Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

Discussion in 'Europe' started by charlie, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. charlie Member

    Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    we got a good response from the people that we talked to, there was a guy there who was telling us about the cult in sunderland trying to get him in for a stress test so he was not happy about going to see a cult band .
    we even got to chat to a cult roadie LOL.
    veg, geordie anon, shadow and me
  2. basil Member


    Nice work :)

    May I just remind fellow UK anons of up and coming gigs that need raiding.

    Gig Guide for The Jive Aces - The UK's No.1 Jive and Swing Band (official site)

    Of particular interest is

    Sun Aug 2nd, 1:30pm
    England, East Grinstead Summertime Swing, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4JY (tickets and details TBC)
  3. The Shadow Member


    Epic pics Charlie; sorry I forgot to give you the DVD, next time eh?

    Post-Game Report

    Bookathon Raid: No stress test/book table out at all. Saw a couple of Scis, including our old friend 'Crash BaldyCart' coming and going (we shouted stuff like "Enjoy your Downstat!").

    SUNDERLAND FUCKING POLICE turned up (one male and one female PC in a partyvan) and gave us shit AGAIN. They are now one of only a handful of UK forces which have a problem with us wearing masks, the trouble is though they are not consistent. Decisions vary depending on the officers, twice we've had them ask us to take the masks off just to show them our faces, then they let us put them back on.

    Veg and I were stood outside the org for nearly two hours, Veg is never masked as he is known to the cult, The Shadow of course wears a slouch hat and a scarf over the lower part of his face (which I have NEVER been asked to remove, even when the others have been told to demask). No problem. AS SOON as GeordieAnon turned up and put a GF mask on? Police arrived within ten minutes. It seems they specifically have issues with the GF mask itself, and not the issue of us covering our faces, as once again we were allowed to use alternatives.

    This time however, The Shadow argued Section 60. They wouldn't listen to me, giving it the whole "You know you're not allowed to wear masks" bullshit. Male PC told me "You don't want to get arrested over something as little as this". I again pressed them on the Section 60 issue; when I asked the WPC if Section 60 had been enacted, SHE ADMITTED THAT IT WAS NOT. Then she said, "Did you inform us that you'd be here?" to which I replied, "No, because legally we don't have to if there's less than 20 people." She wasn't expecting that. But clearly, they didn't care about Section 60. They were fully aware of the legislation, and disregard it. Geordie took her GF mask off, that's her call, I know why she did it and I don't blame her. But as soon as the police fucked off, I put my scarf back on and stared out the CCTV camera that was monitoring us, just to give them a little message.

    So there you have it. Section 60 not in effect, thjis came directly from the WPC's mouth (I knew it wouldn't be in effect as there was no match on today, and they didn't know we were coming), and despite the fact that Anons were clearly familiar with the legislature, THE POLICE THREATENED TO ARREST US IF WE DID NOT DEMASK.

    Needless to say, Sunderland Police are getting a major complaint on Monday, and The Shadow will be taking whatever legal action he can. I would welcome and appreciate anything of use from the Anons whose local Police do not bother them about masks.

    Also worthy of note: since we stopped posting raid details publicly, we've never had any visits from the police, although also no-one's had a GF mask out for a while either. Still a bit unsure as to which of those occurences was keeping them away.

    Jive Aces raid

    Turned up at the venue and were met by Charlie. Picked out a good spot, plenty of signs. As an interesting comparison to our treatment by Sunderland Plod today, a Street Wardens' van pulled up by us soon after we set up. They were cheerful and polite, asked us what we were up to, and didn't have a problem with anything. The same thing then happened with the venue manager. He came over, asked us what was happening, didn't have a problem. Told us that if we needed any communications about goings-on inside, we could go and ask for him directly. So there you go, Sunderland Police, you were outshone today by two street wardens and the manager of a theatre.

    The Shadow's trollcannon was a great success, although there was ten minute period where The Shadow struggled to interpret the poorly-executed battery placement instructions on the inside. Got there in the end though. Trollcannon line of the night:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, playing at the Customs House Theatre tonight- the Jive Aces, playing all their hits including 'I Just Called to Say I Love Xenu', '(OT)3 is the Magic Number', and 'You Can't Touch This (unless you've paid £50,000)'.

    The only 'handling' we got came from one of the sound guys, who was also a low level Sci. He didn't have that much to say though.

    All in all, another win for Northumbria Anonymous!
  4. ARC Member


    shlick shlick shlick
  5. GeordieAnon Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    I'm just glad I remembered a back-up for when they asked me to take the GF one off. WPC said it was something about full face covering, but I'm still impressed at the speed they turned up. Must have been a slow day for them.
  6. The Shadow Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    Thing is, The Shadow's set-up is not full face covering. From my hat to under my nose is clearly visible.

    Also, I should point out to everyone that although you can't really tell from the above picture, GeordieAnon is actually a pretty epic and rather cute Femanon ;p
  7. Anonymous Member


    The line about 'you don't want to get arrested is pure scare tactics, and well worth calling their bluff on. If you haven't done anything illegal you are golden. On a similar note don't accept a caution either, the process of wathing them backpaddle when they realise you know your rights and they are wrong is awesome.

    This should also help
  8. Vir Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    you don't want an official reprimand in your employment files
  9. Spangly Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    Frankly, "you don't want to do the paperwork" is probably a more credible counter :D
  10. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    "Ladies and Gentlemen, playing at the Customs House Theatre tonight- the Jive Aces, playing all their hits including 'I Just Called to Say I Love Xenu', '(OT)3 is the Magic Number', and 'You Can't Touch This (unless you've paid £50,000)'. - LMFAO. Well done all.
  11. Anon777707777 Member

  12. charlie Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    sound's like a good idea, I will see if anybody fancy's a trip up
  13. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    Didn't the plymouth anons used to have this problem with their local law enforcement and they were able to get it dealt with and now they don't have an issue? Perhaps the Shadow needs to find out what they did and how...ymmv

    It is interesting and disheartening to see how much UK civil rights have eroded in the last few years. This is a prime example.
  14. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    Err, at the risk of stating the obvious, isn't the whole point of being 'anon' not being able to be individually recognised / identified? (unless, of course, you are a rabid homosexual with a penchant for ecclesiastical regalia, lol)

    So, GeordieAnon was the only one of you that didn't fail at anontech ;)

    Still, it looks like your mission was a well done :)
  15. Anon-007 Member

    Re: Sunderland JIVE ACE'S RAID

    PS Please refer to this "band" correctly.

    My feeling is that they are more "Jizz Asses"* than "Jive Aces"

    * In accordance with the L Ron Hubbard doctrines, I hereby claim copyright on all past, present and future uses of the term "Jizz Asses".

    ** Only joking ;)

    *** Then again.......

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