Sunderland, UK, March 14th post raid

Discussion in 'Europe' started by charlie, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. charlie Member

    Sunderland, UK, March 14th post raid

    the org was dead, saw one person at the window on the phone if they thought the cops would come out on a match day for Veg,Shadow and me they were sadly mistaken , the Shadows new sign looked great with a green xenu hanging out of the window of DC8 with ENTERPRISE style engines .
    the public are well aware of the cult up here so got some good support from them,
    quiet day but we did have some laughs chatting about footbullet man.
  2. Anonymous Member


    Did you see Tanja Klostermann? Her photo and info is on here
  3. Anonymous Member


    I applause you for having sacrificed the match.
  4. charlie Member


    no sorry I didnt see who was at the window I think it was the Shadow who seen the person at the window all I seen was a arm .
    the last time we have seen that young was at ideal org do in gateshead and they were from scotland 2 lads and 2 lass's
  5. Anonymous Member


    Glad to hear it's dead. This org used to be the bane of UK management's existence and probably still is. They could never get people to join staff, so they had to rip people off post from Stain Hill and send them up there to "run" the place. It is probably the biggest liability scientology has in UK. Easiest way to implode it would be to locate all the ex-parishioners who paid in money to Sunderland org, get a hot lawyer to represent them all and get the lawyer to start demanding refunds. That would cave in the place rather quickly.
  6. GeordieAnon Member


    She looks like the lass who went in to the Ideal Org meeting we picketed in December. They had a kid though, so I'm not sure.
  7. charlie Member


    yep not one person went in or left the building LOL while we were there which is the time I have this
  8. vegnej Member

    Re: Sunderland, UK, March 14th post raid

    Yeah the org was dead which was quite unusual as in the past there has been a few people on course and one or two usually went out during the afternoon. I think the scilon in question was there before xmas, i remember seeing her go into the org with an older middle aged woman.

    That guy we met on the street and had dragged out prospective raw meat from the org was friendly. He said he may come to the demo next month with a few people. !

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