sunderland no protest but!!!

Discussion in 'Europe' started by charlie, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. strobe Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    LULZ - you mean from NO active members last week to however many were running the stress test this week? By proportion that's huge growth!

    Busy at the moment, but may head down sometime, solo-raid if they're open, feel satisfied if they aren't. ;)
  2. veravendetter Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Maybe they have recession-busting technology.

  3. Nightwing Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    i seen the stress test sighn today when i was walking past the bank am supprised that the sunderland org is still in buisness
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    You've got to expect the corpse to twitch a few times before it finally expires. Sounds like there's one or two people still trying to KSW.

    Excellent, I say. For one thing, it gives us a focal point for a protest. Another good thing is that running the cult shop costs them money. The longer they prop up their failing operation in Sunderland, the less money will be passed 'up lines' to Clearwater.
  5. Nightwing Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    it would be good to hear the north east org/orgs decleird bankrupcy
  6. vegnej Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Have passed by the org a few times over the last week or so and seen no activity. My guess is the Scilons will be at work during the week and are open at weekends.
  7. veravendetter Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    7 day week! KSW's a bitch
  8. strobe Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Well if we can establish this, at least we can know when to go a-raiding.
  9. charlie Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Just come back 12.15 pm and the light's are on but the door's are closed.

  10. WearsideAnon Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    That lot could really do with some new Dianetics windows.
  11. Lacelotte Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Well haven't my fellow NE Anons been doing a good job whilst I was away!

    I know I've been MIA from my Anonymous duties, but I think a few of you know where I have been so all I'll say is that I'm back and the mask has been dusted off ready for action.

    Good to see your still active Charlie and Veg. A few other names I recognise too, along with some new ones. I'm very pleased that it would seem the Sunderland Org is very close to being full time fail. If memory serves me right, Thursday & Sunday are the days when the org opens for members on an evening till around 22/23:00 hrs. I'll have to check my emails but I'm pretty sure thats correct so it may be worth checking the org out on those evenings to see if anybody actually bothers to open up/attend.

    O7 Lace
  12. strobe Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Lacelotte! Good to have you back Sir!
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Hi - we need Sunderland resident Anons for the UK business rates thing.

    Anyone in Sunderland have time for a bit of letter-writing?
  14. Bluebell Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

  15. Sponge Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    So it's now an org with all the features of a Mission. A pretty fail mission.

    WB Lace
  16. Lacelotte Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Giving council pen pushers a excuse to work is my forte, let me know what is needed and I'll have it in the post tomorrow.

    Also, thanks for the warm WB's :eek:)
  17. AnotherSock Member

    Re: Sunderland no protest but!!!

    In addition to being very encouraging, the level of Scilonfail could actually be significant in overturning the business rates rebate. After all, how can the org be described as public benefit, if it's only open two days a week? Surely, the building could be used more effectively and it's a bit dodgy receiving a 100% tax rebate for a shop that's open less than 20% of the time.

    It might be worth monitoring the number of Scilons going in and out, too... lack of customers is another very good grounds for demolishing the notion that the place operates for the public benefit. After all, if there's only 2-4 clams in attendance (as often appears to be the case), why can't they get together and hold their little coven in somebody's living room or garden shed? A genuine charity would always be interested in lowering its overhead expenses by eliminating waste of this kind.

    I can only assume that Sunderland are reporting fake stats to Clearwater, because they certainly aren't KSW.
  18. charlie Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Hi Lace great to have you back .
  19. Bluebell Member

    Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

    Well at the moment some of us are working away on trying to get the rates relief Scientology currently get in UK over turned

    Scn Business rates relief UK

    London Rates Relief Based Talk

    Sunderland Rates Relief based talk

    Rates Valuation Info

    Press + Media coverage

    Scientology tax - Today Tonight

    BBC News - Scientology receives local rates relief on properties

    Private Eye: "Cult cornered (again)"
  20. pedrofcuk Member

    I was there at the time and it definitely wasn't me! Can you describe the clam?
  21. veravendetter Member

    I can see him perfectly in my mind, and wish I could telepathically post., as I realise my description in words is going to be woefully inadequate, as he didn't wear an eye patch or have a cleft palette. He was white, average build, always wore a grey suit whenever i saw him. Pasty face and staring eyes. His most distinguishing feature was the basin-haircut he was sporting at the time. I realise this is totally useless, but I tried. Thanks for your interest though :)
  22. pedrofcuk Member

    I think it's Simon, he's the C/S who got MS and died back in 1995, always wore a grey suit, walked with a hurried gait, always seemed intense and busy. Shorter than average and as a technical terminal would have no idea what you were on about. Funny thing is I have a vague recollection of this or rather Simon getting yelled at by a public, see, as a tech terminal he never saw the public, we all lol'd at the time.
  23. veravendetter Member

    Genuinely sorry to hear of his demise, but grateful for the info. I was only a teenager at the time so didn't hold back with my verbal assault. You've given me a chuckle and tinged it with a bit of personal tradegy, Thanks lolololol
  24. Anonymous Member

    Stephen posted an add for "Dianetics Counselling (Free Session When You Buy The Book) 13 pounds" today:
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. CarltonBANKS Member

  27. SeenTheLight Member


  28. veravendetter Member

    Cool story Egloff. That super cool certificate; wow. You mocked it up and claimed it (pending cheque clearance). So perfect. So theta.
  29. xseaorguk Member

    I wonder how many BT's and clusters she actually got rid of...those damn sticky creatures...dammit
  30. wolfyrik Member

    Wait, didn't I get body thetans at school at first school? wait, that was hubbard-lice.

    This is great, if it's only open two nights a weaak then it's hard to see how they would be of any benefit to the community as a charity.
  31. charlie Member

    Thought it about time I had a trip down to Sunderland , guess what nothing's changed LOL doors shut and the place is in total darkness .
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  32. veravendetter Member

    Just how we like it. :)
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  33. Sponge Member

    Lets have a recap shall we?

    Since before Dec 2009, most times the Sunderland org has been visited, its doors have been closed and no sign of life.
    Sources: This thread and,

    Dec 19 2009
    Dec 23 2009
    April 17 2010:
    May 12 2010
    August 3 2010
    Aug 7 2010 - OMG org spotted with doors open!
    Aug 2010
    Aug 19 2010

    Feb 13 2012 (report by Charlie - see his earlier post up the thread):


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  34. charlie Member

    Cant wait for autumn we mite have a visiter from over the water LOL .
  35. SeenTheLight Member

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  36. Anonymous Member

    It's like watching people take a wheelbarrow full of money out into the middle of the street, dump it and then set it on fire! LOL!
  37. veravendetter Member

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