he was right or wrong it don't matter) and starts leaking dox everywhere! It doesn't matter if he was right to do what he did, you can't have people taking it upon themselves and doing this! He has to be punished to set an example to the next fucker who may be completely delusional and giving up some real sensitive shit that hurts the nation and it's people big time! You take your job seriously or gtfo. Don't think your above everyone else!
  23. White hat? I see Manning's behavior as the ultimate white hat activity, grey at absolute worst, and I don't know how he can sit down with balls that big. The shocker is that Collateral Murder was not classified. The most damning thing to come out of the leak, fine. Just bury it, no or very minimal legal consequences attached if it's released. Without that, how does the government have a case? This is our generation's Pentagon Papers. Manning isn't a traitor. He's a hero, and I sincerely hope he doesn't become an hero because of this.
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    Loose cannons are not heros.
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    The fact he is imprisoned, probably serving life or death sentence (that alone contradicts your argument) and released all this info for the everyone to see freely, means he probably wasn' t trying to be an ego fag.

    Of course War is a terrible thing (no matter how illegal it is) but Mannings release of dOx showed crimes not combat. Clearly you have some love affair with the current flawed system, seeing you yourself have stated "it doesn't matter if your doing the right thing" and i think it's here we are going to have to disagree, as it will always matter if they are doing the right thing and it due to manning doing the right thing that makes his actions hold merit.

    Solidarity with all Hacktivists.

    Free Assange
    Free Manning
    Free Davis
    Free Cleary
    Free Ackroyd
    Free Them All
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    Explain are you stating somebody going out of their way to expose war crimes are "loose cannons" ?
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  27. He exposed fucking war crimes. Does that mean nothing to you? Does it mean nothing to you that a lowly PFC had access to information our government deems worthy of protecting? What does that say about the competency of our government and their lack of dedication to protecting our troops? He exposed grave problems, both directly in the form of Collateral Murder, which again, was not classified, and indirectly by virtue of the fact he could do this, all this at terrible risk to himself and all those he cares about. I call that heroic, and I call the government's mistreatment of him torture.
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  28. I agree, especially on Assange and Manning. One thing, though, that everyone should realize is that the hacker community has learned from the mistakes of Cleary, Davis, and Ackroyd, but so have law enforcement. I have no special insights and I'm not a hacker, but I have seen both occur simultaneously before.
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    I do not encourage any kind of criminal activity however, these people are far less criminal than the "people in charge" at the moment. I personally will support anyone who stands up and does what is morally, ethically and honestly right, whether they are hacking (in Manning's case merely looking through unprotected files) or protesting in the street.

    I find adorable Fucking stupid that there are people accusing Manning and those like him of being "Criminal", "Traitors" and "A loose cannon" how about aiming that anger at the gunner in the Apache who shot and killed innocent people or maybe the CEO of Stratfor for selling US intelligence for a profit over seas.

    I know its cool to hate, but out of all the corrupt and criminal assholes out there you chose to hate ona young man who has risked alot for the truth ?

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    So every Tom dick and Harry that joins the army can disregard the oath they took and do whatever they "feel" is right?

    If you sign up for the armed forces you are a servant, you don't get to decide what's right or wrong, you are told that. In times of combat you cannot be all ethical and moral, shit happens in combat, it's not nice, but your not playing against someone who plays by the same rules most of the time. You either be a team player or gtfo. When I described him as a loose cannon I meant someone who has his own agenda, not a team player, I didn't say I hated him just that he was wrong. It's not for him to decide what is in the public interest and what's not, he didn't sign up to be a moral judge. He may have been right to expose the things that have gone on but the problem is once the rank and file start thinking they decide what information is secret and what's not then you have zero security.

    The military isn't the place for you if you have morals and ethics, your job will probably involve killing people, quite simple really.
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    Your preachy rant is flawed by the fact of the Geneva convention, dono if you have heard of it, but it pretty much makes me win the debate here. Also I think you may be siding with me anyway? All you did in this long winded comment was list everything wrong with current Military and its higher ups...shit are you sure your not a whistle blower too ? !

    On a serious note, it is up to any human being, soldier or carpenter to point out crimes against humanities and violations of basic rights no matter what your status or rank. All soldiers should be Moral and hold ethics, you sign up to the Military to defend and to protect, not to become a heartless killing machine of war.

    And lets just overlook the fact that there was no "War on Terror" and that there is overwhelming evidence that the war in the east was illegal, when a US soldier uses Armour penetrating rounds to gun down non-combatants, kill a wounded man, two journalists, a father and his child and leave another child severely wounded THE PUBLIC have a right to know.

    It was an obligation for any human being who witnessed this to expose it.

    If you want to point fingers at loose cannons and oath breaking soldiers look to the gunner of that Apache who's response after finding out he killed children and civilians in a non-hostile area was:

    "That's what you get for bringing your kids to a battlefield"
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    You cannot hold the moral high ground if your job is to kill.
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    I wanna give Manning a hug :(
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    Your job is to protect (your job may involve killing but it is not the purpose of your role )

    What happens if a woman is attacked and is about to be murdered and she kills the perpetrator in self defense ? surly she has the moral high ground ?
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    Your position is fine and I agree with it in civilian life. Military life is a whole different ball game. If you have an army of individuals all deciding what's right and wrong based on their own individual beliefs and morals you then just have a mob. If you are lower down in the ranks and you feel some injustice has been done you report it to the higher ranks and then you let them decide. It's not your decision to go public with everything that goes against your morals, if that's how you want to behave the military is not your vocation.

    I'm not saying what happened was right or wrong in the cases he exposed, nor am I supporting the military keeping shit like this quiet, all I'm saying is Manning was wrong to decide this stuff needed to be out there. That's not his decision.
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    Talking military, try and keep up.
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    Ah yes sorry I forget Military shoot first, invade, rape, murder, steal, harvest oil, then take the next flight home to shoot a rubber bullet into some guy who holds a sign in protest of his currently corrupt government, returns home gets his pay check....and then ask questions

    I'm sure we need to no moral human beings to wield guns and artillery
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    Lol And your point is?
  39. Actually, he took an oath to protect this country from all enemies, foreign and domestic. In this case, the enemy was within, and he brought it to light. He didn't disregard his oath. He fulfilled it with bravery befitting a Medal of Honor recipient,. He had to have known the consequences, and he did the right thing anyway. Moreover, he didn't harm this nation or cause so much as one additional death. There were several failures in this case: classification of stuff that shouldn't be, and an utter lack of proper oversight being the most glaring. None of them were on the part of PFC Bradley Manning.
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